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MoveOn Fights Cuts To Gov’t Abortions

Here is another call to the troops from the ‘Caucus Blog’ at the New York Times:

Liberals Fight to Preserve Abortion Funding

February 15, 2011

Liberals rallied on Tuesday to defend funding for clinics that provide abortions and other family-planning services as lawmakers debated measures that could drastically curtail women’s access to reproductive health care.

As Democrats on Capitol Hill slammed the provisions, found in the Republican budget proposal and its amendments, MoveOn.org, a liberal political action committee, launched an on-air offensive. For the next week, the group will run an eerie television advertisement showing a woman apparently in need of an abortion walking toward a closet where a single coat hanger dangles.

“When the Republican Party launched an all-out assault on women’s health, pushing bills to limit access to vital services,” says the woman, played by Lisa Edelstein, star of the television program “House,” “we had to ask, ‘Why is the G.O.P. trying to send women back to the back alley?’”

Among the proposed spending cuts is an end to Title X, a federal grant program established in 1970 to provide contraceptive services, sexual health care supplies and information to low-income women. The program, which cost about $317 million in 2010, does not directly fund abortions, but often supports clinics that provide them

If these abortion clinics can’t survive without federal funds, then it would seem that taxpayer dollars are funding abortion after all.

At a news conference on Capitol Hill, Democrats called the move a “war on women” and said cutting the funding would hamper the clinics’ ability to provide crucial services like cancer screenings and testing for sexually transmitted diseases…

It’s the same old song and dance every time there is any mention of cutting anything in the federal budget. To the liberal mind, ‘all roads lead to abortion.’

Again, the New York Times article is ludicrous enough. But the comments to it are even more so:

February 16th, 2011

And this is the party of less government? Nothing could be more intrusive than the government dictating how a woman plans her life with or without children.

Yes, what could be more "intrusive" than not giving out taxpayer funded abortions?


Jersey City, NJ
February 16th, 2011

Why on earth does any woman vote Republican? I guess y’all would of been happy in the Middle Ages.

And lastly:

Leticia P. Carlos
February 16th, 2011

This is NOT about closing the federal deficit. It is all about power, control and revenge hiding behind religious fanaticism.

These people prefer that poor women regress back to the dark days of hangers in dirty bathrooms. It bothers them not a whit that these poor women bleed alone than lift a finger to help.

It is one more thing to hang on women despite centuries of abuse from men of all cultures, all over the world.

Women must rise up in arms to defeat the Republicans in this murderous, abusive rampage. Let us STOP this symbolic stoning to death NOW.

Apparently, there is a lot of ‘Organizing For America’ going on already.

At least on the pages of the New York Times.

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9 Responses to “MoveOn Fights Cuts To Gov’t Abortions”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    After all the progress made by women in stopping men from thinking of women as “sex things”, the women socialists clearly have no firm grasp of how to keep their legs together. Abstinence works every single time it’s tried. No STD’s, no unwanted pregnancies…but wait…that reserves “all the fun” for certain “women of the night” I suppose and thus, the socialist women feel they are being unfairly left out.

    Those blog postings are truly a testimonial to the DOE’s work. Every single one of them has the “victim” mantra all over it.

  2. untrainable says:

    Let us STOP this symbolic stoning to death NOW.
    Yes, let’s stop the symbolic stoning here in America. Never mind about all the ACTUAL stonings in middle eastern countries because of “religious fanaticism”. Forget about the “honor” killings that are happening right here in the USA by “religious fanatics” justified by sharia law. Don’t mind all the mutilated female children. No worries about women and girls all over the middle east who are denied education or even the ability to leave the house unattended for “religious” reasons.

    If MoveOn wants these services to continue, maybe they should use their apparently unending streams of money to fund it themselves. Nobody is stopping them from donating their own money for whatever cause they want. If you want these services to continue, you are welcome to give them your money, but keep your damned hands out of MY pockets. To Mr. Spooky and his flunkies I say… Put your money where your commie manifesto is.

  3. TerryAnne says:

    showing a woman apparently in need of an abortion

    IN NEED?!?!?!?!? Unless she’s dying – and I don’t mean by not being able to fit into her latest designer wear paid for by her government issued credit card – there’s no NEED for an abortion.

    I can’t figure out those “arguments”, though. Well, I can if I don’t think real hard. I’d love to have had a whack at them:

    Elizabeth – Just because you can’t figure out what shoes to wear with what outfit does not precipitate that all women must have someone tell them what to do. Now…can you tell me what was used in R v W to make abortion legal? Well…that would be using the “right to privacy” in a skewed manner. Therefore, if it’s all about right to privacy…why do you still want the government sticking their nose and government approved coat hangers where the sun don’t shine?

    JP – At least women were still women in the Middle Ages.

    Leticia – do they issue super secret goggles at Black Liberation Rallies that allow for you to see words that us evile White oppressors can’t see? Now how about you put down Malcom X’s “theology” and look up Margaret Sanger, that champion of abortion. For added fun, add in “black communities” and Margaret Sanger to your Google bar. In case that humble pie tastes too good for you to break away and report back: the founder of Planned Parenthood has been noted in true historical documents (have to deliniate, since I don’t expect Obama voters to understand historical anymore than they understand socialist) that she wanted more abortion clinics in black communities because she didn’t want them to reproduce. Oh…and Sanger was very active in the ACLU. That little group who likes to bandy around with those illegal immigrant groups to get illegal rights for them. You can’t cast stones when you’ve been drowned by boulders weighing you down at the bottom of the ocean.

  4. tranquil.night says:

    So we must keep publicly funded abortion in the interest of women’s health, i.e. to keep them from using a coat-hanger to erase their mistake.

    I say if a woman is that dumb she deserves the consequences, because she sure as hell shouldn’t ever reproduce that faulty DNA. There’s been too much government encroachment on the laws of Natural Selection in this country, IMO.

  5. bobdog says:

    I suggest that we adopt a “trial” program to resolve the abortion debate once and for all.

    Since fetuses are considered non-persons until the day they are delivered, we could make a small change in the law and declare all babies to be delivered full term, but classify them as “candidate babies”. Require abortions to be postponed for a trial period of, say, 5 years, after which doctors and mothers are free to complete all the abortions of temporary babies they choose, with no legal consequences. Obviously, some accommodation will be necessary in our definition of what murder is, but that’s a small adjustment, isn’t it?

    With a couple of billion dollars in federal funding, we could establish a National Baby Repository, say, on Mount Helen or that now-idle nuclear disposal facility in Nevada, complete with a Planned Parenthood Baby Transit Center and Disposal Facility where these abortions could be conducted, byproducts could be compacted and composted. I’m sure some sort of an environmental impact waiver would be required to shut up the tree-huggers, and Congress would have to establish some sort of funding for the poor, plus a a few federal agencies to oversee and regulate the whole industry, but, gosh, that’s just details.

    They aren’t really persons, after all. It’s just semantics.

  6. Liberals Demise says:

    And the health of the child ………..?
    Move On is a blight to the Afro (hyphen) American community
    but where are their leaders? Paying off bimbo eruptions and
    child support on the slide.
    Good work, bruthas’……Black Pride fo sho!

  7. Kytross says:

    I’m very, very pro-choice. If you don’t want a child choose to not have sex. Simple as that.

  8. wardmama4 says:

    How anyone can read what happened in that horrid PA ‘clinic’ – and say we won’t go back! What lies, what will full ignorant blindness – read about the Nebraska ‘clinic’, the Tiller ‘clinic’ takeover man – there is certainly more than a single rouge ‘bad’ man – as we know how protective the msm is of their sacred cow – abortion – how much more, we may never know. Because abortion is the taking of a human life for money – It will always end up with vile, evil ‘butchering’ – there is no other outcome when you pay to kill someone. And PP coming under attack (it’s been years but of course the msm has buried most of Lila Rose’s early work) and here in OH are two cases of teens (one forced by incestuous father, another by adult ‘coach’) to have abortions while screaming NO – and PP ‘butchers’ looked the other way and went forward. See UnPlanned – the truth is coming out.

    The new media is going to spell the end to the lie – that Roe v Wade (which both Roe & Doe have recanted their participation – Doe claims she never signed the legal papers) – and if that isn’t enough of lies – obviously what is being exposed now – proves that ‘legal’ abortion is just as vile, just as dangerous, just as costly and just as evil as ‘illegal’ abortions.

    Thus Roe v Wade didn’t change a damn thing – other than taxpayers dollars going to these cesspools of inhumane places of death and destruction.

    And very telling that moveon.org is all for this – vile and evil too.

  9. wardmama4 says:

    BTW, if I remember correctly only 10 states had any kind of restrictive laws/bans on abortion – and most states allowed them – on the same grounds that Roe v Wade ‘supposedly’ was gerrymandered on (life of mother, first trimester, rape, incest, blah, blah blah) – so like all liberal crappola oops my bad, vital social programs – the minority (10 states vs 40 states) was lied to and about to force judicial activism to render an un-Constitutional twisting of one section of the Constitution to provide the foot in the door for a ‘vital social program’ (read – taxpayer funding of a vile activity) – which was 1) based on lies, 2) lied about and 3) in any context considered – is simply a lie itself. All for liberals who want to control every aspect of ever citizen to fund just another way to scam money from taxpayers, to demean religion and the religious, to coerce and indoctrinate the dumbed down into a base and amoral belief system that life is worthless, and finally to destroy the one actual vital and necessary natural resource of the citizens of any Country/Nation/the World – the children. Without children there is no future, there is no hope, there is no life.

    The destruction of millions of children (and oh, btw liberals, if there were no taxpayer funded abortions – that ‘conception’ rate would have stayed low) and the resultant tri-fecta of feminazi core tenets (women are worthless property of men without a job, the World will not survive unless you have 2 or less children and of course life is meaningless without ‘doing what feels good, right now’) – are also to blame for exactly where we are now – the largest and most productive generations of America are retiring/dying while the crapweasels in DC are attempting to fund the massive and worthless programs of the 3 (or so) liberal generations that are comprised of a reduced population of dumbed down, lazy and entitlement addicted base and amoral ‘citizens’. It isn’t going to work at all. Ever.

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