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Mrs. Bill Clinton Mad At Treatment Of Fluke

From the editorial pages of the New York Post:

Get a grip, Hillary

March 13, 2012

Hillary Clinton showed last weekend why secretaries of state traditionally avoid commenting on domestic politics.

At a Women in the World Summit Saturday here in New York, Clinton bizarrely compared Burma’s courageous opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi with flavor-of-the-month activist Sandra Fluke.

“They want to control how we dress, they want to control how we act, they even want to control the decisions we make about our own health and bodies,” she said. The “they” would be tyrannical regimes.

But Clinton couldn’t leave it there. L’affaire Fluke, she said, exemplifies “women and girls . . . throughout the world . . . assuming the risks that come with sticking your neck out, whether you are a democracy activist in Burma or a Georgetown law student in the United States.”

So, on one hand, you have an entitled, narcissist activist on a drive-by partisan political mission. And on the other, you have Suu Kyi — who spent most of two decades under house arrest, in mortal peril whenever she spoke out. And Clinton surely knows that.

It’s profoundly embarrassing that America’s secretary of state would lump a courageous international freedom fighter — now campaigning for next month’s parliamentary elections — with a domestic activist who happily will be forgotten after the current presidential election. Shameful.

We have long since learned that Mrs. Clinton is incapable of feeling any shame. Still, can there be any doubt that Sandra Fluke is next in line for a Nobel Peace Prize?

Meanwhile, we have this report on this same "Women In The World Summit’ from CNS News:

Hillary Clinton: ‘I’ve Made Women a Cornerstone of American Foreign Policy’

By Susan Jones
March 12, 2012

(CNSNews.com) – During her tenure as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton says she’s instructed U.S. diplomats and development experts to "partner with women to find ways to engage and build on their unique strengths, help women start businesses, help girls attend school" and "push" women to get involved in peace talks and elections.

"I’ve made women a cornerstone of American foreign policy," Clinton told a ‘Women in the World Summit’ in New York City on Saturday.

Clinton says the U.S. government, for example, is giving grants to female activists and journalists in Kenya to train them on "early-warning systems for violence."

Perhaps it is just a coincidence, but the heroic Sandra Fluke has also been involved in activism involving Kenya in her storied career. From her Georgetown bio: "Through Georgetown’s clinic programs, Sandra [Fluke] has proposed legislation based on fact-finding in Kenya regarding child trafficking for domestic work, and has represented victims of domestic violence in protection order cases."

Could this be some sort of quid pro quo?

Clinton said the U.S. is "watching carefully" what is happening in the Middle East and North Africa, where the recent revolutions "held so much promise" but also "carried real risks, especially for women."

She mentioned that after participating in Egypt’s revolution, women there have been blocked from participating "in their new democracies."

Something predicted by practically every sentient being on the planet, except Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Clinton said women in the Middle East — even in the United States — must fight for their rights:

"Now, we know that young woman in Tunisia and her peers across the region already are facing extremists who will try to strip their rights, curb their participation, limit their ability to make choices for themselves. Why extremists always focus on women remains a mystery to me. But they all seem to. It doesn’t matter what country they’re in or what religion they claim. They want to control women. They want to control how we dress, they want to control how we act, they even want to control the decisions we make about our own health and bodies."

Clinton’s apparent reference to the "reproductive rights" controversy involving a Georgetown University law student was met with applause.

"Yes, it is hard to believe that even here at home, we have to stand up for women’s rights and reject efforts to marginalize any one of us, because America needs to set an example for the entire world," Clinton said

So sayeth the wife and enabler of William Jefferson Clinton, who uses women like Kleenexes.

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6 Responses to “Mrs. Bill Clinton Mad At Treatment Of Fluke”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    When you’ve spent your entire life having Other People pick up your bills, pay your way and take care of your tab, I’m sure Ms. Clinton is incensed that we would rear up on our hind legs and bray at the notion that Ms. Fluke demands Other People pay for her exo-marriage sexual escapades.

    The nerve of some people, expecting Fluke to pay her own way.

  2. Tater Salad says:

    Hillary is mad because she heard that Bill is trying to get Fluke’s phone number is all it is.

  3. JohnMG says:

    The picture at the head of this article would be all the ‘birth control’ I’d need. Wonder who the hell she was trying to line up for the evening……..Rosie O’Donnell?

  4. canary says:

    Why didn’t Hillary condemn her own husband Bill Clinton who was a John and an alleged rapist.

    How’d Hillary feel wondering if she could get AIDs from Bill.

    I mean compare Bill Clinton’s years of perversion with sluts to one word. Hillary has a log in her eye.

  5. Astravogel says:

    Ann Coulter really nailed Fluke in
    this Wednesday’s column. Our gal Hill
    looks like she’s trying out for the remake
    of “Young Frankenstein.”
    “Damm your eyes…”

  6. Tater Salad says:

    Exposed: Sandra Flukes recreational sex partner is a millionair and marxist:


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