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Mrs. Shahzad’s Social Networking ‘Profile’

From Orkut:

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Also we have this ‘testimonial’ from four years ago, purportedly from Mrs. Shahzad’s sister:

Huma’s Testimonials


heyy sistaaa darling. if anyone wants to know about her personality, you seriously have to visit her website. it tells you how wacko and fun this girl is. shesssss soo crazyyy yet the most sensible on earth. she does stupid stuff but before she does anything she makes sure it is right and not rong. shes a role model. even today if im unsure of something, whether something is rite or rong, i will call her and ask her. if she says its rong then no arguments its rong. im not lying here huma. its true. i miss having you around and u taking care of both of us :(. all us three sisters used to jump into one coach and talk like ALLLL nighhtt, laughing around and dancing around. shesss the cutesttt girl you can ever know. all the kids are in love with her when she goes to pak…thats when my jealousy comes into play…howcom kids dont love me like this?

best sister ever (i lovvvee u hun :))

Well, her judgment doesn’t seem to have been too great when it came to husbands.

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2 Responses to “Mrs. Shahzad’s Social Networking ‘Profile’”

  1. proreason says:

    They brainwashed her

  2. robstoddard says:

    Looks like a spendy type person. She probably ran up the credit cards to the point where the bills were too much and Faisal turned around and blamed the party that was obviously at fault- the Great Satan, America that had brainwashed his wife into spending all that money.

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