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MSM Gripe About Obama’s Old Ideas (Stimulus)

From an oblivious Associated Press:

Obama’s latest economic push has familiar feel

By JULIE PACE | July 22, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — If President Barack Obama’s new focus on the economy sounds familiar, that’s because he’s done it before. 

Since the first year of his presidency, Obama has been launching — and re-launching — initiatives on the economy. Some came with new policy proposals, others with catchy slogans.

Remember 2011’s "Winning the Future" campaign? Or the "We Can’t Wait" initiatives that followed later that year? Just a few months ago, Obama was headlining the "Middle Class Jobs and Opportunity Tour."

So far there’s no slogan attached to the White House’s latest initiative, which kicks off Wednesday in Galesburg, Ill.

It would never occur to the AP to notice what all of those campaigns had in common. (They were all pushes for more stimulus spending.)

In reality, Obama isn’t out to help the economy. He is out to help the Democrat Party’s coffers. Obama is just pushing for another round of stimulus spending, so as to prime the pump of the Democrats’ money laundering machine in time for the midterm elections.

The president’s advisers are billing his remarks as a major address on the economy, though no new initiatives are expected to be announced.

"I’m going to talk about where we need to go from here, how we need to put behind us the distractions and the phony debates and nonsense that somehow passes for politics these days, and get back to basics," Obama said Monday as he addressed Organizing for Action, the non-profit group backing his agenda.

So says the man who is the master of "distractions and the phony debates and nonsense." And note that he said this to his foot soldiers at OFA, who are paid to distract and engage in phony debates and nonsense.

Obama said Wednesday’s speech would kick off a months-long effort to refocus on the economy and start exploring "some big and bold ideas" — some he’s offered previously, and some new ones, too…

Aides said those fresh policy proposals would come in a series of follow-up speeches planned through September, most of which will be narrowly targeted on issues like housing, retirement security and expanding access to education.

Here we go again. Obama’s "fresh policy proposals" will involve ‘investing’ in housing (construction unions) and education (public sector teachers unions). In other words, Obama wants to use his tried and true technique of funneling money to the unions, in order to get more kickbacks to the party via the union donations.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said Obama’s repeated attempts to orient his public agenda on the economy should serve as a reminder that "the president has always been focused on these issues."

"That doesn’t mean we don’t need to continue to remind people that improving the economic situation in America is the principle reason why our fellow citizens elect and send people to Washington," Carney said.

And yet Obama was re-elected, after having failed to improve the economic situation in America.

A series of foreign policy crises, like the Syrian civil war and Egyptian coup, have also competed for the White House’s attention. So have a flurry of recent controversies, including the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of political groups, the Justice Department’s seizure of journalists’ phone records, and renewed attention on the investigation into the deadly attack on Americans in Benghazi, Libya.

Poor Obama. He is such a victim of circumstances. If only the Republicans would stop making him talk about gun control and gay marriage and amnesty, he would be able to concentrate on saving the economy.

Meanwhile, even one of Obama’s most lappiest lapdogs is complaining over at the Washington Post:

A warmed-over jobs message

By Dana Milbank | July 23, 2013

… [E]ven a reincarnated Steve Jobs would have trouble marketing this turkey: How can the president make news, and remake the agenda, by delivering the same message he gave in 2005? He’s even giving the speech from the same place, Galesburg, Ill.

White House officials say this will show Obama’s consistency. “We plead guilty to the charge that there is a thematic continuity that exists between the speech the president will give in Galesburg, at Knox College on Wednesday, and his speech in Osawatomie [Kansas, in 2011] and his speech back at Knox College in 2005,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said.

Yes, but this also risks sending the signal that, just six months into his second term, Obama is fresh out of ideas…

There’s little hope of getting Congress to act on major initiatives and little appetite in the White House to fight for bold new legislation that is likely to fail. And so the president, it seems, is going into reruns…

These are re-runs of re-runs. In reality, Obama is going into syndication. Like ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘I Love Lucy.’

But, just like the AP, Mr. Milbank doesn’t see the method to Obama’s madness. Or he pretends not to see it. Obama is just ‘going to the stimulus well’ one more time to get money for the upcoming midterm campaigns.

In any case, there is no reason to fret. The news media will soon be carrying his water and pushing for another round of stimulus spending, just like they always have. After all, that’s their job.

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7 Responses to “MSM Gripe About Obama’s Old Ideas (Stimulus)”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Stimulation? Obama? Is this the Chicago bathhouse gang again?

  2. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    “bold new legislation that is likely to fail” Woops, Freudian slip? I’m sure she was referring to failing in the house, but still…

  3. Liberals Demise says:

    Here’s the new slogan:
    “Same old Shiite. …..Samey same for the money pit”
    Or if you will. …….
    “Its all Bush’s fault”

  4. untrainable says:

    Jay Carney said Obama’s repeated attempts to orient his public agenda on the economy should serve as a reminder that “the president has always been focused on these issues.”

    So Obama refocusing on the economy is a reminder that he was always focused on the economy. I haven’t heard drivel this empty since the last time Jay Carney opened his mouth.

    The only refocusing is for the media to STOP focusing on all the things that, given enough time and an honest investigation, will eventually lead right back to Obama’s policies or lack thereof. Things like :
    The Syrian Civil War (Lead from Behind… shoulda called it Taking it in the behind)
    The Arab Spring (Praised by Obama and the lefties. Taking it from behind again)
    The Egyptian Coup (Oops, maybe the spring has sprung)
    The Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of REPUBLICAN political groups.
    (Obama met with his lackeys at IRS 2 days before all this began… coincidence?
    The Justice Department’s seizure of journalists’ phone records. (Illegal search and seizure means nothing while Holder is the arbiter of justice)
    The deadly attack on Americans in Benghazi, Libya. (Total incompetence on the parts of Obama and Hitlery)

  5. AcornsRNutz says:

    Well let’s review. The global caliphate initiative is going well, some token legislation ha been proposed to end all this snooping (which was Bush’s fault anyway),the media casually mentions these scandals but more in an excuse than in a demand for information (back to normal, in other words), The Zimmerman rage has done what it was designed to do, and Holder,Sharpton et al; seem to have that taken care of. Everyone seems to have forgotten the film maker guy in California, and Benghazi is backburnered and easy to blame on the inefficiency of the intelligences military communities and the state department (just not swillary herself). The ACA IS going exactly as planned, confusing and destroying anything it impacts and setting up massive databases to turn over to left wing political activists. Immigration “reform” is pretty much a done deal.

    So since all that is pretty much as it should be for obama, the only thing left is go prime prime the union pump for the midterms and reassure them that the amnesty thing won’t hurt their workers but give them 11 million or so new members to pay dues.

  6. Liberals Demise says:

    Shiite. ……. we can’t even get the so called, “DREAMERS” to dream.
    F’ed up.

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