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MSM: Ryan Pick Hurts/Helps/Doesn’t Matter

Which paper do you read? First we have this dire news from USA Today:

Ryan scores lowest poll numbers since Quayle

By Susan Page, Catalina Camia | Mon August 13, 2012

WASHINGTON – Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan scores the lowest initial ratings from Americans of any vice presidential pick since the controversial choice of Dan Quayle nearly a quarter-century ago, a weekend USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds.

In a nationwide survey taken Sunday, 39% of registered voters call Republican contender Mitt Romney’s selection of Ryan "excellent" or "pretty good" while 45% rate it as "only fair" or "poor." Sixteen percent have no opinion.

That’s the most tepid reception for a running mate since 1988, when then-vice president George H.W. Bush picked Quayle, an Indiana senator who immediately ran into questions about his draft history during the Vietnam War and whether he was prepared for the presidency.

In comparison, John McCain’s surprise choice of then-Alaska governor Sarah Palin four years ago was rated as excellent or good by 46%, fair or poor by 37%…

And yet in another article from USA Today on this very same USAToday/Gallup Poll, we are told: "Only Palin, then the governor of Alaska, and Quayle, a two-term senator from Indiana, were rated lower than Ryan."

Wasn’t Sarah Palin picked since since Dan Quayle?

Overall, 17% of those surveyed say Ryan makes them more likely to vote for the Republican ticket, 13% say he makes them less likely. In the past seven elections, only Dick Cheney in 2000 and Quayle in 1988 had lower proportional advantages when it came to the vice presidential candidate’s impact on the vote…

Wasn’t Dick Cheney picked since Dan Quayle? Oh, well, this is USA Today. And maybe they didn’t want to give up such a catchy headline.

Meanwhile, we have this somewhat different news from the Washington Post:

Positive views of Ryan jump higher after pick

by Jon Cohen | Mon August 13, 2012

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan — the freshly minted Republican vice presidential candidate — got an immediate ratings boost in the wake of his selection as Mitt Romney’s running-mate, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Little known nationally before Saturday’s announcement, favorable impressions of Ryan jumped 15 percentage points among the overall electorate with positive views soaring from 49 to 70 percent among conservative Republicans.

In Wednesday through Friday interviews, fully 45 percent of Americans expressed no opinion of Ryan, dropping to 30 percent on Saturday and Sunday. The increasing familiarity all went to the positive side of the ledger, giving Ryan an initial advantage in the sprint to define his candidacy.

In other words, the more people know about Paul Ryan, the more they like him. Which is why the Democrats are working so frantically to smear him as fast as they can.

Overall, in interviews after his selection, 38 percent of all Americans express favorable views of Ryan, 33 percent negative ones. (Before the the announcement, Ryan was somewhat underwater, scoring 23 percent favorable, 32 unfavorable.) The most recent national numbers on Vice President Joe Biden are from a July Pew Research Center poll showing a split decision, 40 percent favorable, 37 percent unfavorable…

Sorry, but we simply refuse to believe that Joe Biden has a higher approval rating than Paul Ryan. Or, in fact, a higher approval rating than a bag of hammers.

One of the largest movements on Ryan’s favorability numbers was the 21-point jump among conservative Republicans, but the initial movement was positive among independents as well, doubling from 19 to 39 percent…

So Ryan has gotten popular with the precious Independents?

Before the announcement, senior citizens split 28 percent apiece positively and negatively on Ryan, but afterward his favorable number shot to 46 percent with no change on the other side of the equation

So Ryan is even gotten more popular with the seniors he wants to push off of cliffs?

But just in case the news media isn’t able to reverse this dangerous trend in time, we have this assurance from the Associated Press:

VP pick rarely makes a difference in the race

By JOSH LEDERMAN | Tues August 14, 2012

WASHINGTON (AP) — It happens every four years in the dog days of summer: The presidential candidate — both of them, in some years — picks a running mate.

There’s the buildup, the rabid speculation about who’s being considered, then the all-important rollout, sending the media and the political world into a frenzy…

Will the vice presidential pick give the ticket geographic diversity? Help the candidate appeal to blue-collar voters? Women? Minorities? How about foreign policy experience, legislative knowhow, private-sector skills? Will any of it make a difference? …

The AP then skims through six VP selections over the last two decades, and answers their own question in the negative. They say the VP pick doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. Heck, they are so eager to try to make this point, they don’t even blame Sarah Palin for John McCain’s loss.

Which just tells us they really are afraid Paul Ryan was a powerful choice for the Romney ticket.

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5 Responses to “MSM: Ryan Pick Hurts/Helps/Doesn’t Matter”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    AP on D-Day if it happened today –

    “Allies Threaten French Peasants; Destroy Farms, Fields”

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Clearly the 15,000 people who showed up for the Romney/Ryan outing are bible-clingers who are too stupid to read the papers.

    However, if the rest of the nation is like this…then USSA Today has little to fear but their own inability to get the message out, right?

  3. canary says:

    sigh….The liberal news is pounding Ryan because he isn’t Black. I heard a reporter on MSNBC talking about a man who wanted radical change of our founding countries, etc. And it wasn’t Obama.

    And then I turn channel and hear Ryan’s favorite movie is the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

    I am enraged at the GOP and Republicans because they must have lowered themselves to such stupidity
    and ignorance as Democrats, except the ability to defend themselves, our country. They have lost the ability with all the technology in this world to fight the enemy without the Pony Express.

    These media fun loving whores need to go to their rich bosses for better pay and benefits instead taking it out on the entire country.

    There was a period that the media grew to be some what accountable. And now they are all thugs.
    Their pathetic headlines, lies, and untruths.

    The depraved and evil minds of the media and liberals is an abomination.

  4. wirenut says:

    In the odd world of government, this man likes numbers. SO, What! The won and one, sez, we can spend our way to two terms. Mr. Ryan thinks the numbers don’t add up. I trust Mr. Ryan’s pencil and foresight for the taxpayer.

    • JohnMG says:

      Well, we have a Treasury Secretary who can’t seem to figure out his own taxes, therefore he doesn’t pay them. Remember, this is one of Obama’s “bright” people with whom he surrounded himself.

      Now, contrast that with Paul Ryan, someone who can count beyond ten without removing his shoes, and who knows where Virginia is located, and who knows which century in which we live.

      Should we have such a person “one heartbeat away” from the Presidency? Or should we continue along with Joe ‘big effin deal’ Bite Me? I know this is a tough question, so take your time to answer. I’ll wait.

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