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MSM: The Six White Jurors Lived High On The Hog

From an outraged Associated Press:

$33,000 spent on sequestered jurors

By MIKE SCHNEIDER | July 18, 2013

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — About $33,000 was spent to sequester the six female jurors who acquitted George Zimmerman of any crime for fatally shooting Trayvon Martin, according to details released Wednesday by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office spent almost 10 times that amount — $320,000 — on total costs related to the trial, including overtime and equipment.

During their three weeks of sequestration, jurors took an excursion to St. Augustine, Fla.; watched the movies "The Lone Ranger" and "World War Z;" went on bowling excursions; and saw Fourth of July fireworks.

It looks like the news media have decided to start demonizing the jury. Of course, if they weren’t all white, including a white Hispanic, they wouldn’t have been given such extravagant luxuries. Unless they were on a junket with the IRS or the GSA.

All television, Internet use, mail and phone calls were screened and logged by deputies who provided security for them at all times. Jurors were allowed to use their cell phones once a day to check for voicemails and make calls in front of a deputy, according to the sheriff’s office.

Jurors ate most of their breakfast and dinner meals at the Marriott hotel where they stayed during sequestration. They dined out twice.

And here are more of the scandalous details, from an outraged NBC News:

Sequestered Zimmerman jurors got mani-pedis, went bowling, saw movies

By Matthew DeLuca and Andrew Rafferty | July 17, 2013

… [E]ven though the jurors lived in a bubble for more than three weeks, they were allowed to have some fun.

Weekend and evening social events included bowling and and a trip to Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum in scenic St. Augustine, Fla. They also went to the movies and saw “World War Z” and “The Lone Ranger” — both films that were pre-approved by the court.

The panel even went shopping at a local mall, got manicures and pedicures, and watched fireworks together on the Fourth of July.

Most breakfast and dinner meals were provided through the hotel, officials said, but jurors dined out twice: at an Outback Steakhouse in Sanford and at an Amigo’s in Altamonte Springs…

The subtext with this latest line appears to be: ‘How could these privileged people know what it was like to be Trayvon Martin?’

By the way, notice that both of these articles neglect to mention that there were four alternate jurors, as well. Which which have cut down on the cost per head.

But it would have made things less dramatic.

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2 Responses to “MSM: The Six White Jurors Lived High On The Hog”

  1. Petronius says:

    This article serves to highlight only one small fraction of the taxpayer money and resources that were wasted on the prosecution of an innocent man.

  2. yadayada says:

    how much was spent on the oj trial again?

    oh wait, he is a hero of the hood, so we can’t count that.

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