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MSNBC Claims George Wallace Was A Republican

From the Politico:

Chris Hayes apologizes for George Wallace party label

By TAL KOPAN |  June 12, 2013

MSNBC host Chris Hayes issued an apology Wednesday for his show misidentifying Former Alabama Gov. George Wallace’s party while criticizing his actions blocking desegregation during the civil rights movement.

In a Tuesday segment on “All In” marking 50 years since Wallace personally stopped two black students from registering at University of Alabama, Hayes introduced a clip of Wallace making his stand, saying “George Wallace was obviously the villain in this story.” A chyron overlaid on the clip misidentified Wallace as a Republican.

Wallace was a Democrat, though, as Breitbart pointed out Wednesday morning.

Otherwise, nobody would have ever noticed. Of course, we realize nobody cares about MSNBC, let alone Chris Hayes. (Who?) Still, this is telling in several ways.

It shows the ignorance of today’s so-called ‘journalists’ and their staffers and researchers. And it shows the terrible state of our schools. But most of all, it shows how far our history, even recent history, has been turned upside down by our popular culture.

We are sure no one at MSNBC could even imagine that George Wallace was actually a Democrat. They ‘know for a fact’ that the Republican Party is the party of racism and bigotry. Even though the truth is exactly the opposite.

Hayes tweeted an apology Wednesday afternoon in response to reports on the mistake.

Christopher Hayes @chrislhayes: "This was a stupid, inexcusable, historically illiterate mistake.I should have caught it and apologize for failing to."

As usual, we only hear about this after we get the perp’s defence. It never works that way with conservatives. — But the last thing this was was an honest mistake.

This was a mistake that reveals decades of dishonesty and purposeful dis-information — from our news media, our schools and our popular culture.

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4 Responses to “MSNBC Claims George Wallace Was A Republican”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Chris Hayes’ first instinct probably was to see if he could blame it on someone else. Barring that, how he could hide it and get away with it. That is, assuming if he knew that he wasn’t intentionally lying to begin with, perhaps actually knowing that Wallace was a democrat but selling the story with Wallace as a republican, hoping to shore up whatever argument he was attempting to make.

    “It’s always easier to apologize than it is to get permission in the first place”.

    And he knows that the national socialists will come to his defense and roll out excuse after excuse to include that it’s the fault of the source material itself, that he’s still young and a bit inexperienced and the old, “So who’s never made a mistake in their lives…I mean c’mon….geeez!”

    Then, if he actually believes Wallace was a republican, you will never alter his worldview with that one indiscretion. Because in his mind, he CAN’T be wrong. He’s been given trophies all his life from his kindergarten “graduation” to whatever crap they give him in journalist-land.

    I’m pretty sure that his list of attributes, as written by other leftists is

    Committed to the truth
    Speaking truth to power
    gets to the nitty-gritty
    Ready to go on the offensive

    And so on.

    The national socialist buzzword generator is always in full overdrive with people like this and even if he possesses all of those qualities, he has cast his lot with the filthy underbelly of society. Heck, simply becoming a reporter is reason for derision from me. How much does it take to write down gossip about others?

  2. Clarissimus says:

    Had they realized he was a Democrat, they would not have shown his party affiliation.

  3. canary says:

    Chris Hayes surely got his “historically illiterate” news writer fired because Hayes shouldn’t have to know anything.

  4. GetBackJack says:

    Probably watches Pudding Wrestling porn and smokes Drano

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