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MSNBC: Obama Winner In Wisconsin Recall

From the Daily Caller:

MSNBC declares Obama winner of the Wisconsin recall

By Jeff Poor – 06/05/2012

“Tonight, the really big winner in the Wisconsin recall election is President Obama,” MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell said at the top of his Tuesday program after parent network NBC called the race for Gov. Scott Walker over Democrat Tom Barrett…

“John Heilemann, I said at the top of the show that President Obama big winner tonight because in the exit polls we saw today that, they were asked, ‘Who would you for president today?’” O’Donnell explained. “Fifty-three percent in Wisconsin, 53 percent say President Obama. Only 42 percent say Mitt Romney. That is — if not the recall outcome — that outcome for President Obama has to be very encouraging.”

Later in the program, O’Donnell said he was basing his declaration off the exit polling for the Wisconsin recall, which some have said leaves much to be desired.

Heilemann took the unconfirmed exit polling data and called it “very encouraging.”

So even when a Republican wins big, the Republicans lose. With this kind of ‘logic,’ Obama could lose in November and still come out on top, as long as the exit polls say people like him.

But of course MSNBC was not the only one to pretend that these preposterous exit polls are more significant than the actual election results.

Here is some instant revisionism from the New York Times:

Wisconsin Exit Poll Highlights

June 5, 2012

Generic Support for Recall Efforts

While turnout has been reported to be high, a majority of voters on Tuesday may not have been entirely supportive of the recall election at all. Nearly 6 in 10 Wisconsin voters said that recall elections were appropriate only for official misconduct, and another 1 in 10 said they were never appropriate, according to early exit poll results. About 3 in 10 voters said recall elections were appropriate for any reason

None of which supports their sub-headline: "Generic Support for Recall Efforts." In fact, The Times says "a majority of voters on Tuesday may not have been entirely supportive of the recall election at all."

Opposition to Tea Party and Government

Voters in Tuesday’s recall election are somewhat more opposed to the Tea Party movement than voters in 2010 were, but most nonetheless say, as in 2010, that government “is doing too many things better left to businesses and individuals.”

Nearly 4 in 10 voters in preliminary exit polls say they support the Tea Party movement, about as many oppose it, and a quarter are neutral

Which once again puts the lie to their sub-headline: "Opposition To Tea Party." People are evenly split according the the figures. And "most say… government “is doing too many things better left to businesses and individuals."

Which sounds like most post support the Tea Party, in spirit at least.

Voters Would Re-Elect Obama

Wisconsin voters who turned out for the recall election on Tuesday said they would vote to re-elect President Obama to the White House if the voting were taking place today, according to early exit poll results.

Mr. Obama also bested his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, on the question of who would do a better job of improving the economy

You see? Obama actually won in Wisconsin. In fact, he is so wildly popular in Wisconsin his handler would not let him campaign there. And, according to some reports, Barrett did not want him to campaign there, either.

By the way, these same poll respondents don’t seem to have a very good grasp on economics:

Few Voters Say Finances Have Improved

As voters exited the polls in Wisconsin on Tuesday, only about 2 in 10 said their family’s financial situation had improved since two years ago, when Gov. Scott Walker was elected.

Nearly 4 in 10 said their situation had grown worse, and more than 4 in 10 said their finances had stayed the same…

While Wisconsin’s unemployment level is lower than the national rate and median income is slightly above the national level, the Badger State has experienced its share of recession woes

Hilarious. The Times claims Wisconsin is suffering even though its unemployment rate has gone down under Walker, and it is below the national level. Even though they are balancing their budget without raising taxes. Even though Walker has not laid anyone off.

To sum it up, the Wisconsin voters love recall elections, hate the Tea Party, love Obama, and they think Walker has done nothing to improve the state’s economy. All of which flies in the fact of the election results we just got.

But, apparently, when you do ‘exit polls’ in places like Madison, and with self-selected respondents, you can get a very skewed results. Which is exactly why our one party news media does them.

This article was posted by Steve on Wednesday, June 6th, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

7 Responses to “MSNBC: Obama Winner In Wisconsin Recall”

  1. Petronius says:

    Liberals really are the most amazing contortionists. Absolutely amazing.

    Whenever there is a conflict between Liberal ideology and reality, then reality must always be swept aside. This is a characteristic of ideological thinking in general, and of Liberalism in particular.

  2. Chinnubie says:

    We just aren’t sophisticated enough to understand these exist polls. Don’t you know you really want to continue to spend tax payers money well beyond what the government takes in and bankrupt all of our states as well as the entire country. Steve, your just a bigoted, racist, homophobe, conservative that clearly does not get it!!

  3. mr_bill says:

    Liberals have devoted themselves to polls, focus groups, and research studies that they are paralyzed by them. The Right knows this and many of us actually lie to poll-takers in order to give the left false hope.

    Knowing this, it is all the more amusing to read what the NYT and DC have written. They will make up anything to reinforce what they think they know.

  4. Astravogel says:

    Say, MSNBC, what will Governor Walker be indicted FOR, pray tell?

  5. xdannyh says:

    So my question is:? was the person conducting the exit poll a gun toting, beret wearing, member of the New Black Panther organization who might have been asking the pollee. Hey “Cracker” How ya all goin vote for the “presentend”…Obama or Obama? Yeah I thought so!! Case closed.

  6. wirenut says:

    Not to ‘badger’ the witless, but the Department of Children and Happy Thougths did the polling. Yes folks, theres still plenty of tinfoil and Kool-aid in Wisconsin. Fittingly the adult’s
    voted while the kid’s still had their heads in the public trough. Barry Who?

  7. earwig42 says:

    What is MSNBC and do they matter at all?

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