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Mueller: FBI Uses Drones In Domestic Surveillance

From the Associated Press:

Mueller: FBI uses drones for surveillance

June 19, 2013  

WASHINGTON (AP) — The FBI uses drones for surveillance of stationary subjects, and the privacy implications of such operations are "worthy of debate," FBI Director Robert Mueller said Wednesday.

He said the law enforcement agency very seldom uses drones now, but is developing guidelines that will shape how unmanned aerial vehicles are to be used.

There will be a number of issues regarding drones "as they become more omnipresent, not the least of which is the drones in airspace and also the threat on privacy," Mueller said in an appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Clearly this is another step forward in the erosion of our privacy. How long will it be before the FBI or other government agencies starts using drones to make sure people aren’t smoking in our backyards? Or burying their money?

"We already have, to a certain extent, a body of law that relates to aerial surveillance and privacy relating to helicopters and small aircraft … which could well be adapted to the use of drones," Mueller said. "It’s still in its nascent stages … but it’s worthy of debate and perhaps legislation down the road." …

We are not quite sure why some people are acting outraged at Mr. Mueller’s admission. Local police have been using drones for some time. And drones are not all that different from CC TV cameras which are becoming more and more ubiquitous.

For the record, the FBI is not prohibited from ‘spying on’ Americans like NSA and other intel agencies are. Maybe a lot of people don’t realize that. So we prefer drones to ‘black helicopters,’ anyway.

The FBI used drones at night during a six-day hostage standoff in Alabama earlier this year. The standoff ended when members of an FBI rescue team stormed an underground bunker, killing gunman Jimmy Lee Dykes before he could harm a 5-year-old boy held hostage…

So the FBI have only used drones on a gun-toting, ex-military, hostage-taker holed up in a bunker down in Alabama. That is, a guy who almost sounds like a right-winger. That is, a guy who would sound almost like a right-winger to most Congressmen.

The aerospace industry forecasts a worldwide deployment of almost 30,000 drones by 2018, with the United States accounting for half of them.

What about the poor birds?

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3 Responses to “Mueller: FBI Uses Drones In Domestic Surveillance”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Technology is out of Pandora’s Box.
    Power craves technology. It is their force-multiplier.
    Neither nor I have any idea what they’re doing or how to stop Power. If you think you do, you’re jollying yourself.
    This is just the Beginning.

    I can truly see the outline of shall neither buy nor sell except they have the mark of the Beast
    For our own safety, of course. National Security is going to demand that we be identifiable at all times under any conditions so National Security powers can identify those who are a threat. ‘Threat’ being a relative term, and as defined by Power.

    For the children.

  2. Noyzmakr says:

    They used a drone at night while a guy was holed up in an underground bunker. Uh….okay. That means they must be using some powerful infra-red cameras to see body heat below ground. Maybe that’s why they were so confidant when they rushed in and shot and killed that nut-job. They knew where he was.

    That means, and this has always been the case, they can just fly over and see where you are in your house. What you’re doing. Except now they can do it silently. No more noisey helicopters or driving by your house with police vans. Quiet little drones, barely visible and certainly not heard.

    And as far as GBJ seeing the apparatus being set up for the MARK…..that’s old news. They’re going to use idenity theft defense as the catalyst to lauch the cashless society and that means there will be a need for some sort of identification that cannot be stolen or shared. Thus, the MARK. Whatever form that takes. RFID or who knows what new technology is coming. Times are moving quickly but I’m not alarmed. I keep looking up.

    • GetBackJack says:

      As a side note … while researching modern medical threat technology for our Trilogy, specifically recombinant DNA retroviruses, I discovered a DNA signature far more subtle than the popularized imprint of 666, and irremovable –

      [snip] – A quick gene scan at head or wrist would reveal the mutation sequence repeating six times, then six times and a final six times resulting in multiplied replication slippage, breaking chromosomes and rewriting critical pairs. If the mutation sequence was present in a gene scan, that person was awarded privileges to buy, sell, carry on the activities of daily life. As someone immune to disease vectors. But if the mutation sequence was not present in a gene scan they were deemed a probable threat to civil health and were isolated – [snip]

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