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Murders By Fake Elephant Tusks, Real Breasts?

From the New York Post:

Washington Heights man admits to killing his grandmother with a fake elephant tusk due to ‘voodoo curse’

By LAURA ITALIANO | January 17, 2013

I killed Grandma with a fake elephant tusk!

That’s what a deranged Hamilton Heights man told cops, according to a bizarre confession made public yesterday.

Dominick Anderson grabbed the weapon after he became convinced his grandmother had put a voodoo curse on him, he allegedly told cops after the Dec. 19 murder in his family’s apartment.

“I killed my grandmother with a cream-colored elephant tusk, and I did it because she was trying to have me killed,” Anderson, 26, said of the attack, which left the tusk in pieces, the grandmother, Beverly Holmes, 62, dead and Anderson’s sister injured.

“She started doing some voodoo s–t, and that’s when it triggered me off.”

Anderson also allegedly turned the tusk on cops, who were treated for scratches and bumps. He has been charged with first-degree murder, kidnapping and assault.

Apparently, we need imitation elephant tusk control.

“There are clearly mental- health aspects in play,” said Anderson’s court-appointed lawyer, Sam Roberts.

And we probably need doctors to start reporting anyone talking about imitation elephant tusks.

Anderson pleaded not guilty in Manhattan Supreme Court and is being held without bail.

His next court date is March 27.

Meanwhile, we have this story, also from the inimitable New York Post:

Killer boobs

By REBECCA HARSHBARGER | January 17, 2013

Her curves are deadly.

A Washington state woman smothered her boyfriend with her breasts when she threw herself on top of him in a boozed-up fight in their trailer park, cops said.

Witnesses told police that they could hear the victim pleading with Donna Lange, 51, to get off of him.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital in Everett, but he could not be saved.

Apparently, we need breast control, too.

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