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Murrieta Protestors Divert Third Round Of Illegal Aliens

From Breitbart:

Stand Your Ground: Protesters Divert 3rd Round of Buses from Murrieta

By Michelle Moons | July 7, 2014

MURRIETA — Demonstrators opposed to illegal immigration stood their ground again at the Murrieta Border Patrol station on Monday, where U.S. Border Patrol had been scheduled to transfer a third round of buses, with approximately 140 illegal aliens aboard in total, transferred from overcrowded Texas detention facilities.

For a third time, the buses were rerouted to the San Ysidro, California Border Patrol station, near the U.S.-Mexico border, for processing. The demonstrators gathered in areas to the north and south of the Murrieta station after law enforcement blocked off the road near the station itself. Many told Breitbart News they considered their stand a success, since buses scheduled for Murrieta are avoiding it as long as demonstrators remain…

This protest doesn’t seem to be getting much coverage from the mainstream media now. We suppose it isn’t focus grouping the way the MSM had hoped. Too many Americans are cheering the protestors on.

God bless the courageous patriots of Murrieta, California. We need a hundred more towns like them. ‘Remember the Alamo.’

Despite the news of buses being re-routed for the second time since a standoff with three buses in Murrieta July 1, anti-illegal immigration demonstrators plan to continue to monitor and be at the ready should any transfers of illegal aliens to the Murrieta station resume.

Well, if the federal and state governments refuse to defend our borders, who else is left but the citizens?

The general sentiment is that the moment that demonstrators leave, transfers to the station will continue.

They are probably already sneaking through busloads in the dead of night.

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One Response to “Murrieta Protestors Divert Third Round Of Illegal Aliens”

  1. canary says:

    Nancy Pelosi is staying out of CA, after visiting Texas illegals? Pelosi could have at least dropped off bags of lollypops like Texas Dems did.

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