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Musharraf Rejects “Emergency” Wants Elections

From a disappointed Reuters:

Musharraf rejects emergency

By Zeeshan Haider

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – President Pervez Musharraf rejected calls to declare emergency powers and wants elections to take place in Pakistan, a spokesman said after widespread reports that the beleaguered leader would opt for authoritarian rule.

Private television channels and newspapers had reported that General Musharraf was poised to take a step that would probably delay elections due by the turn of the year and could result in restrictions on rights of assembly and place curbs on the media.

“In the president’s view, there is no need at present to impose an emergency,” Information Minister Mohammad Ali Durrani said.

“The president was under pressure from different political parties to impose an emergency, but he believes in holding free and fair election and is not in favor of any step that hinders it,” Durrani added, without specifying which parties.

The ruling coalition parties have most to lose at the polls, and Musharraf’s own popularity has plunged since he vainly attempted to oust the country’s most senior judge.

A government spokesman had suggested the government could justify emergency rule by citing mounting insecurity after a spate of attacks — many of them suicide bombings — by Islamist militants allied to the Taliban and al Qaeda over the past month…

For the last few months, and especially the last few days, the media has been full of reports about Mr. Musharraf’s plans to call an emergency and to delay the upcoming elections.

Of course the media will say anything to try to undermine the government of Pakistan and help their allies the Taliban.

Meanwhile, heroes like Hugo Chavez blithely declare martial law, say they will be president for life and outlaw the opposition — with barely a peep from our watchdog media.

Why is that?

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