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Muslim Bomb Kills 105 Muslims In Iraq Town

From France’s AFP:

At least 105 killed in Iraq village blast

KIRKUK, Iraq (AFP) – At least 105 people were killed Saturday when a suicide truck bomb devastated a crowded Iraqi village market and demolished many homes, the top local security, administrative and health officials said.

Ambulances and private cars ferried dozens of bloodied corpses and wounded civilians to clinics in the nearby town of Tuz Khurmatu and the provincial capital Kirkuk, where desperate relatives waited for news of the missing.

Lieutenant Colonel Saman Hamid, commander of the security coordination centre in nearby Tuz Khuramtu, told AFP that a suicide bomber had detonated a powerful bomb on board a brick truck in the village of Emerli.

“105 Iraqis were killed and five are missing, we have registered their names. There are more than 250 wounded,” he said. The casualty toll was confirmed by Dr Wissam Abdullah, director of the main local hospital…

As medical staff in Tuz Khurmatu scrambled to cope with the arrivals, Doctor Jawdat Abdullah said: “We’ve received 30 bodies and 105 wounded, and that might increase as rescuers are still pulling people out of the rubble.”

“Some of the houses collapsed on people, and more may be trapped inside,” an officer, Captain Nuzad Abdallah, told AFP from the scene.

The captain said the early morning attack occurred when the market was crowded with people. Three children were brought alive out of the debris but died before they could be taken for medical treatment…

These noble “freedom fighters” never stop.

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