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Muslim Bros: Egypt Slap In Face Of US

From the Muslim Brotherhood’s official English website, Ikhwanweb:

Senior MB Leaders: Egypt’s Uprising a Prelude to a Radical Change in the Arab World

The Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups see that the success of Egypt’s popular revolution finally culminated in President Hosni Mubarak’s resignation, which spells a beginning of radical change in the Arab world.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups see that the success of Egypt’s popular revolution finally culminated in President Hosni Mubarak’s resignation, which spells a beginning of radical change in the Arab world.

They also emphasized that Egypt’s revolution was a slap in the face for the US and its ally Israel, calling on Western countries to review its policy in the Arab region.

It comes at a time when Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood reiterated that it does not seek power, hailing the efforts of the Egyptian armed forces to restore peace and transfer power to civilians.

Comptroller General of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in Jordan, Hammam Saeed, said: “Arab and Islamic governments must take lessons from what happened to Mubarak and Ben Ali and should therefore initiate real political reform; it should be clear from Egypt and Tunisia that the police and security forces are now unable to stop the people from gaining their freedoms and imposing their will; we do hope that this revolution would be a turning point in the Arab world where people should now have confidence in their ability to regain their rights.” The wind of revolution blows, and the storm is on the horizon," he said.

In his statement he said that the triumph of the Egyptian people’s revolution really is the greatest battle of modern history as they undermined a system that was owned by all the manifestations of power.

The MB offshoot in Jordan, the country’s main opposition group,on Saturday described the downfall of Egyptian President Hosny Mubarak as a ‘historic victory’ with the United States and Israel as the main losers.

"The victory scored by this revolution is in the first place directed against the United States, which so far sponsored the toppled regime and wanted it as a strong ally and defender of the Zionist entity and an enemy of the Arab jihad and resistance movements," the group said in its first reaction to the developments.

The statement of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya – which was signed Soliman Abdel-Qader, has emphasized that the youth revolution brought to Egypt its great status and has shown the world that people are stronger and more lasting, despite long-standing injustice and tyranny."

The MB offshoot in Libya said Egypt inspired the Arab world after its role declined for years by tyranny. They struggled to regain their usurped rights making others take out all lessons."

In Palestine, Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) on the lips of its political bureau member Mahmoud al-Zahar, expressed hope that the success of the revolution has finally ushered a new era which will unquestionably return the role of Egypt in supporting the Palestinian people and the entire Arab world.

He also hoped the next Egyptian leader would end their siege on the Gaza Strip which has left its population in dire condition.

Oh, now they tell us.

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3 Responses to “Muslim Bros: Egypt Slap In Face Of US”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Shocking revelations. Simply shocking.

  2. beautyofreason says:

    History is eerily repeating itself. While I can believe that Carter was an idealistic fool, I can’t give Obama the same benefit of the doubt. He just threw a U.S. ally under the bus – a dictator, but an ally nonetheless. The result MAY create another extremist hot spot in the Middle East, another belligerent nut against our other ally, Israel. Maybe that’s what Obama wanted – his policy advisors have shown themselves to be less than friendly with Israel, but more than friendly with Muslim countries.

    And as for Democracy – I cringe to think about what the 15% of Coptic Christians are going to feel when the 85% Muslim population votes on how everyone gets to live. A Democracy isn’t the same thing as a Republic, but listening to Obama you would think the popular vote is a gold standard for human rights. Let’s hope the Muslim Brotherhood is wrong and the Egyptian revolution really was about gaining freedom and moving the country out of poverty.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Expect nothing less from the dingleBarry. Tossing people, objects and Allies under the bus is all he knows.
      People should consider themselves lucky compared to the Clinton Regime.
      (eh, Vinnie)

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