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Muslim Brothers To Form Party In Egypt

From the Egyptian news outlet, Al-Masry Al-Youm:

Egyptian Muslim brotherhood seniors Saad el-Katatni, center, Essam el-Erian, left, and Mohamed Morsi talk during a press conference in Cairo, Egypt, Sunday, Feb. 6, 2011.

Muslim Brotherhood to form political party in Egypt

Mounir Adib, Hany ElWaziry
Mon, 14/02/2011

In a statement on Monday, Egypt’s largest opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, said it would establish itself as a political party once the Constitution has been amended to allow it to do so.

The group asserted its confidence that Egypt’s Supreme Council of Armed Forces would meet all its promises pledged in its fifth statement to the nation on Sunday.

The group asked the armed forces to declare a timetable for amending the Constitution and holding new presidential elections. It also called for abolishing military tribunals and pardoning all political detainees.

It also called for free and fair parliamentary elections under judicial supervision, for abolishing the Emergency Law and forming a new cabinet of ministers approved by the public.

Just as we foretold. This is what tearing up the Egyptian constitution was always all about. And nothing more.

Of course this puts the lie to all the Muslim Brotherhood’s assurance that they would not seek power or run any candidates in the upcoming elections.

Boy are we shocked.

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7 Responses to “Muslim Brothers To Form Party In Egypt”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    After being shouted down in a number of Comments sections of both liberal and conservative blogs that this is about the MB and suckers are being suckered, this is …. STILL very bad news. I would have liked to have been wrong.

  2. Mithrandir says:

    I am sure this “democracy” will be just as successful as Hamas winning in Gaza, or the 100% turn-out Saddam Hussein received, or the totally-not-rigged election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, or Hezbolla “elections” that “helped” Lebannon, or the elections that ousted Musharif in Pakistan……..

    Nothing to worry about! The Muslim Brotherhood is just a small harmless minority, just like al-qaida, the same people we have been fighting for 10 years now. . .

  3. River0 says:

    Wow. You coulda knocked me over with a feather! It’s a good thing they’re a “purely secular organization”, and only have a few strains of violent members!
    Everything’s going to be sweetness and light from now on!

  4. Dupree says:

    Being seemingly surrounded by people who disagree with my views constantly, I must say that sometimes, in moments of weakness, I feel that perhaps I am the one with the extreme point of view or perhaps I have lost proper perspective. This of course is the goal of the left and specifically the MSM, to slowly disenfranchise us with confusion and disinformation. Thank God for this site and it’s contributors, who see through the lies, almost prognostic-ally. Time and time again, you prove yourselves and you vindicate our ideals. Even when we’d prefer to be wrong.

    • proreason says:

      Use sarcasm. It drives them crazy.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Above all else, remain calm.

      Speak to lib-tards in even, well-tempered tones. Do not resort to ad-hominems and often refer to them as “my respected friend”. It drives them bats**t.

      I was delighted today when the moron called Rush today and waited over an hour to call him a racist and to submit that Rush must believe all the “dopey” things Sarah Palin as said. When Rush asked him for specifics, the guy was unable to respond and simply said that Rush was “answering a question with a question”. However, this is typical of socialists and the left and their methodology for how to deal with “discussion”. Their points, for lack of a better term, lack substantive evidence and fail in the light of critical thinking. They usually do not know how to think critically; Only emotionally which undermines their argument but unfortunately, gives the MSM (which is now considered “entertainment” rather than “information”) a lever to get other simple-minded dolts to buy into a sound bite and run down the street with it. Example: The Global Warming Scam. If you were able to compile all the evidence that counters the hockey stick argument, including the documentation that refutes it and actually destroys its very foundation, the uber-liberal/socialist will dismiss it as propaganda before they even read it. Rush again, in a very astute moment nailed it (and the caller) as “willfully ignorant”.

      That willful ignorance used to cost people dearly. But somehow, the government has learned to capitalize on it, and feed it to the masses in buckets. The river of BS running from the MSM (as we know) is still considered factual information by at least half this nation. One of my “libertarian” co-workers still reads the local city rag and USA Today. Yet he thinks he’s an “independent thinker who is well-informed.” And yes, he despises Rush, Sarah Palin and Beck and Hannity.

      There is no hope when people choose to believe crap.

  5. Liberals Demise says:

    I can see it now…..their logo will be two goats with their
    throats cut on each side and the face of a sexually assaulted donkey
    in the center.
    The Dems have a donkey, too!

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