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Cleric: Disaster If Bali Bombers Executed

From The Australian:

Muklas (C), alias Ali Gufron, one of the convicted Bali bombers, talks to journalists with Abu Bakar Bashir (R) at the prison complex in Nusakambangan island, Central Java December 15 2007. [The] controversial Indonesian Muslim cleric [Abu Bakar Bashir] warned on Saturday that the country would suffer a big disaster if three Bali bombers on death row were executed.

Fury after Bashir visits Bali bombers

December 17, 2007

AKARTA: Indonesian hardline Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir has visited the three key Bali bombers awaiting execution, sparking outrage from Australian survivors of the 2002 atrocity.

In a show of support to the death-row convicts, Bashir, joined by dozens of members of the Indonesian Mujahedin Council and several relatives of the prisoners, travelled at the weekend to the high-security Nusakambangan jail off the south coast of central Java.

Bashir, believed to be the spiritual head of Southeast Asian terror network Jemaah Islamiah, said the visit was “to show concern to Muslims who are being unjustly treated”, adding that the three were “not terrorists but counter-terrorists” and “Mujaheds”, or holy warriors.

“I am worried that if they are executed, there will be a big disaster,” Bashir said. He did not elaborate.

The cleric said the three felt bad that the bombings had claimed the lives of or injured several Muslims.

“That is why they are now fasting for two months to make up for the loss of innocent lives,” he said…

And from Australia’s Courier Mail:

Bali bomber warns of terror doom for Australia

By Cindy Wockner in Bali and Michelle Cazzulino

December 17, 2007

IN a visit sure to anger the families of those killed in the 2002 Bali bombings, radical cleric Abu Bakar Bashir has been allowed to see the three death-row bombers in jail to offer them guidance.

Himself convicted then acquitted of his role in the murderous nightclub attacks which killed 202 people, including 88 Australians, Bashir told the terrorists that they must be patient and not weak, and that they were mujahidin (holy warriors).

Also alleged to have been the spiritual leader of terror group Jemaah Islamiyah, questions are being asked why authorities allowed the 69-year-old to visit his one-time protege at Nusakambangan, an island prison complex off the southern coast of Java.

Bashir was among a group of Islamic preachers, family members and lawyers who visited the so-called smiling assassin Amrozi, his older brother Mukhlas and Imam Samudra on Saturday.

Before going into the jail, Bashir warned of a “big disaster” for Indonesia if the three were executed for their crimes, admitting their methods in defending Islam were wrong…

Bashir also delivered a sermon to the group, during which some family members are reported to have cried. He asked them to be patient in the test they were facing.

“Convince yourself that you are a mujahidin. A mujahidin cannot be weak, sad and show grief and have to be patient,” he told the men.

He also said the Indonesian Government should review the convictions and death penalties of the trio.

The men themselves, who have never expressed any remorse for their crimes except to say they are sorry that fellow Muslims died in the bombings, warned of doom for Australia.

Not long now Australia will go down. Its world will go down, the people will go down and doom on their Armageddon,” Samudra said in English.

“Specially for you Australia. Tell to your Minister, if you kafir did not convert to Islam then you will go to hell. Take America for example. Now their condition is worse than Russia.”

Note that the only outrage mentioned in the articles is only from the survivors of the bombings. There hasn’t been one peep of protest from our moral betters. Like the aforementioned protesters of “climate change” on Bali.

Indeed, this story doesn’t even seem to have made it out of Australia.

Of course our professional moralists, like those jetting back and forth to Bali, are out to avert real danger for the world.

Not imaginary bogeymen like Islamic terrorism.

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