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Muslim Girl Gets $400G For Head Scarf Claim

From Fox News:

Muslim Girl Gets $400G From Nevada School District in Head Scarf Bully Case

A Nevada school district agreed to pay $400,000 to a Muslim girl and her friend over allegations that other students threatened to kill her in the stairwell for wearing a religious head scarf and the staff did nothing to stop it.

The Washoe County School District in the Reno area will give Egyptian former student Jana Elhifny $350,000 and her non-Muslim friend and supporter Stephanie Hart $50,000 as part of the civil settlement.

Elhifny and her family came to Reno from Egypt in 2003, and the girl enrolled as a freshman at North Valleys High School.

She didn’t finish the year after she told teachers and administrators that someone had threatened to kill her in the stairwell because of her Muslim hijab or head scarf, the district’s independent attorney in the case, Robert Cox, told FOXNews.com.

Shortly afterwards, Cox said, Elhifny filed the lawsuit and returned to Egypt, where she married her fiancé.

The lawsuit, handled by U.S. District Court in Reno, alleges that Elhifny faced death threats and harassment and school administrators did nothing to stop the abuse.

Cox said that wasn’t true, and the teen was unable to give any description of her tormenter — including his or her gender, size and tone of voice.

He said the high school tried to investigate her claims but was unsuccessful because of the lack of information.

“The district did an incredibly thorough investigation,” Cox told FOXNews.com in a phone interview. “They could never identify the person who perpetrated these acts. … The district did everything it could do to try to help this young woman who is an Egyptian and of the Islam faith.”

Cox said school officials couldn’t confirm the stairwell death threat story.

“They tried to prove that, tried to track down who it was, but without a description … that couldn’t be done,” he said. “The district did watch her constantly and had people in the hallway.”

He said the settlement was agreed upon to end lengthy and “expensive litigation.” The case has been fought in the courts for the past four years, according to Cox…

What an amazing travesty of justice.

We are supposed to believe that Ms. Elhifny was so traumatized that she deserved $350,000 in damages. But she can’t even remember what sex her “attacker” was?

(And we especially like the $50,000 to her friend and supporter.)

We are giving away this country with both hands.

And for what?

(Thanks to BillK for the heads up.)

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12 Responses to “Muslim Girl Gets $400G For Head Scarf Claim”

  1. oldswimcoach says:

    Shades of Tawana Brawley here. Where is Al Sharpton when the Muslims need him?

    • Odie44 says:

      I agree – it is sickening.

      What’s amazing is the fact they caved , due to “mounting legal costs”. Either she is from money and can afford to hold courts hostage, ot someone is doing Pro Bono, ala ACLU. What I want to know is at what stage a judge, panel or any court officer allowed this to get past an initial stage , being zero info is provided as to the “attackers”. The total cost should have been the fee to lawyers to anwser the claim and shoot it down. Roughly $5000 max.

      Oh – and that darling Tawana Brawley, who went to Roy C Ketchum in Wappingers Falls (across the river from where I grew up – know this case oh so well, even the Pagones family) – was a C- student. After the fraud was commited, that darling university – Howard gave her a FULL RIDE, whereas the dunce dropped out and has 3 kids – all out of wedlock. Isnt that grand, get a freebie based on racial hate, yet still can’t just show up and get a degree. The “20 year aniversary” get together highlighted this fraud’s “life achievments”

      And her at the time boyfriend, a native of my home town – had over 10 charges, ranging from theft, to armed robbery to drug possession – were held up for a bit in Orange County courts due to the Brawley case… yet the little scumbag is now doing 25 – life for attempted murder.

      What a peach all these folks were/are to this day.


    • GL0120 says:

      He’ll be there just as soon as he milks the illegal immigration problem for all that he can.
      Give Al a break, he’s not the Messiah, Obama is.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Ah……the poster children of the GREAT PURGE on AMERICAN SOCIETY!!
      “Who’s yo daddy”?

  2. jobeth says:

    “He said the settlement was agreed upon to end lengthy and “expensive litigation.”

    Personally, as a tax payer, I would much rather spend a million dollars on the “expensive litigation” than give one penny for this trumped up charge.

    “Elhifny filed the lawsuit and returned to Egypt, where she married her fiancé”

    This brings to mind the “Church Lady” on SNL years ago “Isn’t this convienient?”

    Only the beginning folks…and we will keep folding and paying off these people and their trumped up charges….

    Can’t remember “including his or her gender, size and tone of voice”
    Give me a flipping break!!!!

  3. Celina says:

    Couldn’t give even the vaguest description of her “attacker” huh? Maybe the perp was wearing a full on burqa?

  4. Reality Bytes says:

    What do you think Richard Pearl’s widow is entitled to?

  5. Rusty Shackleford says:

    In other news, all hallways in this school district are to be locked and left unused even during inclement weather to avoid such confrontations in the future. All hallways in future school construction projects are being redesigned to utilize non-hallway structures. Additionally, an ass-kissing station is to be installed for all schools that have muslim students. For the administration, of course.

  6. jrmcdonald says:

    This smells of ACLU money.

  7. canary says:

    A freshman in Highschool, and she went back to Egypt shortly after got married? Her new husband’s got the money now.

  8. catie says:

    I used to teach high school and I can tell you that in my experience at 4 different schools that if a student who said he/she was gay got “picked on” or some male student dressed as Marilyn Manson we had to have these stupid assemblies to address these “sensitive issues”. I find it very hard to believe that this administration did nothing. Yes, I also smell an ACLU Rat as well. Glad she’s gone back to where she feels more comfortable, what a loser.

  9. Squito says:

    “the teen was unable to give any description of her tormenter — including his or her gender, size and tone of voice.”

    Hooray for temporary amnesia! What a convenience it is for these scumbags. (snort) What an ugly little creature.

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