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Muslim In DFW Bomb Threat Has Priors

From the Dallas, Texas NBC affiliate NBC-DFW:


Ms. Al-Homsi and Mr. Ansari

Feds: Loop 820 Bomb Scare Was No Hoax

Woman arrested with explosives in pickup after police chase has troubled past

Mon, Feb 15, 2010

A bomb scare that shut down Loop 820 for five hours Saturday night was no hoax and involved a woman who is no stranger to authorities, federal agents said.

Three explosive devices were found inside a pickup that had fled police, said special agent Tom Crowley of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The Fort Worth bomb squad exploded the devices while police shut down the highway.

It all started when a motorist in Arlington reported two people in a pickup pulled a gun on him during an apparent case of road rage.

When officers caught up with the pickup, the driver refused to stop and a 20-minute chase followed, said Arlington police spokeswoman Tiarra Ellis Richard.

The chase ended on an icy patch near Loop 820 and Rosedale Street in Fort Worth, she said, and a woman in the pickup told officers there was a bomb inside.

The woman, Kimberly al-Homsi, 45, is well-known to law enforcement.

In 2005, a few days before Christmas, al-Homsi, was arrested after another case of road rage. A driver said she waved a grenade at him on Central Expressway. When police caught up with her, they found five grenades in her car. They were real but did not contain explosives [sic], authorities said.

In July 2007, police were called to her southeast Arlington home after a domestic dispute with her roommate, who refused to come out for more than five hours. Al-Homsi was later arrested for possessing illegal weapons after police said they found explosive powder, pipes and putty in the house.

That same year, she and a friend were spotted at Love Field. Wearing Muslim apparel with camouflage pants, witnesses said they appeared to be conducting some kind of surveillance with binoculars.

The FBI questioned her but no charges were filed in that case.

And now, federal agents want to know what she was planning to do with the explosive devices found in her pickup, and what her connection is to 18-year-old Yasinul Ansari. He was in the pickup with her, police said.

The two are held in the Arlington city jail on high bonds, and federal charges are expected to be filed early this week.

The gun apparently used in the road rage was recovered in the pickup. It was fake, federal agents said.

As far as we know none of the national reports about this latest incident mentioned any of Ms. Al-Homsi’s prior activities.

But she should not be a stranger to longtime S&L readers, as we posted about her earlier Love Field surveillance and hand grenade incident back in April 2007.

We also know from the earlier articles that Ms. Al-Homsi was already under surveillance and is on the government’s ‘no fly list’ since being involved in a road rage incident back in December of 2005.

And we know that she is a Syria by birth and is very sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. And that she strongly disapproves of the US government’s foreign policy in the Middle East.

And yet Ms. Al-Homsi was still on the loose after these violent threats? How many more chances was she supposed to get?

In any case, once again, this is one of those news items that never seems to make it out of the local outlets.

Undoubtedly, our mainstream media masters want to avoid another one of those terrible backlashes against Muslims that we hear so much about.

(Thanks to Barret for the heads up.)

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8 Responses to “Muslim In DFW Bomb Threat Has Priors”

  1. proreason says:

    Now now. This isn’t terrorism. Just a couple of Muslims trying to avoid an accident 15 miles away from DFW airport.

    Nobody was hurt.

    The system worked once again, just as Obamy and Brennan have designed it. The road rage shield got em this time. It’s very dependable you know, right up there with the defective matches shield.

    And btw, they should do some dna tests on Ms. al-Homsi to confirm she is a woman. I wouldn’t trust the genetalia thing with that one. He/she/it might have sacrificed them in order to get the 79 virgins.

    • jobeth says:

      But Pro…what’s ‘s/he/it’ going to do with all those virgins if ‘s/he/it’ has no genitalia to work with any longer? ;-D

  2. NoNeoCommies says:

    So, while we are kicking kids out of school for trading aspirin, carrying pocket knives, or parking off campus with unloaded weapons (never having threatened anyone) we let these people run free?

  3. GetBackJack says:

    I know why they’re so mad.

    Look at their booking photos.

    Wouldn’t you be mad at the world if you were bone-deep ugly?

    (what is it with these freaks?)

    • JohnMG says:

      No wonder they prefer camels to their women. Not only could Ms. Al-Homsi’s face stop a freight train at midnight. She could cause it to jump the track and turn up a dirt road.

  4. Right of the People says:

    Wasn’t she in the Lord of the Rings (Gollum)?

    The bomb squad should have blown up the explosives with them still in the truck, let ’em go meet Allah and get their 72 virgins. Like Dirty Harry Callahan said, “No trial, no reports to file.” a good motto to live for.

  5. canary says:

    did her fellow muslims buzz her head as punishement? I read they do that sometimes when they are bad. maybe head lice.

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