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Muslim Leaders Blame Cops For ‘Hijab Riot’

Buried in the ‘NY/Region’ section of the New York Times:

Muslim Leaders Criticize Police Response to Scuffle

August 31, 2011

Muslim civil rights leaders on Wednesday accused the authorities of using excessive force after a Westchester County amusement park’s restrictions on head coverings provoked a scuffle a day earlier that led to the arrest of 15 people.

Note how we only hear about this melee from The Times when they can give the “Muslim civil rights leaders'” side of things.

About 3,000 visitors from a Muslim tour group were at Playland park in Rye on Tuesday afternoon celebrating the end of Ramadan when a dispute erupted after women wearing traditional hijabs, or head scarves, were told they could not wear them on certain rides, for safety reasons

Park officials said Wednesday that the women were offered admission refunds, but that an altercation ensued when clutches of displeased visitors became agitated and began to argue among themselves and then with park officials, including two rangers who were hospitalized with injuries.

But The Times does not mention any violence. So far all we have been told is that there was a “scuffle” and a “dispute” and an “altercation.” And yet two park rangers ended up in the hospital. It must have been from the heat.

Peter Tartaglia, deputy commissioner of the County Parks Department, said that two people were charged with assault and that 13 were charged with disorderly conduct. All had been released by Tuesday night.

Were any of these people Muslims? The Times does not say.

Mr. Tartaglia said the Muslim American Society of New York, which organized the outing, had been warned of the headwear rule, which he said was a safety precaution to ensure that items like caps and head scarves did not get entangled in mechanical parts. On Playland’s Web site, he noted, rides that allow what the park calls headgear are clearly indicated with the letter H

Mr. Tartaglia is an obvious racist.

Mr. Tartaglia recalled an April 2010 episode in Sydney, Australia, in which a 26-year-old mother wearing a hijab was strangled after her head scarf became tangled in the wheel axle of a go-kart. In another incident, in Buena Park, Calif., in 2000, two dozen people were stranded on a roller coaster for about three hours after a rider’s jacket flew onto the track and became wedged under the train.

Nitpicker. Besides, you know that pious Muslims would never sue over such things.

Cyrus McGoldrick, civil rights manager at the New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said Wednesday that the authorities had overreacted. He said 60 patrol cars and 100 police officers from nine departments had responded to the disturbance, which he said had involved 40 people at most. He said video taken during the episode showed the police pushing at least one Muslim woman to the ground…

And yet two park rangers were hospitalized. Go figure.

Sharif Aly, vice president of the Muslim American Society of New York, said it was investigating the episode to determine whether the group had been singled out for being Muslim

What a laugh. Unless you think about what our country has come to.

Kristin Siebeneicher, a spokeswoman for Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, N.J., said that for safety reasons, no loose articles were allowed on rides. But hijabs, which are typically securely wrapped around the head, are allowed, she said.

Ms. Siebeneicher said that those wearing the hijab were advised to exercise caution on Six Flags’ most “extreme” ride, the Kingda Ka, a 45-story roller coaster that she said was the tallest in the world and the fastest in North America, going from zero to 128 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds.

“Because that roller coaster is so extreme, we require that head scarves are tightly fastened,” she said. “But we are more than happy to have them along on the ride.”

What more proof do we need that Playland was discriminating against Muslims, if Six Flags allows hijabs on the biggest and fastest roller coaster in the US?

On the other hand, aren’t roller coasters and amusement parks in general un-Islamic for the same reasons that listening to music is haraam? Don’t they distract from the full time worship of Allah?

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12 Responses to “Muslim Leaders Blame Cops For ‘Hijab Riot’”

  1. Howard Roark says:

    I keep getting a case of whiplash after trying to keep up with the condition of Muslim Americans. I mean, in one breath we’re told how persecuted, shunned, and maligned these poor folks are in our racist, intolerant society known as America, and then we hear about stories like this where they are so bold, undaunted, and brazen within our fold to parade around, refusing to assimilate, and even ready to endanger the meek Americans around them who are simply trying to enjoy a carnival ride.

    It’s getting harder and harder to take these people seriously.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      The culture clash is glaring, to say the least and it began long ago when blacks wanted to separate themselves. Odd, since they resented segregation so much. But, the undercurrent of anger, for whatever reason, be it they’re poor, don’t get enough time off, can’t afford a nicer car/house/etc or their own perceived racism that doesn’t exist, all are focused when they get frustrated or annoyed at some other thing that “harshes their mellow”.

      We all face it…when we get to the DMV or just sitting in traffic when someone cuts us off or is tailgating. But in the black/muslim mind, it’s a perceived injustice because of their race/choice of “religion”. I still don’t count islame as a religion as it operates as a cult. It is not “the religion of peace”. It is the cult of violence and with billions of them so completely and utterly angry I can only say they lack the ability to be thankful for that which they do have, and that they can walk about freely, truly without persecution.

      When you compare/contrast with how other nations treat even “fellow” muslims of different factions (sunni, shiite, etc) and how they engage in wholesale murder of each other, the tame, perceived injustices they seem to find just don’t hold up to scrutiny.

      I have said it before and I’ll say it again, islam and being an American are two things that are diametrically opposed to one another. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to subscribe to the brutal confines of sharia while at the same time living in a nation that, by absolute understanding prohibits the very thing that sharia stands for. And for all the anger that the bull dykes in NOW possess, they seem very uninterested in going after moose-limbs in America who exploit and treat their women like crap. So, the cover is off of that ruse, where NOW’s entire agenda is against white, Anglo-descended men who they perceive are oppressing women, by their own standards.

      Yet, islam in America is a cancer that must be extricated. It has been co-opted by violent people with an agenda. The vast majority of muslims in this country, in my opinion, feel that way. It’s very odd because they moved here to avoid the oppression of their homeland, yet want to keep their most oppressive trait. In part, I suppose I understand it because it’s what they were raised with, and is part of their general makeup. But coming to the US means more than just “doing as you please” because “your rights end where someone else’s nose begins”.

      There is a misconception worldwide that people in the US “can do anything they want”. They then have great trouble with the paradigm shift of how we don’t go about willy-nilly like they do in sand-land with one hand on the horn and swerving to avoid pedestrians and people on bicycles loaded down with rabbit skins. Our laws are lenient and adhered to voluntarily. 99% of us are happy to do it. But, when a sandperson moves here, they are stupified at it all. You don’t see mud villages here. You don’t see thousands of people sitting around doing nothing day after day after day. You don’t see people going to fetch water at the one working well in the village. That alone befuddles them.

      Then they are confused by the way women all show so much skin. They are horrified because then it comes down to myth/magic and custom. And people hold onto such things in order to maintain their own personal security in their own mind because it’s familiar. What’s interesting is second-generation immigrants like all second-generation immigrants throughout history, do far better at “getting it” as regards being an American than do the parents. And, as usual, it causes great frustration for the parents.

      My wish is just for the government to stay out of it, other than enforce existing laws and forcing them to assimilate or leave.

  2. Melly says:

    Playland is owned by Westchester County at a huge loss (about 5 million dollars) each year (I believe it is the only government owned amusement park in the United States). They have had 3 deaths at the park recently. The County has every right to uphold safety rules. Here’s the latest video of the 17 year old female who started it all: http://www.lohud.com/videonetwork/1137870190001?odyssey=mod|tvideo|article. As an aside – I have many sweet childhood memories of Playland. It’s a darling amusemet park which caters towards young children mostly. Nowadays, it is inundated mostly by visitors from NYC area.

  3. JohnMG says:

    …..”Mr. Tartaglia recalled an April 2010 episode in Sydney, Australia, in which a 26-year-old mother wearing a hijab was strangled after her head scarf became tangled in the wheel axle of a go-kart…….”

    It’s my understanding that muslim men strangling, shooting, stoning, beheading, burying alive (pick your preferred method) their wives, daughters, sisters, wives’ sisters (pick your family member of choice) is acceptable when it involves family honor, disgrace, inconvenience, divorce (pick your reason) under shariah law, but when a go-kart does it……………SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!

  4. canary says:

    FOX showed 1 of the Muslim women just furious shouting with a NYC gangsta thug accent. So, now the park has to worry about retaliation from thugs; worse muslim thugs that like to burn and blow up things.

  5. Natural Born Citizen says:

    And the amusement park notified the Muslim tour groups leaders ahead of time what their park restrictions were realizing they may conflict with their religious practices. The park administration also offered to fully refund the ticket price when they were refused access to the specific ride they were denied access to.

    This was probably a setup by CAIR to reinforce there agenda. Unfortunately as elsewhere when the Muslim populations increase in the US and the PC government bends over backward to accommodate them they become more and more belligerent and demanding.

  6. canary says:

    Now the muslims are in prostate position cursing the amusement park.

    The muslim women are complaining after storming the park workers their bodies were touched in places not allowed and that is why they called all the men on their cells who then came storming up.

    The park said they repeatedly told the group in advance of the rules. A rep for the muslims says the “machines” should be made safer so that muslims can “wear their religion” Scarfs are now called religion.

    wow. 3000 muslims rioting. Wish I’d been there. It would have been better than any roller coaster ride in the world.

  7. canary says:

    scarf gets caught in wheel could decapitate a muslim, so that does not worry them.

    If you were on a roller coaster and the person in front of you had a scarf wrap over your face, you’re instinct would be to pull it off and could accidentally pull the muslim out of their seat.

    If you were a policeman or security guard trying to protect yourself from a mob of women with long veils some of these 5′ long, you’d pull their veils off too in order to see.

    What on earth are the prostate muslims praying for at the amusement park?

    Someone should let some pigs loose and run the pests off.

  8. untrainable says:

    The concept of rules, laws, shouldn’t seem so foreign to muslims. They are some of the most repressed people on the planet. If the rules governing headgear, or religion as it has now been defined, were made clear before they entered the park, they have no LEGAL fallback position. Except : Religious Persecution, or Racist Atmosphere, or some other such victimization nonsense. Here, eat this pork chop on a stick and shut the F&%K UP!

    This woman from Six Flags is totally irrelevent. Every ride is different, every park is different, and every situation is different. If you have rides that are so safe for muslims, put a sign in the parking lot that says, “Muslim friendly amusement park. Wear your religion… even if it gets caught in some machinery and you are accidentally decapitated. We’re Tolerant That Way!!”. And when someone is decapitated by amusement machinery do you really think the muslims are going to let it go as an accident? No! They’ll prosecute everyone from the head honcho at 6 flags, right down to the lowly litter getter wandering around with his broom, for having rides that were designed to be dangerous specifically to muslims. RACISTS!!! HATERS!!! Because it’s obvious to anyone that only someone wearing their religion on her head could possibly be decapitated by a 45 story roller coaster. Duh… And these days, they might even win.

    You can’t ride unless you are this tall. Are you going to let people shorter than “this” ride because of their religious beliefs? No, because it’s a safety issue, not a religious one. There is the question.

    I say let them ride… after they sign a pile of release forms, have their medical history approved, and are thouroughly searched by qualified (sort of) agents of the TSA before being allowed to enjoy the hospitality of the amusement park in question.

    We need to be tolerant of muslims. But we need to start showing our tolerance with an overabundance of red tape. Let’s start using lawyers for what they’re good at. Complicating things to the point of sabotage. Making simple things so complicated that you’re better off just giving up. Once the argument is framed by writs, and waivers, and loads of compulsory paperwork involving throngs of lawyers, and long waits for the approval of political bottom feeders, then they’ll truly know what it means to be American. It’ll all be for their own good. (works for Obama).

  9. sticks says:

    Muslims do not accept the idea that anyone can make rules or laws that apply to them or at least those who are at all serious about their religion. Muslims have a three step process for overcomming and changing a different culture or country. First when you are small in numbers behave, be quiet, obey the laws. Then when you grow in numbers, get political, become more strident about your religion and your rights, don’t we see this happening now in America? Finally when their are enough of you start the violence in the streets. have we not seen this in other countries? While it’s probably true that not every Muslim thinks this way plenty enough of them do

    • JohnMG says:

      I think ALL of them think that way, but there are degrees of willingness to act out. Still, none of them are vocal in denouncing what most of us regard as aberrant behavior. And you have to realize the less militant among them are scared shitless of their own people.

      Explain to me why, if their own people are wary of them, I should trust them for an instant. In my mind there are none of them that aren’t suspect, and I have no confidence they wouldn’t cut my throat given the opportunity.

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