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Muslim Terrorists Fail To Sink US (Aid) Ship

From their disappointed allies at the Agence France-Presse:

The Liberty Sun cargo ship, owned by the Liberty Maritime Corporation.

Pirates stage rocket attack on US freighter

by Mustafa Haji Abdinur

MOGADISHU (AFP) – Somali pirates attacked an American freighter with rockets to "destroy" the ship in revenge for an operation that freed a US captain last weekend, one of their commanders said Wednesday.

The freighter escaped the attack late Tuesday, but more vessels have fallen into the hands of marauding Somali bandits.

"This attack was the first against our prime target," pirate commander Abdi Garad told AFP of the attack on the Liberty Sun late Tuesday. "We intended to destroy this American-flagged ship and the crew on board but unfortunately they narrowly escaped us.

"The aim of this attack was totally different. We were not after a ransom. We also assigned a team with special equipment to chase and destroy any ship flying the American flag in retaliation for the brutal killing of our friends."

Pirates have taken four ships since losing two battles with US and French forces at the weekend.

Their latest target was the Liberty Sun which was heading for the Kenyan port of Mombasa with international food aid, the owners said.

The USS Bainbridge, which mounted the operation to rescue the captain of US cargo Maersk Alabama, came to the rescue of the Liberty Sun, officials said.

Crew members gave a dramatic account of the attack.

"We are under attack by pirates, we are being hit by rockets. Also bullets," crewman Thomas Urbik told his mother in email messages, CNN television reported.

"We are barricaded in the engine room and so far no one is hurt. (A) rocket penetrated the bulkhead but the hole is small. Small fire, too, but put out."

Urbik said the US Navy escorted the ship to safety. "The navy has showed up we are now under military escort," he wrote.

Garad said the attack was revenge for the weekend operation that freed Maersk Alabama captain Richard Phillips and killed three pirates…

By the way, these attacks are coming so fast and furious we have situations like this one noted by the UK’s Telegraph:

Somali pirates: rescued US captain on warship as it saves freighter

Richard Phillips, the US captain rescued from Somali pirates, was involved in a second high-seas hijack drama when another American ship was targeted.

By Mike Pflanz in Mombasa
15 Apr 2009

Pirates fired rocket-propelled grenades and waves of automatic rifle fire at the merchant vessel Liberty Sun, but failed to board it during an attack more than 200 miles east of the Somali coast.

The US Navy immediately diverted its guided missile destroyer, Bainbridge, to help – with Mr Phillips aboard.

He was being taken to the Kenyan port of Mombasa to be reunited with his crew when the Liberty Sun, carrying food aid, was attacked…

We will soon hear the howls outrage about how Mr. Obama’s ill-considered actions have escalated this minor nuisance into a shooting war.

And minute now.

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5 Responses to “Muslim Terrorists Fail To Sink US (Aid) Ship”

  1. Confucius says:

    How about stopping the aid shipments? Or let the U.N. do it?

    And if we must, how about using a ship named the U.S.S. I Won?

    • caligirl9 says:

      I thought the same thing … stop sending U.S. aid and let the millions of starving Africans take care of their little pirate problem themselves. Or let the UN do it and watch those goofy pirates really run amuck!

      Nothing works better than peer pressure LOL

    • proreason says:

      Not gonna happen. Aid shipping are going up, not down.

      Ask Al Sharpton why.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    This “CLINTON” white house will never do what needs to be done….even if Obeyme is the “HNIC” instead of Bubba!!

  3. VMAN says:

    The other day Chicken Al (that’s what my wife and I call Al Sharpeton) called the terrorists / pirates something like “Volunteer coastal guards”. I guess All has lost his freakin mind.
    The thing that is really rich is these ships are carrying food aid to the very county these bums come from. It’s kinda like the riots we’ve had in this country where the folks burn down their own neighborhoods. They’re all members of the brain trust.

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