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Terrorists Wearing Uniforms Murder 29 In Diyala

From those lovers of terror at CNN:

[AFP caption:] Iraqi children inspect a blood-soaked towel as they sit on the roof of their house which was raided by US and Iraqi troops in Baghdad’s al-Kamaliyah neighbourhood. Gunmen dressed in Iraqi military uniforms stormed a village in the restive Iraqi province of Diyala and murdered 29 people.

Gunmen in military uniforms kill 29 in Iraqi village

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — Insurgents wearing military uniforms killed 29 people in an attack early Tuesday on a village near Baquba, while a suicide car bomber struck an army patrol east of Baghdad, killing eight, the Iraqi Interior Ministry said.

Four people also were wounded in the attack on the village, Duwailiya, a Shiite community northeast of Baghdad in Diyala province.

A spokesman for the military command in Diyala province confirmed that the gunmen “were wearing military uniforms but they were in civilian vehicles.”

The spokesman said that 10 of the victims were treated so brutally they can’t be identified.

The Iraqi command spokesman said the gunmen intended to make villagers think they were soldiers but instead they were “deviated gangs” led by al Qaeda in Iraq.

“Eyewitnesses said that the villagers were surprised when they saw a large number of these terrorists surrounding the village from every entrance, aiming their weapons at the chests of the children, men and women in an act that clearly showed that there is premeditated decision from these Takfiri gangs to cause the most number of casualties among these unarmed civilians,” the spokesman said. Takfiri is a reference to Muslim extremists.

The military said it has taken precautions to guard “the remaining families in the region.”

The spokesman said soldiers will be traveling at all times in military vehicles. He said armed people dressed as soldiers in civilian vehicles should be treated as terrorists

By now it should be no surprise that the terrorists will stoop to anything.

Nor should it be any surprise that our watchdog media would run a photo with this story which features children who have allegedly suffered at the hands of US forces.

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