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Muslims Continue To Kill Muslim Pilgrims

From those defenders of the faith at the Associated Press:

Extremists target Iraqi Shiite pilgrims

By DAVID RISING, Associated Press Writer

A sniper killed a Shiite pilgrim on a Baghdad bridge Monday while another was killed and a dozen injured in other attacks as tens of thousands of faithful made their way to the southern city of Karbala for a major religious commemoration…

In order to protect the Shiite pilgrims on their way to Karbala, Iraqi security forces have mounted a major security operation. Sunni religious extremists, including al-Qaida in Iraq, have launched massive and deadly attacks against pilgrims during Shiite celebrations in the past.

Despite the security measures, one pilgrim was shot on Baghdad’s Jadiriyah bridge and gunmen hiding in an orchard south of the capital opened fire on another group, killing one and injuring three others.

Nine other pilgrims were injured in two other assaults in Baghdad, and police prevented another attack, defusing two roadside bombs planted along the route to Karbala in Musayyib, about 40 miles south of Baghdad, officials said.

More than a million Shiites from throughout the world were expected to converge on the Shiite holy city for the celebrations, which reach their high point late Tuesday and early Wednesday. The Shabaniyah festival marks the birth of Mohammed al-Mahdi, the 12th and last Shiite imam who disappeared in the 9th century…

What do you supposed the death toll would be if the US forces were not there providing security?

Funny how that minor detail has not been reported much over the years.

Instead we get endless stories about the US killing “civilians,” even in this report:

Some 30 masked insurgents attacked a U.S. outpost Sunday, triggering the gunbattles that ended when a U.S. jet bombed a house where gunmen had taken refuge. In addition to the dead, 14 insurgents were captured and U.S. forces seized four assault rifles, one sniper rifle and one machine gun, the military said.

Iraqi officials said eight people were killed. Police and hospital officials identified the dead as Mohammed Abdul-Wahab, his mother, wife and five of his young children.

U.S. military spokesman Lt. Col. Michael Donnelly told The Associated Press that he only had reports of two civilian casualties, a male and a female who were in a taxi moving through the area during the initial firefight.

“Any civilian casualties are truly regrettable, but it is important to understand that our forces are there to secure the people of Samarra and bring them peace, not bring them harm like the insurgents did,” Donnelly said.

It’s a miracle that these “civilian” deaths weren’t featured in the headline.

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