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Muslims Kill 100s Of Christians In Nigeria

From those tireless defenders of the (Muslim) faith at Associated Press:

Workers close mass graves in Jos where dozens of people killed during violent religious clashes have been buried, January 2010.

Reporter: More than 200 dead in Nigeria violence

By Ahmed Saka And Jon Gambrell, Associated Press Writers

March 7, 2010

JOS, Nigeria – More than 200 bodies — many of them women and children — lay in the streets of a central Nigerian town after a renewed spate of Christian-Muslim violence, witnesses said Sunday, just months after religious violence tore through a nearby city and left hundreds dead.

Yemi Kosoko, a reporter with the independent Nigerian news network Channels, told The Associated Press most of the bodies appeared to be women and children killed by blows from machetes. Kosoko said the dead lined the streets of Dogo Nahawa, a village about three miles (five kilometers) south of the city of Jos…

Witnesses said the violence began in the mostly Christian village at about 3 a.m. Sunday — an hour when the area should have been under curfew and guarded by the military. Jos has remained under a curfew since violence in January left more than 300 people dead — the majority of them Muslims.

Police and military officials declined to comment on the attack or the motivation for the violence.

"It appears to be reprisal attacks," Waubo said…

Ever notice how when these Muslims kill Christians in Nigeria it is always characterized as a “reprisal” by our watchdog media?

When will all the violent Christians across the world learn to leave the poor peaceable Muslims alone?

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8 Responses to “Muslims Kill 100s Of Christians In Nigeria”

  1. U NO HOO says:

    An isolated incident in the name of (someone’s) G*d.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    How long will Christians continue to turn the other cheek?

    Just another “Man made disaster” according to our boob in charge.

  3. DANEgerus says:

    It’s always a “cycle of violence” or “religious violence” as if both sides are equally at fault. But whether it’s Muslims.v.Jews or Muslims.v.Bhuddists or Muslims.v.Christians there is no place on Earth where the Muslims aren’t involved.

  4. pamypo says:

    Will our all powerful, young, handson, dumb ass president say anything about this?

  5. Clownzaround says:

    I know people do not like to think about this but the war that is coming is not a R or D issue this will be a Holy War here .

    Never in Our History have we had people like we have in control destroy so much in so little time .
    People had better stop George Soros he in the head of this.
    He destroyed the UK and France he is what collapsed our econoy by play the stocks and moving money that was Soros.
    People need to run the gambit on this man and go viral on the net till people pay attention
    I have been researching this man for over a year he is a monster.
    Thanks to this site which someone gave me I have gotten alot of good information but here is some you may not of seen this is the monster that is destroying this Country




    This man was a Jew that turned and killed his own peopele and has no regrets he hates Christian and Jews and wants to see Genocide on us.

    Alot of people do not know who this monster is and it needs to be all over the net


    George Soros is destroying us he owns Obama and the SEIU is a Communist Union that is making us the Brown Shirts as Hitler did only the Color is Purple now

    make no mistake this is a holy war here and around the world.

    As a young man, in Budapest, George Soros was a courier for the Jewish Council, the Nazi-established and Nazi-run organization that ran the Jewish community. The Jewish Council was ultimately controlled by Adolf Eichmann, the man known as the “architect of the Holocaust,” who was in charge of the mass deportation of the Jews of Poland and Hungary to the extermination camps. Eichmann arrived in Budapest in early 1944, to take charge of the elimination of the Hungarian Jews. Before Eichmann left, 430,000 Hungarian Jews had been put to their death. In 1960, agents of the Israeli Mossad kidnapped Adolf Eichmann from Argentina, and brought him to Israel, to stand trial as a war criminal. During the trial, Eichmann was kept in a glass cage. He was convicted, sentenced to death, and was executed in 1962.
    In his 1965 memoir of the wartime, Masquerade—Dancing Around Death in Nazi-Occupied Hungary, George Soros’ father, Tivadar Soros, devoted an entire chapter to the Jewish Council, and his son’s involvement.
    “When systematic persecution of the Jews began,” Tivadar Soros wrote, “it was carried out not by the Germans, nor by their Hungarian lackeys, but—most astonishingly—by the Jews themselves. One of the first things the Germans did was to form a so-called Jewish Council, consisting of the leaders of the Jewish community. Council members were made personally responsible for the implementation of the various German measures relating to the Jewish population. As a reward, they, their families, and those who worked for them were exempted, at least at the beginning, from these restrictions… The Jewish Council carried out the German wishes far more conscientiously than the Germans could themselves.”
    Tivadar Soros described his son George’s role. “As Jews couldn’t go to school any more and their teachers couldn’t teach, they were ordered to report to council headquarters. The children were enlisted as couriers under the command of their teachers. My younger son, George, also became a courier. On the second day, he returned home at seven in the evening.
    “‘What did you do all day?’ ‘Mostly nothing. But this afternoon I was given some notices to deliver to various addresses.’ ‘Did you read what they said?’ ‘I even brought one home.’ He handed me a small slip of paper, with a typewritten message [a summons]. ‘Do you know what this means?’ I asked him. ‘I can guess,’ he replied, with great seriousness. ‘They’ll be interned.'”
    Tivadar Soros observed that George was “clearly disappointed that I wouldn’t let him work anymore. He was beginning to enjoy his career as a courier; it was all a big adventure.”
    George Soros went on to adopt the identity of the godson of a mid-level Hungarian official, responsible for the confiscation of Jewish property of wealthy Jews shipped off to Auschwitz. In at least two television interviews, in 1994 and 1998, Soros freely admitted to his Nazi collaboration, and declared that he felt no guilt over his actions, or over the extermination of nearly a half million of his fellow Hungarian Jews.
    Indeed, in his own words, in his introduction to his father’s book, George Soros admitted, “It is a sacreligious thing to say, but these ten months [of the Nazi occupation] were the happiest times of my life… We led an adventurous life and we had fun together

    Believe me the word needs to get out

  6. canary says:

    Obama is doing everything he can, and very successful in Afganistan, in showing he is a muslim at heart.

  7. Reality Bytes says:

    When Jesus comes back they’re gonna have some splain’n to do.

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