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Muslims Kill 16 Chinese Border Guards

From those tireless defenders of the faith at the Associated Press:

In this June 18, 2008 file photo, a Chinese paramilitary officer ...

Attackers in western China kill 16 border officers

By CHARLES HUTZLER, Associated Press Writer

BEIJING – Two men rammed a truck into a group of jogging policemen and tossed explosives, killing 16 officers Monday in an attack in a restive province of western China just days before the Beijing Olympics, the state-run Xinhua News Agency reported.

Though it happened on the far side of the country — near the Afghan-Pakistan border — the attack came as security forces were on alert for the Games, which open Friday. It was among the deadliest and most brazen attacks in years in Xinjiang province, site of a sporadically violent rebellion by local Muslims against Chinese rule…

In the Xinjiang attack, the two men drove a dump truck into the group of border patrol police officers as they passed the Yiquan Hotel during a routine 8 a.m. jog in the city of Kashgar, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

After the truck hit an electrical pole, the pair jumped out, ignited homemade explosives and “also hacked the policemen with knives,” Xinhua said.

Fourteen died on the spot and two others en route to a hospital, and at least 16 officers were wounded, Xinhua said.

Police arrested the two attackers, one of whom was injured in the leg, the report said…

A Chinese counterterrorism expert, Li Wei of the China Institute for Contemporary International Relations in Beijing, said the attack was likely the work of local sympathizers, rather than trained terrorists who sneaked across the border into China.

Xinhua said that Xinjiang’s police department earlier received intelligence reports about possible terrorist attacks between Aug. 1 and 8 by the East Turkistan Islamic Movement. The movement is the name of a group that China and the U.S. say is a terrorist organization, but Chinese authorities often use the label for a broad number of violent separatist groups.

In Xinjiang, a local Turkic Muslim people, the Uighurs, have chafed under Chinese rule, fully imposed after the communists took power nearly 60 years ago…

One militant group, the Turkistan Islamic Party, pledged in a video that surfaced on the Internet last month to “target the most critical points related to the Olympics.” The group is believed to be based across the border in Pakistan, with some of its core members having received training from al-Qaida and the Pakistani Taliban, according to terrorism experts…

Notice how there is no mention of Muslims in the headline of the AP story. Nor hardly any in the first several paragraphs.

Indeed, you have to dig pretty deep into the article before there are any hints as to who may have been behind the attack.

Of course “restive province” should be an early tip-off. Since that phrase, like “youths” has become our media’s code for the religion that dare not be spoken.

Though once again the media is torn here between their loyalty to their terrorists allies and their loyalty to Communist dictators everywhere.

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