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Muslims Kill 16 Muslims Soldiers In Pakistan

From their allies at the Associated Press:

Pakistani tribal people stop to view a damaged vehicle which was hit by an explosion which is believed to be aimed at security forces who were traveling in convoy behind this truck, near Miran Shah, capital of North Waziristan along Afghanistan’s border on Wednesday, July 18, 2007.

16 Pakistani soldiers dead in attack

By BASHIRULLAH KHAN, Associated Press Writer 

MIRAN SHAH, Pakistan – Suspected militants attacked security forces in northwest Pakistan Wednesday, killing 16 soldiers and wounding up to 21 others in two separate strikes against military convoys, officials said…

President Gen. Pervez Musharraf said he would not declare a state of emergency in face of the mounting bloodshed and claimed that al-Qaida in Pakistan was on the run, his spokesman told The Associated Press.

“Al-Qaida has weakened because of the actions taken by Pakistani forces,” Musharraf was quoted by spokesman Rashid Quereshi as telling a group of local newspaper editors…

Musharraf condemned Tuesday’s blast as a “terrorist act,” and officials said they were trying to determine responsibility. A security official said the bomber’s severed head had been found

On Wednesday, assailants detonated a remote-control bomb and then opened fire on a convoy about 25 miles west of North Waziristan’s main town of Miran Shah, said army spokesman Maj. Gen. Waheed Arshad.

Sixteen soldiers were killed and 14 wounded in the ambush, he said…

The latest bloodshed has clouded government efforts to resurrect the disputed peace pact in the area along the Afghan border known as a stronghold of Taliban and al-Qaida militants as well as local extremists.

Musharraf insists that the pact — under which the military scaled back its operations in the U.S.-led war on terror in return for pledges from tribal leaders to contain militancy — offers the best long-term hope of pacifying the region

Of course the article’s claims about Pakistan’s desire to renew their pact with the Taliban somewhat contradicts other reports coming from Mr. Musharraf.

Such as this one from the AFP:

Pakistan’s Musharraf vows war on militants, rules out emergency

by Danny Kemp

ISLAMABAD (AFP) – President Pervez Musharraf said Wednesday Pakistan was now in open battle with Islamic militants who have launched a spate of suicide attacks, but ruled out declaring a state of emergency…

“We are in direct confrontation with extremist forces. It is moderates versus extremists,” Musharraf was quoted as saying by a top government official who attended a meeting between the president and local media.

Military ruler Musharraf, who is under intense US pressure to crack down on Islamic extremism, pledged to attack those responsible for the upsurge in violence since government troops raided Islamabad’s Red Mosque last week.

“We have to attack the source where suicide bombers are sprouting. We have a fair idea of who is behind that… we must attack those who sponsor them,” he said…

Musharraf said a force of 30,000 security personnel — half of them police and half paramilitary soldiers — would be drawn up by the end of the year to confront extremists in Pakistan’s northwestern tribal areas…

But our watchdog media have their own agenda at all times.

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