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Muslim Women Kill 60 Muslims At Shrine

From those defenders of the faith at the Associated Press:

The helmet of an Iraqi officer is placed on a poll [sic] as US soldiers inspect the scene following a suicide attack in Baghdad’s Tahariyat Square on April 23.

Iraqi police: 60 dead in double bombing at shrine

By Hamid Ahmed, Associated Press Writer

BAGHDAD – Back-to-back suicide bombings killed 60 people Friday outside the most important Shiite shrine in Baghdad, a day after the country was rocked by its most deadly violence in more than a year, police officials said…

Nobody immediately claimed responsibility for the bombings, but these types of attacks are the trademark of Sunni insurgents backed by al-Qaida in Iraq.

The bombers Friday detonated explosives belts within minutes of each other near separate gates of the tomb of prominent Shiite saint Imam Mousa al-Kazim, located in the northern neighborhood of Kazimiyah, said a police official. Another police official said the bombers struck shortly before the start of Friday prayers as worshippers streamed into the mosque — an important site for Shiite pilgrims.

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki ordered a military task force to investigate the bombings and ordered the battalion and company commanders responsible for security in the area to be relieved of duty during the investigation, said military spokesman Maj. Gen. Qassim al-Moussawi…

The shrine has been a favored target of insurgents, most recently in early April when a bomb left in a plastic bag near the shrine killed seven people and wounded 23.

In January, a man dressed as a woman blew himself up near the shrine, killing more than three dozen people and wounding more than 70

Friday’s attack came a day after two bombings in separate areas of Iraq [both Muslim shrines] killed more than 80 people…

Another Friday, another holy shrine…

These people are so pious.

Note that the Associated Press can’t resist giving the credit to a group that the US and NATO forces say does not even exist:

Nobody immediately claimed responsibility for the bombings, but these types of attacks are the trademark of Sunni insurgents backed by al-Qaida in Iraq.

The AP would rather blame anybody but (the foreign) Al Qaeda.

[Further updates are reporting that the two bombers were female.]

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11 Responses to “Muslim Women Kill 60 Muslims At Shrine”

  1. Trogdor says:

    The bombers couldn’t help it, they had a bad childhood. But they are really just a peaceful lot, maybe we should just open our borders, let them in, and try to understand their pain.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    Uh……..won’t Allah come and make house calls? That would certainly cut down on killing muslims outside mosques on their way to prayer. But hey……..who am I to make that call?

  3. sheehanjihad says:

    The American Media needed an even number of deaths to attribute to our Military…so they sent out the call for a suicide bomber to level the propaganda field. Muslim on muslim murder….see? We arent the only ones they want to kill….they have to kill…they live to kill..and to die killing. They are insane.

  4. proreason says:

    It’s almost as if Islam is not the religion of peace.

  5. pdsand says:

    Everything I’ve ever heard about the Koran said that the book is one big lesson on religious tolerance. Whoever pulled this violence must be being fed a perverted distortion of the words of the prophet. *sarcasm off*

  6. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    PR, the religion of peace is more like the religion of blown to pieces.

  7. U NO HOO says:

    An isolated incident.

  8. LewWaters says:

    And, after these suicide bombings, Hillary Clinton, Assistant Apologist in Chief, is in Iraq saying “Iraq is on the right track.”

    She said, “I think that these suicide bombings … are unfortunately, in a tragic way, a signal that the rejectionists fear that Iraq is going in the right direction.”


    No connection to Obama’s announcing a withdrawal date or his displays of weakness contributing to increased violence, just that it indicates “on the right track.”

  9. canary says:

    pdsand, everything I’ve read in the Quran is no tolerance of any religion other than Allah. They are too lovingly warn someone who wavers, but if they don’t
    return to extreme worship, then extreme punishment and death. This why Afganistan is going back to their torture and abuse of women. And this is why they keep trying to destroy Iraq’s new freedom. Their belief is to convert the entire world or destroy those that don’t convert. The terrorists who bombed the WTC the first time, said they have no guilt in murdering innocent people. One testified that if they murder someone who is innocent, they are lucky and will go to heaven where life is better. I’ve never read the entire qur’an. Only, the scriptures that lead to radical murder. It’s like Hitler. He wanted one perfect race. The terrorists want one perfect religion. We don’t here much on Saudi
    Arabia, but they also, still practice barbaric acts and deadly penalities in the name of religion. Look at how Al Quaida bombed India recently.
    I went to a catholic school as a child. The nuns wore the full outfit like on the movie the Sound of Music. Then one year, they started wearing a simple below the knee black skirt, and just a bit of white with a small black veil. And it’s been years since I’ve been in the school, but they were wearing jeans and snickers. And some started going to an older more strict church. And we had to wear veils on our head. I recall one of my worst days is not having my beanie part of the uniform, and a nun made me where a tissue on my head. lol.
    And in the western days, women were covered. I’m non-denomitional Christian, but am glad for many good things the Catholic Church practiced.
    But, we have different forms of idolatry today. But, Americans don’t go around
    cutting tongues out, and chopping an arm off in the village street, cause someone accuses someone of stealing. etc. We have freedoms that middle-easterners don’t have. And they think we are filthy sinful people. Which Tele-vision has really changed over the years.

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