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Muslims Kill 70 Plus Muslims In Mosques

From those defenders of the faith at the Associated Press:

Attackers strike sect mosques in Pakistan; 39 dead

By Babar Dogar, Associated Press Writer

May 28, 2010

LAHORE, Pakistan – Suspected Islamist militants attacked two mosques packed with hundreds of worshippers from a minority sect in eastern Pakistan on Friday, holding hostages and battling police, officials and witnesses said. More than 70 people died, and dozens were wounded.

Obviously, the AP hasn’t updated their headline.

The assaults were carried out by at least seven men, including three suicide bombers, officials said. Two attackers were captured. At one point, a gunman fired bullets from atop a minaret.

But we thought Mosques were sacrosanct.

The attacks in Lahore against the Ahmadi community illustrate the threat minority religious groups face in Pakistan, a Muslim-majority nation whose longtime struggle with sectarianism has been exacerbated by the violent rise of the Sunni extremist Taliban and al-Qaida movements.

But we thought that Muslims only killed each other because American troops are in Muslim countries. Or because Israel exists. Or because Western women wear pants.

Ahmadis are reviled as heretics by mainstream Muslims for their belief that their sect’s founder was a savior foretold by the Quran, Islam’s holy book. The group has experienced years of state-sanctioned discrimination and occasional attacks by radical Sunni Muslims in Pakistan, but never before in such a large and coordinated fashion.

You would think, given our President’s long personal interest in Pockeestahn, he would have noticed that there is state-sanctioned discrimination going on outside of Arizona.

The attacks Friday took place in the Model Town and Garhi Shuha neighborhoods of Lahore, Pakistan’s second-largest city and one of its politically and militarily most important.

The assault at Model Town was brief, and involved four attackers spraying worshippers with bullets before exploding hand grenades, said Sajjad Bhutta, Lahore’s deputy commissioner.

Several kilometers away at Garhi Shahu, the standoff lasted hours.

TV footage showed an attacker atop a minaret of the mosque at one point in the siege, firing an assault rifle and throwing hand grenades. Outside, police traded bullets with the gunmen, an Associated Press reporter saw.

Bhutta said at least three attackers held several people hostage inside. The three wore jackets filled with amunition [sic].

"They fought the police for some time, but on seeing they were being defeated they exploded themselves," he said

That is real piety.

Muslim leaders have accused Ahmadis of defying the basic tenet of Islam that says Mohammed was the final prophet, but Ahmadis argue their leader was the savior rather than a prophet.

Under pressure from hard-liners, the Pakistani government in the 1970s declared the Ahmadis a non-Muslim minority. They are prohibited from calling themselves Muslims or engaging in Muslim practices such as reciting Islamic prayers

Ah, yes. More of Islam’s world renown ‘tolerance.’

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10 Responses to “Muslims Kill 70 Plus Muslims In Mosques”

  1. Right of the People says:

    If only we could get moose limbs to only kill other moose limbs, what a wonderful world it would be. What can you say about a “religion” (cult) that encourages its followers to kill anybody who doesn’t agree with them? Savages!

    • heykev says:

      Would agree with the savages description. If this “religion” happened to start today, it would be banned because of their intolerance of EVERY belief that differs from theirs.

      Moose Limb answer to almost every situation falls under 3 categories:

      Kill Them – for anyone that does not believe Moo Ham-id.

      Beat Them – reserved for women who disagree with their husbands. Or for women who are slutty enough to sunbathe by “ignoring Islamic laws and go around bare headed or without wearing any Hijab, Nikab and any kid of face veils.” GASP!

      Marry Them – for pedophiles who want to “marry” 7-year-old “women.”

  2. pamypo says:

    70 less to think about!

  3. Tater Salad says:

    Lets do the math:

    70 dead whack-jobs x 72 virgins needed now: Equals 5040 ! Things are getting busy!

  4. omermallhi says:

    let us be clear…… These barbaric assholes are a minority and every riligion is full of them ….. Christians did it with one another centuries ago …… You guys did it to the native indians . I am an ahmadi and have been on the receiving endbut i know this for sure that these guys have absolutly nothing to do with islam.
    As far as human rights generaly and women rights specifically are concerened Islam had brought that 1400 years ago even way before this terminologies were invented.
    And as far as marrying a minor is concerned….. It was the social norms of a society and nothing to do with islamic principles/laws as a matter of fact it was our religion 1400 years ago who gave women the right to refuse a proposal and a right to ask for a divorce….and these are tangible facts…provable. Having said that islam has been a religion of peace and these assholes have read it piece…….so rather then wanting peace … They are wanting piece……. A piece of everyone who has a different point of view.
    My Islam says” Love for All Hatred for None.”

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Then you are standing alone in your mosque and in need of some barnyard companionship.
      Because “ALL” I have seen and heard is the intolerance of anything but (i)slam.

      I have yet to see a protest march against these Bravo’s (bastards) who harm innocent people.
      Your religion closes a blind eye to atrocities by its’ followers and glorifies it at the same time.

      POUND SAND!!

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      So then the onus falls on YOU and people like YOU to make the truth known. But instead you sit in your fear and pretend to not hear it because you fear retribution. Or is it more accurate to say that you are satisfied with the way things are going; That eez-lame is the one true religion and whatever happens to “infidels” is the ultimate wish of your god anyhow? So it’s best to not get involved. Peace, my ass.

      So which is it? Stand up for your beliefs or be branded together because you FAILED TO ACT?

      How about marching en masse and holding rallies to let the majority of this nation know you don’t want to kill us? Note it’s not 1941 and you’re not in an internment camp.

      We do not like this “test of our tolerance” omermallhi.

      So let me be clear. Until peaceful muslims take up the obligation to do better, instead of cowering in FEAR, then we will generally lump you all together. Judging by your tone, you already resent us (Christian Americans) and BTW, we no longer practice those things you mentioned, while it seems a large portion of your fundamentalists do.

      We stopped it by active participation to MAKE IT STOP.

      Yes, I’m yelling at you. Stop being a victim and DO SOMETHING about it.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      He’s trembling because he has angered the Great Satan.
      Pitiful……..P-i-t-i-f-u-l !!
      Turtles pull their head back into their shell when threatened and that’s a fact.

    • proreason says:

      kudos to omar for having the guts to enter this website and say something other than a spitting a turd out of his mouth.

      Omar…every religion is not full of barbaric assholes, at least not the kind that are killing thousands of people worldwide. You are fooling yourself by even saying it.

      And saying that Chrisians did it to themselves centuries ago is not an applicable analogy. Radical Muslims are not “doing it to each other”, they are doing it to people who don’t accept Islam. A better analogy would be what the Spaniards did to the South America Indians, but their motivation was greed and conquest, not religion. Certainly, there was brutality involved. It lasted for about 100 years, not 12 centuries. The situation with North American Indians is in no way comparable. There was considerable injustice in that situation, but it isn’t even remotely parallel to jihad. It was a clash of cultures over land, not ideology. And 99% of the deaths of Indians in north and south america occured because the native had no immunities to Europeans diseases. Warfare was a tiny fraction of the population reduction.

      As far as human rights are concerned, it’s hard to see how you can argue that Islam is even remotely equivalent to the Western cultures. I doubt you even think so, but if you do, you are blind to your religion’s faults. But you know, most conservatives could accept Islam’s societal norms. We don’t run around trying to change cultures in Africa or Asia. But we won’t allow persistent attempts to impose Islams ways on our culture.

      Finally, as your other responders have said, if you truly believe that Radical Muslims are a fringe group that is totally disengaged from your religion, then it is your obligation to join with others like you and put a stop to it. Because if you don’t, things are going to get a lot uglier than things are now. We didn’t ask for the fight, but we will finish it.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Me thinks he is never coming back. Too bad, I’d love to find out why he thinks the way he does.

      On second thought………..who cares?

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