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Muslims Kill At Least 28 Muslims – In Algeria

From the terrorists at Al Jazeera:

Many dead in Algeria suicide attack

At least 17 people are believed dead and 30 wounded in a car-bomb attack on a naval barracks in Algeria.

Security sources said the bomb went off on Saturday in the coastal town of Dellys, about 50km from the capital, Algiers.

The blast comes two days after an explosion in Batna, a town in the east of the country, killed 19 people and wounded many more.

Most of the dead and injured were waiting for the arrival of Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Algeria’s president…

AFP news agency reported quoting hospital officials that 28 people had been killed and 60 others wounded.

First reports said a unit of coastguards was in the barracks at the time of the attack.

Mahmoud Belhimer, from El Khabar newspaper, told Al Jazeera that although there has been no immediate claim of responsibility to the attack, many speculate that al-Qaeda is behind it.

Belhimer said the bombing was similar to the attacks that took place in April this year in which al-Qaeda in Islamic North Africa, a group affiliated with al-Qaeda, claimed responsibility for…

El Khabar’s Belhimer said Thursday’s attack too bore all the hallmarks of al-Qaeda.

The bombing in Batna is being seen as a failed assassination attempt against Bouteflika. 

The bomber blew himself up shortly before a scheduled visit by Bouteflika, who was on a three-day tour of eastern Algeria.

Bouteflika blamed armed Muslim groups for the Batna blast, denouncing them as “criminals” trying to scuttle his policy of national reconciliation…

On Friday, Noureddine Yazid Zerhouni, Algeria’s interior minister, warned those responsible for the Batna attack to turn themselves in.

He said the perpetrators have “one choice: turn themselves in, or die”.

Some more joy from the Religion Of Peace.

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