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Muslims Kill (At Least) 57 At Iraq Church

From those defenders of the faith at the Associated Press:

Baghdad church seige [sic] ends with 47 dead

By Barbara Surk And Hamid Ahmed, Associated Press
November 1, 2010

BAGHDAD – Iraqi security forces stormed a Baghdad church where militants had taken an entire congregation hostage for four hours, leaving at least 52 people dead, including a priest, Iraqi officials said Monday.

Notice that the AP is so eager to downplay the loss of Christian life that their headline only mentions 47 dead.

It was not immediately clear whether the hostages died at the hands of the attackers or during the rescue late on Sunday night in an affluent neighborhood of the capital.

You see, it could have been all the fault of the rescuers, rather than any Muslim ‘extremists.’

The incident began when militants wearing suicide vests and armed with grenades attacked the Iraqi stock exchange at dusk Sunday before turning their attention to the nearby Our Lady of Deliverance church — one of Baghdad’s main Catholic places of worship — taking about 120 Christians hostage.

Maj. Gen. Hussein Ali Kamal, the deputy interior minister, said 52 people were killed and 67 wounded, in the bloodbath. Officials said at least one priest and 10 policemen were among the dead. Many of the wounded were women.

A Christian member of parliament on Monday described the Iraqi rescue operation as "not professional," saying "it was a hasty action that prompted the terrorists to kill the worshippers."

"We have no clear picture yet whether the worshippers were killed by the security forces bullets or by terrorists, but what we know is that most of them were killed when the security forces started to storm the church," Younadem Kana said

Yes, certainly blame the rescuers rather than the terrorists. – And better yet, blame the US for not being there to carry out a better rescue effort.

Outside the Syrian Catholic church Monday morning, Raed Hadi leaned against his car on top of which rested a casket holding the body of his cousin, who was killed in the siege… He railed against Iraqi authorities.

"It was a massacre in there and now they are cleaning it up," said Raed. "We Christians don’t have enough protection. … What shall I do now? Leave and ask for asylum?"

Try to guess where these Iraqi refugees will end up. (Hint: the country’s name starts with a ‘U.’]

A cryptically worded statement posted late Sunday on a militant website allegedly by the Islamic State of Iraq appeared to claim responsibility for the attack. The group, which is linked to al-Qaida in Iraq, said it would "exterminate Iraqi Christians" if Muslim women in Egypt were not freed.

It specifically mentioned two women in Egypt that extremists maintain have converted to Islam and are being held against their will in Egypt. The two are wives of priests and are believed to have converted to Islam to leave their husbands since divorce is banned by Egypt’s Coptic Church. One woman disappeared in 2004 and another in July.

Egypt’s Christians had maintained they were kidnapped and staged rallies for their release. Both were later recovered by police, denied any conversions and were then spirited away to distant monasteries.

In the message, the militants claim the two are still Muslim and called upon the Vatican, which held a meeting earlier in October to discuss the fate of Christians in the Middle East, to release the women.

"We direct our speech to the Vatican and say that as you met with Christians of the Mideast a few days ago to support them and back them, now you have to pressure them to release our sisters, otherwise death will reach you all," the message said.

For Allah’s sake, what preposterous nonsense, even by Muslim standards.

Oh, and so much for the AP’s claim that this attack started out as an attack on the Iraqi Stock Exchange, before they turned their attention to the Christian Church. It’s clear that Christians were the targets from the start.

Iraqi Christians, who have been frequent targets for Sunni insurgents, have left in droves since the 2003 U.S.-led war. Catholics used to represent 2.89 percent of the population in 1980; by 2008 they were just 0.89 percent

This is that Muslim tolerance of other religions that we hear so much about.

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2 Responses to “Muslims Kill (At Least) 57 At Iraq Church”

  1. NoNeoCommies says:

    Oh man!
    We were so close!
    If only we could get a bunch of Christians to kill a lot of Muslims in a mosque, this would be a HUGE story.
    It would lead every broadcast for weeks!

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    The religion that demands tolerance but shows none.
    Kinda reminds me of a particular political party………

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