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Muslims Murder 37 At Pakistan Mosque

From those defenders of the faith at the Associated Press:

Massacre at Pakistan mosque shows Taliban strength

By Asif Shahzad, Associated Press Writer

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan – A Taliban suicide squad targeted Pakistani military officers and their families praying at a mosque Friday close to army headquarters in a gruesome display of the militants’ ability to strike at the center of power in this U.S.-allied, nuclear-armed nation.

The barrage of bombs and bullets left 37 people dead, including seven senior officers and 17 children.

The deaths of so many top brass inside a heavily fortified area a few miles from the capital was a major coup for the Pakistani insurgents, who are under pressure as the army pushes an offensive against their stronghold of South Waziristan along the Afghan border.

Friday’s carnage also dramatized the risks Pakistan faces if it steps up its support for the United States in the war against Islamic extremists on its side of the border with Afghanistan

By targeting a packed mosque during Friday prayers, the militants showed they cared little about igniting a possible backlash in this overwhelmingly Muslim country. Authorities urged clerics who had so far avoided publicly criticizing the militants to do so.

The attack began shortly after 1:30 p.m. when the assailants lobbed hand grenades to break through a checkpoint close to the mosque, said Yasir Nawaz, a police official at the scene.

Witnesses said two of the militants then stormed the mosque, while others ran into buildings nearby.

They wore suicide belts under traditional baggy Pakistani clothes, lobbed grenades and sprayed automatic weapons at worshippers.

"They were killing people like animals," witness Nasir Ali Sheikh. "Whoever they saw they shot at. They were well trained and moved very quick."

At least four attackers took part in the attack, which left the walls of the mosque smeared with blood and victims lying on abandoned prayer mats.

Security forces exchanged fire with the assailants for an hour, killing them or watching them blow themselves up. Reporters were prevented from getting close as helicopters hovered overhead and trucks carrying commando teams and ambulances raced to the scene.

The dead in Friday’s attack included a major general, a brigadier, a colonel, two lieutenant colonels, one major and a retired major as well as three regular soldiers, military spokesman Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas said. Seventeen children — 11 of them army kids — and 10 civilians also were killed…

The commander of the Pakistani Taliban in South Waziristan claimed responsibility for the attack in a call to the BBC’s Urdu service, saying the mosque was targeted because it was used by the army…

You see how sacred Mosques are to these pious Muslims.

By the way, note this new theme from our Democrat Party media complex:

Friday’s carnage also dramatized the risks Pakistan faces if it steps up its support for the United States in the war against Islamic extremists on its side of the border with Afghanistan.

They are doing their unlevel best to warn off anyone from cooperating with the United States in this war.

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5 Responses to “Muslims Murder 37 At Pakistan Mosque”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    Wonder if Barack Hussien wants to take back what he said the other night at West Point about Islam. Me thinks not!
    Nobody hijacked this religion.

  2. The Redneck says:

    Nope. The last thing we need is a call to true islam. This attack IS true islam.

  3. Right of the People says:

    Barbarians! Hiding behind their supposed pious religion.

    And they have the nerve to call US infidels (In the Islamic doctrinal sense, the term refers to a person who does not recognize the one God (Allah) – which includes atheists and polytheists but not Christians, Jews and Zorastrians who are known instead as the “People of the Book (Ahl-e-kitab}”.) And even that use of the term is wrong. I’m a people of the book myself.

    Islam, the religion of pieces.

  4. Chuckk says:

    Members of the religion of peace killed 37 random people. At least they were killing their own this time.

  5. proreason says:

    This is what happens when there’s an outbreak of “car keying” in the Muslim world.

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