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Pakistan Muslims Protest Rape Changes

From those lovers of Sharia Law at the BBC:

Pakistani NGO activists stage a protest outside the parliament building during a national assembly debate on rape laws in Islamabad on 15 November 2006. Islamic fundamentalists called for mass protests after Pakistan’s parliament voted that rape and adultery cases should no longer be heard under the country’s harsh religious laws

Islamists debate rape law moves

Pakistan’s six-party opposition Islamic alliance is threatening a campaign of countrywide protests over amendments to the country’s strict rape laws.

The MMA alliance says its members will resign from national and provincial assemblies after MPs voted that rape should no longer fall under Sharia law.

President Pervez Musharraf in a television speech said the Islamists were isolated on the issue.

The Sharia laws have been widely criticised by human rights groups.

The lower house of the parliament voted overwhelmingly on Wednesday to amend the controversial Sharia law that dates back to 1979.

Until now, rape cases were dealt with in Sharia courts. Victims had to have four male witnesses to the crime – if not, they faced prosecution for adultery.

‘US pressure’

Under the amended law, the civil courts will be able to try rape cases according to the British-influenced penal code.

The MMA parties boycotted the vote, saying the bill encouraged "free sex".

They also accuse President Musharraf of pleasing foreign powers.

In its Thursday meeting in Islamabad, the MMA’s supreme council decided that all the alliance’s members would resign from the national parliament and provincial assemblies.

Senior MMA leader Liaquat Baloch said this would take place after further meetings on 6 and 7 December.

"They have given free leave to adulterers and fornicators, and those who would spread evil in society," he said

Once again, this is the good the US presence is doing in the region.

Where is NOW? Where is Cindy Sheehan, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democrats?

They hate it that the US is helping women who are stuck in Islamic countries.

They want us stopped — yesterday.

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