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MySpace Bans 29,000 Sex Offender Accounts

From a bemused BBC NEWS:

MySpace bars 29,000 sex offenders

The social networking website MySpace has reported a four-fold increase in the number of convicted sex offenders using its service.

The company found more than 29,000 convicted sex offenders in the United States had profiles on MySpace – up from a figure of 7,000 given in May.

MySpace said it was pleased it had identified and removed the profiles of the offenders…

The new figures were first released by officials in two states – North Carolina and Connecticut – which have been pressing MySpace to reveal data about sex offenders found to be using the site.

“The exploding epidemic of sex offender profiles on MySpace – 29,000 and counting – screams for action,” said Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.

In North Carolina, Attorney General Roy Cooper wants a state law that would require children to obtain parental permission before creating profiles on sites such as MySpace, and require the site to check parents’ identity…

He said such a law would mean “fewer children at risk, because there will be fewer children on those web sites”.

There are about 600,000 registered sex offenders in the United States.

Only 29,000?

From my limited forays to MySpace I would have guessed that most of the posters there are sex offenders.

They certainly are generally offensive. 

(But do note that the BBC didn’t put editorial quotes around “Sex Offenders.”)

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One Response to “MySpace Bans 29,000 Sex Offender Accounts”

  1. proreason says:

    Without sex offenders, where would the Democrats be?

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