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Mythology Entertainment To Produce Rather-Gate Flick

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Robert Redford to Play Dan Rather in ‘Truth’

By Rebecca Ford | July 7, 2014

Robert Redford has signed on to play Dan Rather in Truth, a film based on the 2005 memoir Truth and Duty: The Press, the President, and the Privilege of Power.

The book, written by Rather’s producer Mary Mapes, centers on the firestorm that erupted in September of 2004 after Rather reported that George W. Bush had received special treatment while serving in the Air National Guard during the Vietnam War, a report that was based on some documents that were suspected to be forgeries.

The left will never let go of their big lies.

Cate Blanchett is attached to play Mapes, who was fired after the scandal, which was dubbed "Rathergate."

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz wasn’t available?

James Vanderbilt, the screenwriter behind The Amazing Spider-Man and White House Down, will adapt the screenplay, and make his directorial debut with the project, which Mythology Entertainment is producing…

How appropriate!

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3 Responses to “Mythology Entertainment To Produce Rather-Gate Flick”

  1. untrainable says:

    If you’re going to try to re-write history, you should wait at least 20 years. Right now the target audience for something like this is still peeing their diapers and stabbing their neighbors for youtube hits. You know, 14 and 15 year olds.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Definition of mythology (n)

    [ mi thólləjee ]

    body of myths: a group of myths that belong to a particular people or culture and tell about their ancestors, heroes, gods and other supernatural beings, and history myths collectively: myths considered as a group

    study of myths: the study of myths, or the branch of knowledge that deals with myths

    synonyms: myths · legends · folklore · tradition · mythos · lore

    So, the answer is in the name of the film company. They believe the myth of the documents in W’s portfolio to be factual. Doesn’t matter how debunked they are and how discredited Dan “Whistling S” Rather is. He’s a party loyalist and must be defended at all costs because “das ideologie ist der sieg!

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