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N Korea Restarts Nuke Reactor (World’s Watching)

From an unfazed Associated Press:

Institute: NKorea nuke reactor likely restarting

By MATTHEW PENNINGTON | September 11, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — A recent satellite image appears to show North Korea is restarting a plutonium reactor, in a move that could raise renewed international alarm over its nuclear weapons program, a U.S. research institute said Wednesday.

The 5 megawatt reactor at the Nyongbyon nuclear facility was shuttered in 2007 under the terms of a disarmament agreement. Pyongyang announced plans in April to restart it amid a litany of threats toward the U.S. and South Korea after it faced tougher international censure over its latest nuclear and rocket tests.

North Korea has since toned down its rhetoric and stepped up diplomacy with rival South Korea, but Wednesday’s finding by the U.S.-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies is a sign that the regime of Kim Jong Un is pressing ahead with its nuclear program.

Without access to the secretive facility, it is difficult to say with certainty that the reactor has restarted, but the institute says an Aug. 31 commercial satellite image shows white steam rising from a building next to the reactor. The building houses steam turbines and electric generators that are driven by heat generated by the reactor. The color and volume of the steam is consistent with the electrical generating system being readied to come online, indicating that the reactor is in or nearing operation, the institute says…

What was the old leftwing mantra? ‘The whole world is watching’? Well, this shows how the whole world is watching Obama. And they see, in the words of Bin Laden, that he is a ‘weak horse.’

By the way, as the article notes the reactor seems to have been turned back on on Aug 31st, which is the day Obama decided he had better ask Congress for a use of force resolution. But that is probably just a co-incidence.

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4 Responses to “N Korea Restarts Nuke Reactor (World’s Watching)”

  1. Petronius says:

    In the coming showdown between NoKo and USA, which regime will come out on top?

    Their impoverished criminal regime, led by an inexperienced, arrogant, narcissistic, pampered, blustering, revolutionary, totalitarian ideologue?

    Or our bankrupt criminal regime, led by an inexperienced, arrogant, narcissistic, pampered, blustering, revolutionary, totalitarian ideologue?

  2. Mithrandir says:

    There is ALL GAIN and no loss for the U.S. in REGIME CHANGE in N.Korea.

    If any politician reads this, I will make it easy for you: (13 points on Fri. 13 in 2013)

    1. Promise China and Russia that no military forces from S. Korea or the U.S. EVER moves above the 38th Parallel, other than police securing the border.

    2. PAY OFF China and Russia from the revenue made by the economic gains when S.Korea takes over N.Korea. China and Russia will receive a “look the other way” tax.

    3. Get favorable trade agreements that benefit the U.S. before allowing regime change.

    4. TELL ALL regional powers that after REGIME CHANGE, the U.S. will completely pull out of the area; bases in S.Korea, and bases in Japan. -A win-win for everyone including the U.S. taxpayer.

    5. China wins by not supporting an obnoxious neighbor.

    6. The world wins by not having a regime supporting itself by being the weapons supermarket to terrorists. –you know, the people that want to kill us?

    7. S.Korea wins by saving money on defense, and re-investing it in former N.Korea. World investments will also come pouring in.

    8. U.N. looks like they are problem-solvers.

    9. World economy improves.

    10. Link Europe to Pusan, by way of the Trans-Continental Railroad, which needs to go through N. Korean territory.

    11. Airplanes don’t need to fly around N.Korean airspace any longer. Saving fuel, lowering costs, and saving the Earth!

    12. S.Korea gets ready supply of CHEAP and plentiful factory workers, which big business will love. No need for S.Korea to scour the region for foreign immigrant workers. And those N.Korean factory workers won’t be sitting on S.Korean welfare forever either.

    13. Oh, and those pesky CONCENTRATION CAMPS will be liberated! You, know, those things the world promised itself it would never tolerate again?

    This is the easiest win-win situation for everyone involved. I have no idea why sneaky and greedy politicians don’t take advantage of this low-hanging fruit? Is their loyalty to N.Korea greater than their own personal gain? Are politicians this loyal? I don’t think so. All commies know they are disposable. “The greatest good for the greatest number” and “the ends justify the means” are perfect logical communist excuses for Russia and China to help get rid of this boat-anchor of a country they are supporting.

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