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NAACP Wants The United Nations Involved In Ferguson

From Breitbart:

NAACP: Michael Brown Shooting ‘Front and Center’ at the United Nations

By Charlie Spiering | August 13, 2014

U.S. civil rights advocates aired their concerns about the recent Michael Brown shooting to the United Nations in Geneva, according to a press call from the organizations on Wednesday.

On the surface, this just like just another stupid story about the NAACP running to the UN. But that the NAACP regularly does that really demonstrates the left’s belief that the US is  hopelessly tainted to its very core because of its racist past and racist present. And so, given that deep-seated belief, it’s only natural that the NAACP would feel the need to run to the UN with every complaint about racism in the US. (As they did with the Trayvon case.)

The NAACP knows that they won’t get any redress even from Obama and Eric Holder. After all, the country is far too racist a nation for even those two champions of social justice to be able to end it. It’s going to take the full force and moral stature of the UN to get it done.

“This issue was front and center,” Hilary O. Shelton, director of the NAACP Washington Bureau, explained during the call.

According to Shelton, Trayvon Martin’s mother Sybrina Fulton and Jordan Davis’s father Ron Davis told their stories about losing their teenage children in shootings in each of the pre-briefings of the process.

“I think that everyone was outraged and horrified to hear that, yet again, it had happened in St. Louis, Missouri,” he said.

Because the parallels between the Trayvon Martin case and the Michael Brown case are uncanny. After all, they both involved the death of a young black man.

The group of activists presented to a U.N. panel in Geneva, Switzerland, documenting their concerns of U.S. compliance with the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) treaty.

Wow. So there is another international law that we didn’t even know we were violating. How does the US get away with being such a pirate nation? Maybe it really is time to impeach Obama, after all.

Hillary [Clinton] also pointed out that U.N. delegates at the hearing made a point of asking the U.S. delegation about African-Americans being “disportionately [sic] targeted” by law enforcement.

Huh? Was Hillary somehow involved in this?

Shelton praised Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama for responding quickly to the crisis, raising its national profile.

And yet all of this discrimination is still happening under their watch. Because even they are powerless against it.

“Clearly this issue is resonating here at the United Nations, and they knew of it before we got here,” he said, pointing out that the story was getting wide circulation in the news in Geneva. “The world is watching what happens in Ferguson, Missouri,” he said.

And hopefully, ‘the world’ will step in and take charge, and finally put racist white America in its place.

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