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Nagin Learns About Disasters From Cuba

From CNN:

President Barack Obama conducts a town hall meeting at the University of New Orleans in New Orleans, La., Thursday, Oct. 15, 2009. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is at center.

New Orleans mayor learns about disaster response in Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba (CNN) — New Orleans, Louisiana, Mayor Ray Nagin arrived in Cuba late Friday on a mission to learn about how to deal with storms, a spokeswoman said.

"We understand we may have a lot to learn from the Cubans in terms of disaster preparedness and how they have dealt with hurricanes," spokeswoman Ceeon Quiett said.

Cuba is internationally applauded for exceptional disaster management, according to a news release from Nagin’s office.

In the Cuban capital, Havana, Nagin plans to meet with several officials, including some from the Latin American Medical Centers for Disaster. He will also learn about preparations the Cuba Defense Committee makes in advance of disasters

Three powerful hurricanes hit Cuba last year, damaging half a million homes and causing $10 billion in losses, according to the Cuban government. But only seven people died, thanks to a smooth evacuation plan.

Some aspects of the communist nation’s response, including mandatory evacuations, may not be possible in a democracy. Still, some Americans believe that they can learn from their Caribbean neighbor

We strongly suspect that like all of Cuba’s statistics, their figures on disasters are grossly inaccurate.

Of course, if Mr. Nagin had evacuated New Orleans as Mr. Bush and others had called for him to do, things would have turned out differently.

But officials like Mr. Nagin do not perform well in a free society where they are expected to be responsible and make their own decisions.

But what the heck, the beaches in Cuba must be beautiful this time of year.

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7 Responses to “Nagin Learns About Disasters From Cuba”

  1. Reality Bytes says:

    I went to New Orleans once. Everyone was so nice. The hotel even left little chocolates on my pillow at night. Ain’t that sweet?

  2. Mr. Nagin-

    Here are a couple of disaster tips. Please send check for $25,000.

    1- Use school buses to evacuate instead of leaving them to be destroyed in the parking lot.

    2- Choose the contractor who is willing to pay the city $45 a piece to haul off the flood-damaged cars in the six months instead of the contractor who is charging the city $50 a piece to haul them off sometime in the future. (oops Too late already chose the $50.00 guy. I wonder why?)

    3- Move section 8 housing part of city to higher ground north of Baton Rouge.

    4- Legalize year round Mardi Gras style flashing but institute a strict 3 second rule.

  3. LewWaters says:

    Of course Cuba has an efficient disaster response. They just quickly bury all the bodies then lie about all the destruction.

  4. jobeth says:

    I’m not sure they tabulate all the damage accurately anyway. (sarc) Have you ever seen what the houses and buildings look like there…all over…including Havana. (Check it out on Google earth)

    The place is so run down that it was/is a disaster zone long before any hurricane would hit. So how would they tell where the damage came from.

    All he would have to do is check with other American cities and see how it’s really done. Charleston before and after Hugo was so well handled. And the majority of work was done by the locals helping themselves and not sitting on their arses waiting for someone to come “fix it” for them. People really struggled but no one sat on their butts! They did what had to be done and kept a good attitude.

    This was only one disaster…I was there so I know personally what took place. I Know there are many other disaster areas here in the states where people have pulled themselves up by their own boot straps in the face of true and immense disaster.

    It boggles my mind every time I still hear of the needs in N.O. even after all these years! Ridiculous!

    Revealing, how when ever these ultra libs want “advice,” they always go to communist Cuba. So why aren’t they living in that wonderland?

    • Rusty Shackleford says:


      As you know, what we really have is the “city as a microcosm of the country” just as the “ghetto is a microcosm of the city”.

      In all societies, there are areas that are desirable and then there are those which are not. NO is not a “desirable area”. It is, largely….as we all know, poor. But I’m not talking financially poor. It was, but the influx of dollars to fix it has largely been funneled away by those who would do such a thing. And I think Jesse and Al have gotten a huge sum but it will never be known.

      The object of those who funnel the money is to keep the money flowing so they have a pipeline to wealth.

      Thus, to do that, you have to play the game, any and all, that will get “uncle sugar” to release the money to keep your pipeline open. If it means saying repeatedly “Americans are racist” then so be it. But of course don’t go thinking that’s the end of it. One thing that people like Nagin have become good at, ever since they were children, is how to get something for nothing. How to play a system without LOOKING like they are playing a system.

      But it’s not just those three. Systems like this can’t operate with just one person, so there have to be accomplices all along the way. But, also, it relies heavily on key players keeping their mouths shut. That is accomplished by them not wanting to lose their pipeline to wealth also. So it’s in their best interest to remain silent.

      Again, this is how organized crime works. It’s almost as natural to the human condition as breathing. It goes back well before written history, I’m sure.

      The mammal…and more specifically, the human genome can always “game” any system. And the more who are complicit in the game, the more get paid off. If you watch their behavior, and then have some NY detectives look at it who have experience dealing with organized crime, they would tell you the behavior is identical. Evasive speech, shady behavior, hard to keep track of, etc, etc.

      New Orleans could’ve been reconditioned many times over with the money that was thrown their way. Not just fed dollars but private donations as well. But it all got siphoned away to line the pockets of criminals. It was poorly tabulated and left to the hands of those same criminals to account for where it went….if at all.

      I’m not full of questions as to where it went. I know. But I cannot prove it.

    • jobeth says:

      You know Rusty, I know you are right in what you say. But even after all these years this kind of behavior just eats right thru me.

      I guess you and I and the rest of us who by and large live an honest hard working life…wanting nothing more than to be essentially left alone are now in the minority.

      It’s sickening to see a whole generation (that WE raised) be so selfish and greedy. And they call capitalist greedy! God protect us from the “bleeding heart libs”.

      I want to shake so many of these younger folks that are looking for the “game” and as you rightly said…for the way to play it.


    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Yup, but as long as it’s “cool” to be a “playa” in today’s vernacular, the honest people will continue to lose, unless that is, they don’t ever have to get mixed up with crooks.

      In some regard, I am again drawing on my heavy TV/movie viewing for a possible explanation. In the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and to an even greater degree, today, the main characters in movies and on TV are the rogues; The guy who “doesn’t play by the rules” and gets his way by hook or by crook..and the show is scripted that way to make the hero look good. From Bond and Bourne to Terminator and beyond….they all have that “bad boy” character where they are on the side of right, but they break the law to get to the climax of the picture.

      Of course, that’s ok for the movies, but as they say, “DC is Hollywood for ugly people” and they are not nearly as good or gracious in the limelight as a “typical” huge star of action films. I’m betting though, that Biden, Kerry, and of course, little Barry who never had so much as a screen test, are all loving the power trip, the attention, the ability to look “macho” and so forth. Republicans are not immune. But Ronald Reagan the only real actor turned politician knew the difference though could play the role as well as BE the role.

      So it’s not ok for politicians to want to play celebrity. To me, as you say, it just makes me sick. The perks they enjoy and take advantage of were put there to help them better do their duty but somewhere along the way, getting elected transformed from “got a job to do” to “Well, they voted for me, they must want me to be a star”.

      In partial defense for them, I’m sure it’s hard to resist some of the things….I mean….there’s a big shiny jet…that you get to be taken to by limousine and motorcade…gee, who wouldn’t dig that? And, in order to run for office, you have to be at least a little in love with yourself. Few in politics are ever there because they were forced into it. In part, that’s what makes Lincoln so compelling. I believe, as the story goes, he took some convincing. Washington….people wanted to make him “King” of the US. (ugh!) but they settled for president.

      None of our politicians were born great. None of them had greatness thrust upon them, either. On the other hand, the lack of depth of character on many politicians…going quite a ways back that simply considers “the people” as children to be cared for irks me no end.

      So along with my previous statement about gaming the system, it is coupled with “wanting to be a star”.

      The one thing I do like much about our country is how quickly a star can be knocked off their pedestal when they lose the adulation of the masses. But for most, that adulation is a narcotic.

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