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Naked Girl Dressed As Pope Hands Out Condoms

From CBS Pittsburgh affiliate, KDKA:

CMU Parade Controversy Over Naked Woman, Dressed As Pope

April 29, 2013

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Students at Carnegie Mellon say it’s freedom of expression, but the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh calls it inappropriate and disrespectful.

At an annual art school parade, a female student dressed up as the pope, and was naked from the waist down while she passed out condoms. Even more, witnesses say the woman had shaved her pubic hair in the shape of a cross.

This is how the left respects diversity. This is how they show their tolerance for other points of view. Respect for other religions.

Speaking of which, Islam is fair more opposed to abortion and birth control than the Catholic Church has ever been. (Not to mention homosexuals, pre-marital sex, the rights of women.)

Why don’t leftists ever mock Mohammed? — Just kidding, of course.

The Diocese has asked CMU to take action. “I think we all know that when we’re growing up we do stupid things but to cross over the line in this instance shouldn’t happen with anybody,” Bishop David Zubik said.

CMU issued a statement, saying “We are continuing our review of the incident. If our community standards or laws were violated, we will take appropriate action.”

If their "community standards" were not violated than they have none. Which we strongly suspect.

Some Carnegie Mellon students we talked with saw no need for discipline. “It’s all in good fun and it’s not meant to harm anyone,” Ivy Kristov told KDKA’s Andy Sheehan.

Bishop Zubik says the incident must be addressed.

“What I do want to have happen is for this person to learn an important lesson,” Zubik said.

The University encourages individual thought and artistic expression but the Diocese believes this student not only crossed the line, but trampled all over it. They are demanding some action.

We sure hope the Diocese knows how to whistle Dixie.

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3 Responses to “Naked Girl Dressed As Pope Hands Out Condoms”

  1. Kytross says:

    Thank you for not posting pictures!

  2. canary says:

    Normally, the naked CMU student would be arrested for indecent exposure and be registered as a sex offender.

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