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Nancy Pelosi Wants To Double The Price Of Milk

From The Hill (of all places):

Democrat’s latest farm bill strategy: Threaten to double the price of milk

By Mike Lillis | September 11, 2013

The top Democrat on the House Agriculture Committee has launched a new strategy for passing a farm bill this year: threaten to send milk prices skyrocketing.

Rep. Collin Peterson (D-Minn.) said he called Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack this week suggesting that the agency begin the process of implementing the 1949-era dairy policies that would take effect Oct. 1 if Congress fails to act on a farm bill before then…

The 1949 law requires the Agriculture Department to manipulate the dairy market in such a way that milk is priced at a floor of roughly $39 per 100 pounds – a figure that would lead milk prices to roughly double at today’s rates.

Peterson’s strategy is not to see that happen, but to rouse the affected industry groups – particularly the powerful International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) – into pressuring  Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and other GOP leaders to enact a bill preventing the cost hike.

"IDFA is really going to hate this," Peterson said. "And once Vilsack’s calling them and setting up the mechanism to get $39 milk, IDFA’s going to call Boehner. So, it might actually work."

Peterson said his strategy has the backing of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

Don’t a lot of children drink milk? So Nancy Pelosi now wants to punish children?

In June, the Senate passed a five-year reauthorization [of the farm bill] with a bipartisan vote of 66-27, but House GOP leaders declined to consider it, arguing that the $4.1 billion cut in food stamps was not large enough to satisfy their conservative conference.

Instead, House Republicans carved their version of the bill into two pieces: The farm policy portion passed in July with no Democratic support, and GOP leaders are planning this month to bring up a food stamp bill expected to cut roughly $40 billion from the program.

Democratic leaders are warning that a cut of that size – designed to appeal to House conservatives – has no chance of passing in the Democratically controlled Senate, leaving farm bill stakeholders to wonder where there’s room for a compromise.

Peterson thinks his milk strategy can compel the deal that’s so far eluded the sides

So these Democrats want to hold children hostage to get their way? Where is the outrage? If this were a Republican move, it would be the story of the day — the decade.

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8 Responses to “Nancy Pelosi Wants To Double The Price Of Milk”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    “Can’t someone think of the churlden ..”

  2. mr_bill says:

    Given that the demand for milk is realtively inelastic, wouldn’t the dairy-producers’ profits double if this happens? Is that supposed to be a deterrant for the dairy groups? Why don’t the dems take their plan to the public, rather than trade groups? Tell the public, you want to double the price of milk, rather than compromising on the farm bill. See how that goes over. Tell the people that you are willing to hurt the public…the chilrens…for your political ideology.

  3. captstubby says:

    It may be a bit dated in style, but it blast’s Washington and the Farmers then Symbiotic relationship.

    Devils Advocate
    by Taylor Caldwell

    novel (1952) centering around a patriot who takes an seemingly unpatriotic position in a totalitarian government with the goal of pushing the citizenry into the action needed to overthrow the oppressive government.
    In this fictitious story written years ago, freedom was definitely lost and no one knew who they could trust anymore. Our constitution was no longer used and the government now controlled what was approved to be viewed on television and radio. Our national anthem was no longer sung and much of our history was forgotten. People could no longer speak out publicly or protest in any way…the nation’s farmers who assumed control of all the food they produced.
    follows his efforts to subvert the loyalty of various segments of society to “the Democracy” by basically being an ultra-zealous servant of the regime and angering farmers, lawyers, businessmen, teachers, etc.

    Quotes from Devils Advocate
    “What manner of men had lived in those days…who had so eagerly surrendered their sovereignty for a lie and a delusion? Why had they been so anxious to believe that the government could solve problems for them which had been pridefully solved, many times over, by their fathers? Had their characters become so weak and debased, so craven and emasculated, that offers of government dole had become more important than their liberty and their humanity? Had they not know that power delegated to the government becomes the club of tyrants? They must have known. They had their own history to remember, and the history of five thousand years. Yet, they had willingly and knowingly, with all this knowledge, declared themselves unfit to manage their own affairs and had placed their lives, which belonged to God only, in the hands of sinister men who had long plotted to enslave them, by wars, by “directives,” by “emergencies.” In the name of the American people, the American people had been made captive.”

  4. untrainable says:

    Didn’t putting up a plan SO CRAZY that nobody would ever let it happen give us the sequester? I guess history’s cycle of repeating stupidity has obviously been considerably shortened.

    But if we should have learned anything by now, it’s that these days nothing is too crazy for the weasels in congress to pass. Screw duh chi’rens!! Just not out on the street. Take them back into an alley or something, like gangs in Chicago have been asked to do with their murdering of innocents. Thanks Rahmmy boy.

    • untrainable says:

      Nancy Pelosi is probably lactose intolerant. But threaten to double the price of pineapple and you’ll see Princess P in her full cackling goodness working to bury you and your idea. Price controls over her and her hubby would just be wrong.

  5. captstubby says:

    Four years after recession, many in U.S. still fight hunger: poll

    Against this backdrop, a federal program aimed at helping Americans stave off hunger has become a political hostage in Washington, where lawmakers are dueling over funding for the food stamp effort amid a wider farm bill and a larger effort to pass a government budget.

    The Republican-led House of Representatives has vowed to cut $40 billion from the program, formally named Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), an effort condemned by Democrats, who control the Senate.

    media translator;

    its The Republicans Fault!

  6. Mithrandir says:

    WHY IS IT, THAT EVERY TIME Republicans do something, the media scoffs, “no chance of passing in the Democratically controlled Senate.” Every single time! It’s a macro on their keyboard!

    Why doesn’t every stupid thing Obama says, or ridiculous bill the Senate passes, the media doesn’t run out there giggling and proudly trumpeting, “Puh! This folly has no chance of passing the Republican-controlled House!”

    What we see here is a pattern that shows INCREDIBLE WEAKNESS with Republicans. Whenever democrats threaten to burn the country down to the ground, the Republicans quiver and shake, and save the country at the last minute, and get scorn and hatred for waiting to long to compromise and save it. NEVER is the democrat hated for dangling America over the fire in the first place.

    Same with foreign international policy. The Republicans lose the STARE-DOWN with the rest of the world, and run out there to save Muslim children while everyone else stands around and plays backseat driver.

    This is why I have lost ALL respect for Republicans since they foolishly adopted the meme that only a liberal Republican can win anything. That started a long time ago, but the infection increased in 2007, when they nominated John McCain, and have been flailing in the wind ever since.

    Is there some brain wave in the D.C. area, that when Republicans get there, they suddenly become afraid, indecisive, and cowardly?

  7. yadayada says:

    well now…
    apparently with a simple phone call, a demoncrat rep. can simply force a doubling of dairy prices – with no ability of the remainder of the House of Representatives to change that effect.
    why can’t a tea party rep get on a tv news show and expose this? I can see why an elitist repub like boner wouldn’t touch it, it might cause controversy.
    someone with brains might see an opportunity like that as a weapon they could wield. alas our frail reps will see it as a weapon wielded against them and cave in.

    face palm

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