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US Declares ‘Emergency Preparedness’

From the ever crisis mongering Associated Press:

US declares public health emergency for swine flu

WASHINGTON – The U.S. declared a public health emergency Sunday to deal with the emerging new swine flu, much like the government does to prepare for approaching hurricanes.

Officials reported 20 U.S. cases of swine flu in five states so far, with the latest in Ohio and New York. Unlike in Mexico where the same strain appears to be killing dozens of people, cases in the United State have been mild — and U.S. health authorities can’t yet explain why…

At a White House news conference, Besser and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano sought to assure Americans that health officials are taking all appropriate steps to minimize the impact of the outbreak

Napolitano said roughly 12 million doses of the drug Tamiflu will be moved from a federal stockpile to places where states can quickly get their share if they decide they need it. Priority will be given to the five states with known cases so far: California, Texas, New York, Ohio and Kansas.

Napolitano called the emergency declaration standard operating procedure — one was declared recently for the inauguration and for flooding. She urged people to think of it as a "declaration of emergency preparedness."

We can’t help but think that this is just the latest in the long line of health scares that have thankfully gone nowhere.

And yet another crisis for the Obama administration to latch onto to expand their power.

At a White House news conference, Besser and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano sought to assure Americans that health officials are taking all appropriate steps to minimize the impact of the outbreak.

Somehow ‘all appropriate steps’ doesn’t include stopping anyone at the border with Mexico.

Why is that?

She urged people to think of it as a "declaration of emergency preparedness."

And why do totalitarians hate the English language so?

This article was posted by Steve on Sunday, April 26th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

47 Responses to “US Declares ‘Emergency Preparedness’”

  1. jrmcdonald says:

    Did someone tell her Canadians were infected?

  2. proreason says:

    Veterans are responsible for this crisis. They are just as easily swayed by microbes as by right-wing hate groups. It has something to do with the sub-par educations that cause them to get stuck in Irak.

  3. Howard Roark says:

    I’m with SG on this one. I think these epidemics are all being used as an excuse to cultivate Americans into being comfortable with FEMA/DHS/DoD “answers” to the problems.

    Let this happen a few more times in the next 4 years, and we won’t think anything of the time when the gov’t seals all state borders, declares martial law, and begins confiscating all rifles & handguns.

    Not that I believe everything on AM Coast To Coast at all, but last night a caller who claimed to be a researcher from the CDC [and stood up pretty well to host Ian Punnet’s inquisition of veracity], and he said that they [CDC] had been studying Chinese-manufactured strains of this and other flu’s.

    Supposedly, the CDC was scheduled to issue press releases on their latest findings this past week, but were suddenly halted on Wednesday from issuing them to the media. The researcher was suspicious that this Mexican outbreak occurred right afterward.

  4. Liberals Demise says:

    How come DHS voices concerns for something that WAS obviously a concern of the CDC just 101 days ago? Oh baby….things are a lot more screwed up when you have DHS (who can’t and won’t do their jobs) intervening on Public Health.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      I answered my phone and walked away from my ‘puter then posted ….. not knowing what HR wrote.

    • CGardner says:

      Actually, there is a reason for DHS involvement here, no matter how I normally distrust them.

      After 9/11, the Feds/DHS set up systems for bio-preparedness in state and large urban departments of health. Part of the plan included the installation of sophisticated software, which tracks early health indicators of epidemics and bio-terror attacks. Other parts of the system involve plans for the coordinated mobilization of state and local health workers (along with other medical and communication resources) to address emergencies, The preparedness system has been used before, mainly to address local climate disasters.

      Like it or not, it’s DHS’s system, although physicians and epidemiologists will be calling the shots as to whether schools close, people are quarantined or whatever is down the road. CDC will still be very influential in determining the public health response.

      Unlike SG, I think this virus needs to be treated with an abundance of caution. It looks weak now, but potentially could mutate. Hopefully, our warm spring weather will fry out the sucker.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Ok….I see your point…..so when I will get the call from the “Right Wing Extremest” terrorist Veterans so we can meet and bring our portable incubators? (sarc)

    • canary says:

      DHS sure did a lousy job with the anthrax attacks, and considering the
      U.S. being the only country not to try and isolate itself from the Mexican flu spreading, speaks volumes. For them to keep saying it’s an emergency but don’t panic, is their covering whatever the end results might be. But, if it was really really was an emergency, the DHS has failed the U.S. of America.

  5. catie says:

    It makes me wonder if we haven’t turned over our country to the popular kids in 5th grade. These people don’t have a clue what they’re doing. I would make sure to check that border but then again W wasn’t apt to do that either, as much as I respect him that was an annoyance of mine.
    So is this a “man made event” or what?
    I was picking up some take-out and Chili’s had CNN on in the pick up area. This other woman in front of me was saying “Well, we shouldn’t let people who vacation in Mexico back into this country. They should be quarantined!” And I said “Yeah, let’s start with all the illegal aliens and then worry about the honeymooners, springbreakers, and the old people on cruises.” She said, “Well, you obviously don’t know that aliens come from outer space, no one is illegal.” I said, “Well, thanks for the lesson and have a nice day!”. She then went on to say to the girl who brought her food that she should beware of me, I was strange. The girl just looked at her and after she left she said “no, you’re the one who’s strange, you didn’t even give me a tip.” Being that I used to have a job like that in college I always tip so in the end I did tip her.

  6. clifcrds says:

    This is my take on it . . . why do we need the DoHS Czar to declare this an emergency . . . this is a health problem? And only 20 cases with NO DEATHS so far. Right now there is more of a threat to innocent Americans from felonous Illegal Aliens that should be taken care of by DoHS then by Swine Flu.

    Remember the banking crisis . . . we were in a crisis so we needed Timothy “1040A” Geithner as Banking Czar NOW! And who is sitting on the sidelines right now waiting to run the GOP guantlet in order to be confirmed as Health Czar . . . Kathleen “Pro Choice” Sibelius.

    Remember what Staff Czar Rham Emanuel said . . . “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

    • jobeth says:

      This has been my feelings from the beginning. 20 MILD cases, an epidemic, does NOT make!

      Good grief, I’d be willing to bet there are more people coming back from Mexico with a good dose of STDs in one hour. No one has call that an epidemic!

      And to bring in the Homeland Security…over 20 widespread cases?

      Excuse me now….I need to crawl back in my cave and don my haz-mat suit……sigh.

      What a world!…only in Amerika!

  7. beefeater says:

    Doesn’t Nappy just inspire confidence? I’m sure she can handle this Mexican Flu thing just fine.

  8. U NO HOO says:

    More people died in a Ted Kennedy Oldsmobile than have died from this swine/bird/human flu in Massachussetts.

    So there!

  9. U NO HOO says:

    Demographics please.

    Who is getting sick?

    Let’s profile those people getting sick, please.

    • jrmcdonald says:

      Well, you know Women and poor will be the worst hit..

    • Liberals Demise says:

      More people are sick of this present Presidential epidemic than of this flu AND more people may die from him than this flu.
      Think about it!!
      Why Swine Flu ….. why not Montezuma’s Revenge?

  10. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Said Robert Gibbs, white house spokesman, via CNN, “If you’re sick, stay home, get treatment, go see a doctor.”

    Soooooo, which is it? Stay home or get treatment/see a doctor?

    full article: http://www.cnn.com/2009/HEALTH/04/26/swine.flu/index.html?eref=onion

    Also, there have been 7 deaths reported in the US from this bird flu as of the 24th.

    However, the latest statistics on motorcycle deaths, from 2007, report that about 100 people a week died in motorcycle accidents.

    Websters defines an epidemic as: : affecting or tending to affect a disproportionately large number of individuals within a population, community, or region at the same time

    7 people is not an epidemic or even an “impending crisis”.

    I’m thinking more along the lines of:

    1) they want to make it a crisis in order to induce just the right level of panic
    2) they fear they might look unprepared and thus, want to hook up the curb feelers and rear-spoilers to show everyone “they’re serious”.
    3) they really have no idea what to do because “wait and see” is not in their lexicon of how to govern.

    On the other hand, I will commend the ugly skank for allowing states access to the meds in a more readily accessible fashion…but somehow, I suspect that mechanism was already in place.

    • ptat says:

      Gibbs is The Mad Hatter at Obama’s tea party. His ill-logic is so painful. “Stay home and go out, immediately.” That is Robert Gibbs and the Obama administration in a nutshell.

  11. MinnesotaRush says:

    And when will we be declaring a “declaration of emergency preparedness.” for the o-blah-blah and administration syndrome?

    I’m feeling quite ill most usually from its’ existence; and from what I’ve heard, that’s fairly widespread!

    Can the S&Lr’s offer any home remedys? Hmmmmm?

  12. proreason says:

    No doubt these 7 cases of obama-flu merit a multi-billion dollar response, and oceans of press ink.

    In the meanwhile….”Monday, April 27, 2009
    ISLAMABAD: Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Maj-Gen Athar Abbas has rejected outright the fear that the Taliban can storm Islamabad.

    Talking to CNN, he said it was impossible for a band of only 200 Taliban, who had come to Buner, to storm the capital. He said no doubt, Buner was situated within a radius of 100 miles from the federal capital. But, the threat could not be measured in terms of distance, rather, it had to be measured in terms of capability and counter capabilities, he said.”

    Now, how many men did you say Castro had when he overthrew Batista 50 some years ago?

    If the Taliban reaches Islamabad with even a dozen thugs, I’m sure the famously cool and rational people of that city will spurn them and wholeheartedly support their beloved government.

    So, of course, my thoughts are entirely with the DHS, our watchdog media, and Dear Leader in their Herculean efforts to forestall a bio-crisis in our own country.

    • JohnMG says:

      Dear leader is manufacturing another crisis to gin up support for his National Health Care that will come up for a vote next week–without Republicans being able to stop it. Remember the “reconciliation” thing which only needs 51 votes for passage. Well guess what. The dems have 58 senators and Franken being declared winner in Minnesota. Do you REALLY think this crap is coincidence?

      I don’t!

    • U NO HOO says:

      Joshua won the Battle of Jericho.

  13. bullforever says:

    I’d like to think that this “flu” is actually a bio-terrorism event…Starts in Mexico, with a large number of cases being diagnosed just 4 days after Obama’s visit to those fine neigbors to our south. His visist was hyped up for 3 weeks before his arrival, plenty of time to orchestrate a release of a biological agent in a way that would make the most impact. Where are all of the reported cases in the USA? Lets look at that, and then, look at the Obama Entourage, along with all of the US press that was following him aroudn on his tour.

    Could this be a “test case” of how to use Mexico as a jumping off point for biological attacks on the US? Especially considering that “the One” has such a soft spot on Illegal imigration?

    I am not normally one to think this way, but the first thing I thought of when this first started coming out was that there are so many unrelated pieces that actually fit together. Amnesty for illegals, Socialized medicine, handicaping national security by releasing classified memos, Mexican drug wars, border security, second amendment under attack, etc., etc., etc. Just “enable” our enemies in order to “sell” your agenda in a way that no one would dare question the value of what you are trying to sell.

    Everyone please let me know if I just went off the deep end so I can retire to a nice little cabin in Montana and wait for Napolitano’s goons to come shoot my family.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      More people than that get sick from drinking too much Corona and/or tequila every week.

      —“starts in Mexico—“

    • bullforever says:

      Man oh man, did my rant give away the fact that I am 2 doubles into a bottle of saphire! :-)

  14. canary says:

    When the flu news first came out a few days ago, and other countries put a band Mexicans entering their countries, the Democrats said we wouldn’t because it would appear too much like a political move by proxy. If the Mexican drug cartel and Kezaobomas terrorists can come in our country murder us; the only threat the treasonous obomies consider being right-wing extremists and vets, no threat will ever be taken seriously by the beast running our country. This out of control beast is the number 1 threat in American history. The beast in comparison to President Ronald Reagan. God save us.

    • crosspatch says:

      Actually, you would be better off banning Americans from Mexico than from banning Mexicans from America. But it doesn’t matter at this point, it is out. It is in NY, Kansas, California, Canada, New Zealand, all over the world.

      You would have to ban everyone from everywhere at this point or just a plain travel ban period. So far most of the cases are not from Mexicans taking to other places but people from other places bringing it back home with them.

  15. crosspatch says:

    So far the death toll in the US from this strain is ZERO. 36,000 Americans die from flu in a “normal” year. I don’t know what the standard deviation from the average is, but lets suppose it is 10%. That would mean more than 3,600 Americans would need to die from this swine flu to even make it statistically significant. And believe, me, we are going to hear about every single case of swine flu death.

    So if we have 500 deaths or even 1000, it is going to sound really bad in the papers but since you aren’t going to hear about a single one of the 36,000 non-swine flu deaths, it isn’t going to really mean much statistically.

    • canary says:

      My first thoughts too. Several people I know have been sick with these symptoms the last few weeks, and put on antibiotics, and my state isn’t listed . Last year, middle-aged dying from strains of pneumonia.
      I believe the beast for Obomie, is going play up ever opportunity to be the America will save the world, America loves the world, as we’ve seen on a daily basis; the words coming from the beast’s mouth, because the ultimate dream is to control the world. They are just too stupid to understand that the other beast wanting to take over the world is more deadly.

    • Odie44 says:

      cross –

      Great points, the first thing I said to the wife was “doesn’t 25k or more die a year from the “normal” flu? Of course there is mounting evidence that “anti-bacterial____________” fill in the blanks, are constantly forcing mutations, ahead of the “mutation” curve.

      The avian flu from China – with 278 deaths since 2003 – didn’t exactly pan out as a true “epidemic”, however it did create a multi-billion dollar industry of fear mongering, including pharma, Time magazine cover stories, Discovery channel “mock” epidemic specials and every X File scientist discussing the “potential of a human killer, never seen before”. Of course what these clowns rushed to cover wasn’t the truth – human to human spread is very unlikely – i.e. handling dead, diseased chickens in open markets is the culprit.

      It all makes for great TV (odd that 5 shows appeared within 1 year that centered around scary outbreaks, apocolyptic type – that fizzled due to snoozer ratings) and even better gov control. Funny Napo is at the healm – even funnier that Dems are all aboard for the DHS to get involved, yet chastized the very department for “over reaching” during Bush’s years.

      Its clear a good crisis needs Napo at the healm to deflect the calls for her impeachment or resignation or firing. Its clear the crisis is the thrust for “nationalized health care” – and I guarantee there will be ad nauseum stories about the “poor Mexicans who died”, never mind their archaic circa 14th century medical system to the masses (TB anyone?) and of course the link will be made to poor Americans, hence the “need” for Bambi to get universal healthcare.

      Sure its a 476 degree seperation and devoid of basic medical kowledge – but hey – better to keep voters alive than dead, or at least think they will die if Bambi and the forest critters don’t intervene.

  16. crosspatch says:

    They are going to need an “emergency” to justify the banning of tea party protests.

  17. LewWaters says:

    The important thing is that none of this has interfered with Obama’s golf game.

    • canary says:

      I think Obama should immediately travel around Mexico comforting the sick, and apologizing in person. It would have more meaning than anything said.

    • clifcrds says:

      Lew . . . and on a related issue, how do you think the drive by media will react to Dear Leader playing golf while another “crisis convienently appears?

      Let’s go back to the Great Chicago Heat Wave of 1995 that killed more than 700 mostly poor, black and elderly victims who perished as city and state medical officials complained they were overwhelmed by the greatest disaster to hit the U.S. in the last 112 years. Take a guess at what BJ Clinton doing at during this disaster.

      With Chicago’s poor, black and elderly dropping like flies, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported: “President Clinton seemed unperturbed, going for a mid-morning jog and then playing 18 holes of golf in a threesome that included Judge Richard Arnold of Little Rock.”

      After Chicago had suffered through eight deadly days of the killer heat wave, the president finally responded.

      If you don’t even remember this Killer Heat Wave let alone the slow and tipid repsonse by BJ Clinton then you have the Commiecrats’ ally the Main Stream Media to thank for that.

      And by using the Hurricane Katrina rationale to BJ Clinton’s reaction to the Killer Heat Wave . . . how come we didn’t have the thuggish race hustlers and our “watch dog” media screaming “BJ Clinton doesn’t care about Black People”?

      No need to answer that one . . . we all know it.

    • jobeth says:


      “I think Obama should immediately travel around Mexico comforting the sick, and apologizing in person.”

      LOL, yep, he could tell the world it’s Bush’s and Amerika’s fault because we travel too much. Then he would ban all travel for the evil Amerikans.

    • LewWaters says:

      clifcrds I think you can see how the lamestream media reacts, they say nothing or if they do, what agreat game he had. Had it been Bush playing golf instead of taking the helm, calls for impeachment would have been headlines for days!

      And liberals want me to believe he media is biased towards the right? NO way, Jose!

  18. ptat says:

    Yes, Canary, absolutely right. As the Obamessiah, he can do more than comfort. He should go down there and heal everyone as he apologizes for the obvious right wing conspiracy that this pandemic is. Or could it possibly be that is he is just all talk?

  19. DB of Denver says:

    What’s up with this picture? (Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano) is the new Head of Health and Human Services.

    • JohnMG says:

      Personally I like this picture. It reminds me of the episode of “Earl” when they had to get passport pictures and Earl couldn’t keep his eyes open for the picture. Finally Randy cut out the eyes of a poster and pasted them on Earl’s eyelids. The resulting photograph looked eerily similar to Napo’s eyes. Only Earl is better looking and has a smaller moustache.

  20. RightWinger says:

    This reminds me when they went all out to scare the public about taking ephedrine to lose weight was killing people. Instead of following the instructions of 1 pill every 8 hours not to exceed 3 a day (or whatever it was), the 20 some odd people who died were popping like 8 pills every hour until they gave themselves heart attacks. So the scare tactic was put out to ban ephedrine because of a few people dying. Of course opposed to when you hear that thousands of people die every year from complications from using aspirin, but not a peep from the scare mongers about that.

    This will be the same. The usual warnings to get flu shots as a normal flu kills thousands of people every year and not a peep from the scare mongers as noted above. The first US casulty from swine flu will result in front page news of the world coming to an end, civilization on the brink and only Lil’ Barry and Janet Napolitreno can save the day with a new tax on something they have yet to dream up.

    • jobeth says:

      “thousands of people die every year from complications from using aspirin, but not a peep from the scare mongers about that”.

      Shhhh! Don’t give him any ideas…I need my asprin! LOL

    • canary says:

      JoeBeth, in Cuba if you have a headache you have to stand in line for hours at the clinic, to get an asprin. If you still have it next day…repeat. And that’s what the American beast promised. “world-class” health care.

  21. BatK says:

    or simply a way to convince Kool-aid drinkers of the necessity of universal healthcare…

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