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NASA Boosts Climate Change Budget 62%

From a joyous Washington Post:

NASA plans big boost to climate research budget

By Marc Kaufman
Thursday, April 1, 2010; A05

NASA officials laid out plans Wednesday to boost spending on climate research substantially over the next five years, to make up for cutbacks during the Bush administration.

We are only surprised that Obama officials haven’t started calling it the ‘criminal Bush administration.’

Edward Weiler, the agency’s associate administrator for science, said that NASA’s Earth Science budget will get a $2.4 billion, or 62 percent, increase through 2015. By that point, the program will have launched as many as 10 new missions, collecting information about ocean temperatures, ice coverage, ozone depletion and the central question of how much carbon dioxide is being released through human activities.

The budget increase reflects both a campaign promise by President Obama to focus far more on the threat of climate change and what NASA officials called a "philosophical shift" on the issue. From now on, they said, the agency will place a higher priority on collecting a broad range of interrelated climate data and to make sure it is done in a long-term, continuous way

Our future is secure. And just think of all of the great technological breakthroughs are bound to come from this.

Maybe we will even get ‘green’ Tang.

NASA has 13 climate research satellites in orbit, which provide much of the needed information, Freilich said, but "they’re all old," with all but one "well beyond their design lifetimes."

Under the new plan, the capabilities won’t dramatically change, he said, but the new funds will allow for improvements, innovations and replacements that would not have been possible in the pre-Obama budgets. "The missions getting old would have failed and NASA would have played a much smaller role" in Earth and climate science, Freilich said.

NASA officials said that three climate research missions were canceled during the Bush administration, and another — the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite initially conceived by Vice President Al Gore — was put on indefinite hold after it was built

If Mr. Gore thought of it, it must be a real peach. And very ‘scientific.’

Hopefully, now we will finally find out why the other planets in our solar system, as well as the non-planet Pluto, are also experiencing ‘global warming.’

We suspect it will be found to be due to ‘second hand’ man-made climate change. Surely, it can’t be due to any solar activity.

Five of the soon-to-fly satellites have been in development for years but didn’t have firm launch dates because funding was uncertain. Another is an ozone monitor that will attach to the International Space Station — a first for the Earth Science Division

The steep rise in NASA spending on climate research contrasts with the generally flat budgets projected for other NASA missions. The agency’s budget crunch has been felt most painfully in the administration’s proposal to scrap the Constellation program — which was planned as the next generation of rockets and spacecraft to fly to the space station, the moon and, ultimately, Mars — and replace it in part with an effort based on private companies

Finally, we have found something that the left wants to privatize. — But of course only because they know no one has to cash to pay for such a thing. 

That plan is proving to be a tough sell in Congress, especially with members whose districts would benefit from Constellation. But Freilich said he has testified before Congress as well about the Earth science increases and has heard little opposition.

Well, except from the ‘deniers’ and the ‘haters.’

But they don’t count.

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10 Responses to “NASA Boosts Climate Change Budget 62%”

  1. proreason says:

    your tax dollars at work play.

  2. NoNeoCommies says:

    What the heck.
    They are already becoming auto mechanics by looking into the Toyota issue.
    So now they are going to be weather men.
    Since Hanson is already steeped in the global warming lies, and NOAA data is already compromised, it doesn’t change much.

    • JohnMG says:

      …..”innovations and replacements that would not have been possible in the pre-Obama budgets……”

      And now, in the post-Obama budgets, not only will they be new and innovative replacements, but they’ll be pre-programed to send the RIGHT information back.

      How convenient!

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    1) NASA’s budget is slashed in terms of billions
    2)What’s left is going largely to “study” climate change
    3)Most likely all considerations of anything have to cross Bo-bo’s desk
    4)Like the USSR, if you can control the scientists, you can control the facts
    5)The end result is crap, that looks like crap, acts like crap but is commonly believed to be gold

    It’s an old formula, used for decades by the Soviet Proletariat. Again, if you have never read it, read “MiG Pilot” by Viktor Bolenko, former USSR MiG-25 pilot who defected to the US in 1976. It gives an unvarnished account of how the USSR worked in all its dysfuntionality. It’s laughable, but the direction we’re headed if people continue to let the hippies and the magic negro have their way.

    Available at Amazon.com—-cheap. 8 bucks. Worth it.

  4. AcornsRNutz says:

    This has to be the most monumental waste of money ever. Seems to me we are using some of the most advanced technology and the man-hours of some of the most over educated and over paid eggheads on earth to do…. what? Lets just face it. They are not studying effects, they are simply trying to verify! Thats what amazes me about this global climate crap the most. The entire effort has been like one big info-mercial, endless testimonials essentially saying “no, this isn’t bullshit! Its great! Spend your money on it!”, although with much mroe dire consequences. The ratio of stories telling us climate change is actually real to ideas on how to solve it is probably 100:1, and they are still bull.

    I could save this country billions by sending any kid from my home town who was able to do at 6 years of age what these fools the world over, with endless resources at their disposal have as yet failed to do, which is distinguish between a road apple and a real one.

  5. beautyofreason says:

    So much for going to Mars or looking for ice on Europa. Keeping up the space program is just too much “in your face” goodness for an America that liberals know to be arrogant and steeped in inequality. Much better to spend it on climate change where our industrial sins can be exposed and curtailed before the world.

    Cue Iran to send more squirrels in orbit
    and North Korea to detonate a cheap nuke.

  6. canary says:

    NASA looking for job stability will relay findings to scientists so they can keep their jobs, and here we go again. I think NASA should put bomb detectors in the stars.

  7. BigOil says:

    NASA is now the technical arm of the apparatchik. Brown shirts with pocket protectors.

    • proreason says:


      Interesting observation.

      From the epitome of American cutting edge engineering brilliance to a gaggle of bag men and yes men rubbing the necks of political criminals in 4 decades.

      Sadder than sad.

  8. Mithrandir says:

    Well well well, Obama slashes their budget, and now they are boot-licking lap-dogs for the administration investigating Obama’s GM rivals–Toyota.

    Now they will set the stage for global warming increased taxes, and the take-over of the government into our lives, as Cap and Trade will be the next snafu coming down the pike. Before it was swine flu the gov’t broke into action—setting up the health care bill, now NASA will lay the tracks for the next snafu, global warming taxes.

    THIS IS ALL PART OF THE SHOW FOLKS. The world researchers were exposed as liars, so now NASA will be strong-armed into covering up that global embarrassment with data showing that (wait for it…) global warming is not a lie after all!

    Bookmark this page for future reference folks, see if I know their playbook better than they do……

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