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NASA ‘Outreach’ Chief Visits Saudi Arabia

We almost missed these wonderful tidings over the weekend, from Fox News:

NASA Chief Who Called Muslim Outreach ‘Foremost’ Job Heads to Saudi Arabia

October 01, 2010 | FoxNews.com

The NASA chief who caused an uproar over the summer when he said outreach to the Muslim world might be his "foremost" priority has embarked on a trip this weekend to Saudi Arabia.

A NASA spokesman said the visit is part of a multicountry tour. Administrator Charles Bolden and a delegation of several other NASA officials arrive in Saudi Arabia on Friday following a trip to Prague. From the Middle East, they will head next to Nepal where Bolden will give a keynote address at a climate change conference.

Though Bolden’s comments about Muslim outreach earlier raised concerns that the White House was squeezing him into an out-of-place diplomatic role, NASA spokesman John Yembrick said the trip "was not initiated" by either the White House or the State Department.

"This trip, including the visit to Saudi Arabia, is driven by specific, appropriate agency-level objectives," he said in an e-mail.

Bolden plans to attend an aerospace technology conference Saturday and a ceremony marking the 25th anniversary of the shuttle flight STS-51G, a U.S. flight that carried the first Muslim — a member of Saudi royalty — into space. Bolden also may hold a meeting with Saudi King Abdullah.

And what a contribution to the science of space exploration that was. 

The Orlando Sentinel reported that "top" NASA officials had urged Bolden not to make the trip, but NASA had no comment when asked about the claim…

Why would NASA would to discourage such important outreach? After all, it’s their "foremost" priority?

And we have this update from the United Arab Emirates’ Gulf News:

Saudi Arabia signs two agreements with Nasa

By Abdul Nabi Shaheen, Correspondent
October 4, 2010

Riyadh: The King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) has signed two agreements with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa).

The deals signed on the sidelines of the Saudi International Space and Aeronautics Technology Conference that began in Riyadh on Saturday are for extended scientific cooperation and exchange of research between them.

We will give them our latest rocket technology and the Saudis will tell us how to sight the new moon. 

They also signed a letter of intent in the space and aeronautics area…

"Our joint experience with them will be applied to the satellites to be manufactured in Saudi Arabia. A Saudi team is currently working in the US to design and produce satellites," he said

He added that Prince Sultan Bin Salman’s space trip 25 years ago has in fact been the inspiration for Saudis to achieve greater accomplishments in the field of space science

While giving a brief description of the strategies and development plans of Nasa since 1998, Bolden said President Barack Obama is keen on Nasa’s increased international cooperation with related research establishments in the world

He added that Nasa has been monitoring and photographing climatic changes occurring around the world including the countries in the Gulf and the Middle East.

Hopefully, NASA’s work on ‘climate change’ will convince us to stop using oil and gas so that we no longer have to kowtow to people like the Saudis.

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, October 4th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

9 Responses to “NASA ‘Outreach’ Chief Visits Saudi Arabia”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    How would a moose-limb “astronaut” bow to mecca? Look down? Wouldn’t that be placing oneself above the holy land? Wouldn’t that be elevating oneself above it? I mean, doesn’t that violate one of the premises of being a moose-limb? This would result in angering the “higher-ups” of the is-lame “religion” and set up a whole dichotomy of new “instructions” when space is concerned, much like the trouble Christianity had when Galileo pointed out factually that the Earth is not the center of the universe.

    It’s as if the “religion” of is-lame is having to face that conundrum all over again, no?

    “Like, dude, they’re like, 700 years behind the times….sha.”

    Will be very humorous to see how they ‘splain the need to go into space, much the way they ‘splain the need for nukes, the science for which was discovered by a JEW and developed primarily by other JEWS. Seems to me they have trouble with science in general and certain scientists in particular. Yet they have no trouble with either nuclear energy or weapons.

    Space travel is fine since the leader in both the US and Soviet development of it were NOT Jews. But…what about all the others who worked for NASA, North American, Grumman, Convair, Lockheed, General Dynamics, Martin, etc., etc. during the space race? *sigh* Those poor moose-limbs and their leading edge development of technologies….If Mr Obama, the all-wise and all-seeing hadn’t told me about the things the moose-limbs have given us, why, I would never have believed that we could’ve gotten to the Moon without them. Besides, what would an angry old white land -owner like Newton have done without the religion of is-lame almost 400 years ago? What? You say he was largely ignorant of that “religion”? No, say it isn’t so! And, you say he “dabbled in the occult”? Well, according to today’s media “experts” that made him a warlock, or a wizard or some such puftah trash, right?

    Further developments along this line will be most enlightening, I’m sure.

  2. wardmama4 says:

    You know there is something that keeps me sane in crappola like this – do you remember years ago when the hew and cry was that Japan was buying up America & with their loans – would ‘own’ us all soon – What happened. Yes you guessed it – much like America today – they overstepped and their system became too unbalanced and they lost their high power position. Right now – it is China that is in that cat bird seat – but they have the added complication that being so paranoid communist – they will fall faster due to their own fears. If (and I know it is a big if) America can wake up and stop this spending spree of ‘redistributin’ going on in DC – we can recover – while the moron in chief talked about ‘absorbing’ another terrorist attack (he’s right from his perspective – the workers are fungible – anyone who supports the killing of babies has no regard for any human life, other than their own) – what he fails to see is how America and the American citizens have come back from crazies like him. He will be an asterisk in American history – as he will make Carter look good and Nixon look honest. I do not worry about a bunch of sand people who are too busy on their faces to a false prophet to advance into the 4th Centrury much less the 21st.

    We The People are America – and the morons, idiots and cheaters in DC need to wake up and realize it – as far as I’m concerned the WH can be open 24/7 for tours and Congress closed except for 2 weeks a year and the SC can hear one case a year – and America would be better off for it for ever.These idiots produce nothing, no longer even follow their own oaths of office and do not respect nor listen to the very people who elect them into office. They do nothing but side with corporations and organizations and all three have a sole goal to sc*w the citizens at every turn possible and steal as much money as they can during their lifetimes (I’d be really happy if it was only during the tenure in office, right now) – Politicians are the ultimate welfare cheats – and it needs to stop now.

    God Help America
    A Proud American Infidel

  3. Liberals Demise says:

    Arab satellites?
    We are a little jammed up in space right now. All the muslimes will do is take out our look down capabilities, GPS birds and play pinball with the rest. But I’m sure the only reason they need this technology is so the can have their porn on demand.
    Seedy, Shady and Disgusting Perverts of Peace

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “Bolden said President Barack Obama is keen on Nasa’s increased international cooperation with related research establishments in the world… “

    While simultaneously cutting funding for our own space program. (Such a fiscal conservative)

  5. proreason says:

    Mohammed already told us everything we need to know about space.

  6. GetBackJack says:

    Saudis don’t do research. They don’t do science. They don’t ‘do’ anything but rent, lease or buy Other People to do their bidding. Well, I take that back, Saudis do their domestic help then kill them …. http://thurly.net/04hr http://thurly.net/04hs http://thurly.net/04hu http://thurly.net/04hv http://thurly.net/04hw http://thurly.net/04hx http://thurly.net/04hz

    They traffic in female slavery …. http://thurly.net/04i0 http://thurly.net/04i1 http://thurly.net/04i3 http://thurly.net/04i5 http://thurly.net/04i6 http://thurly.net/04i7

    …. so, since the Saudis don’t ‘do’ anything except that which is most vile in the eyes of God, let alone Research, Space, Technology or the advancement of ‘science’ and if they want ‘advanced’ anything in these fields, they buy it or command that foreigners deliver it to them, you have to ask …. WTF is the point to visiting these evil-doers, misogynists and terror sponsors?

    Sounds like Barack and his flapper-roadies are channeling the Caliphate into America, to me. After all, the SOB did BOW to their diseased, rotund ‘king’.

    • proreason says:

      “Saudis don’t do research. They don’t do science. They don’t ‘do’ anything but rent, lease or buy Other People to do their bidding.”

      well said.

      And it’s faith-based.

      Islam is locked in the 8th century. They like it that way because the powerful men have complete control over the young women. That’s what it’s all about.

    • GetBackJack says:

      Yessir, Pro. The sickest society imaginable.

  7. Mae says:

    If this is what Obama has ordered NASA to be, please!! let’s defund it in 2011. Most likely all the really worthwhile people have already been marginalized there anyway. Add a few NASAites to the unemployment lines and save more than enough to pay for their benefits.

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