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Kerry’s Bunny Suit NASA Campaign Stop Illegal

From the Florida TV station Local 6:

NASA Broke Law In Kerry Bunny Suit Visit

KSC Ordered To Educate Employees About Campaigning Laws

Sen. John Kerry’s visit to Kennedy Space Center during the 2004 presidential campaign violated the law, according to a federal watchdog agency.

NASA allowed Kerry to conduct a political stump speech and rally at the space center and broadcasted it to KSC employees, and the latter part violates the law, the Office of Special Counsel ruled, according to Local 6 News partner Florida Today.

Beaming the presidential campaign rally to government employees all over the spaceport violates laws prohibiting electioneering using federal resources, according to the report.

The special counsel ruled that because the broadcast was allowed because of incorrect legal advice, the only punishment would be that KSC must educate employees and contractors about the political campaigning laws.

The visit was more famous — or infamous — for a picture of Kerry that showed him in a standard-issue bunny suit climbing inside a space shuttle orbiter.

So not only did Mr. Kerry make a fool of himself, he was breaking the law.

Lest we forget, Kerry claimed at the time (paraphrasing) that "the bitches set him up."

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