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NASA ‘Teaches’ Kids About Climate Change

From CNS News:

Federally Funded NASA ‘Educates’ Children About Global Warming on ‘Climate Kids’ Web Site

By Penny Starr
Friday, May 20, 2011

(CNSNews.com) – The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Web site network includes “Climate Kids: NASA’s Eyes on the Earth,” which use cartoons, games, and other activities to teach children about man-made global warming and climate change.

According to NASA’s budget request for fiscal year 2012, totaling $18.7 billion, the agency would dedicate $145.8 million to educational programs. The “Climate Kids” site is supported through NASA’s educational programs, according to a spokesman with the agency

Meanwhile, thanks to Mr. Obama, NASA doesn’t even have the money to put men into space.

One of the features on the children’s pages is a “Climate Tales” cartoon, “Adventures on a Changing Planet: Will our heroes ever find their way home?”

The cartoon features a polar bear and a fish. In the cartoon, some of the following dialogue occurs:

“Hey, it looks like your ice is melting,” the fish says. “I had to swim for miles to find a chunk of ice to climb onto,” says the bear. “If I don’t get to rest once in a while I won’t have enough energy to hunt my next meal.” “All the ice is melting,” the bear says.

After being transported to the South American rain forest, the fish and the polar bear meet a monkey.

“Where did all the trees go?” the bear asks. “Funny story,” the monkey says. “The humans cut them down and burned them.” “And now it’s a trash dump,” says the bear.

The monkey informs the bear that the humans tried to grow crops and “it didn’t take long for the humans to use all the rest of the life in the soil.” “After a few years the humans moved on, leaving a dead and lifeless landscape,” says the monkey…

And who can argue with logic like that? Thank Gaia NASA is encouraging such highly rigorous thinking in our children.

Still, isn’t encouraging kids to not use oil products going to undercut their ‘Muslim outreach’ program? What a tangled web we weave, once we practice to deceive.

Other features on the “Climate Kids” Web site include a “Green Careers: You Can Help the Planet” portion and “Earth Now,” which promotes solar energy and explains how global warming causes sheep to “shrink” and marmots to “get fat.” …

Isn’t it odd, given all the things we are told climate change is doing, that it is never accused of making people more gullible – or just plain stupid?

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6 Responses to “NASA ‘Teaches’ Kids About Climate Change”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I have the entire five-year series from the History Channel called “The Universe”. Generally, it’s pretty well presented but there are three discs I will not watch. The first one is from the second season and it discusses Venus and one physicist/astronomer, I think it’s Fillipenko, who I otherwise respect, goes on about how Venus is “what the Earth will look like if we don’t control global warming”…and…the other two were made after 2008 and have brief moments of “obama-ism” with Hambone shown delivering a speech in front of NASA officials about space exploration.

    This, of course, before he shut it all down. But the two bites serve as excellent examples of his duplicity and lying. Saying one thing and doing the complete opposite.

    However, on the good side, I suspect it might spark private enterprise to shift into a higher gear as regards space exploration. That is, in a normal, functioning economy, it probably would, but who in their right mind would fund any private space ventures given the punishment mentality of Hambone’s regime?

    Insert long line of expletives here.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    Ah yes, the adults ain’t biting this BS propaganda so go after the mush minds and indoctrinate them.
    The Fourth Reich in Washington be very pleased, indeed!

  3. untrainable says:

    “Hey, it looks like your ice is melting,” the fish says. “I had to swim for miles to find a chunk of ice to climb onto,” says the bear. “If I don’t get to rest once in a while I won’t have enough energy to hunt my next meal.” God forbid they tell the little mushbrains that hunting his next meal means crushing the skull of a baby seal and greedily slurping out the contents, popping the heads off penguins like little tuxedo clad pez dispensers, or in this case probably eating a talking fish. Polar bears don’t order polar bear food from the Acme Polar Bear Food Company kiddies. They eat cute little animals. Let’s see video of some bone crunching, blood splattering, carnage. That’s how nature works. These are the kids who end up going to the zoo and getting eaten because they climbed into a cage to pet the pretty tigers. They can subject our children to this brainwashing under the guise of education… but Ronald McDonald is evil?

    I feel for NASA. Our once great “Space” agency has been relegated to muslim outreach, preaching global warming to defenseless children, and… I’m sorry, what else is it they’re doing these days again? Oh, that’s right… shutting down the space program.

  4. TerryAnne says:

    So…who wants to have some fun with global warmers by telling them their cartoon is a load of BS for: 1) the air can’t be that bad if a fish is willing to leave is habitat to breathe it…especially when loads more of his habitat is being made by the second (per what the global warmers would have us believe), and 2) if the arctic is getting too warm for polar bears…why exactly did he move to South America? Also, wouldn’t that trip to South America tire him out more than the miles he had to swim to find food, given by his first claim?, and 3) Chilean farmers, who have been planting potatoes on the same mountainsides for hundreds of years and have yet to deplete the soil, might disagree with the monkey. So might most farmers with a brain. Or the fact that people are still living in the same cities they were 2000 years ago and still using the same grounds for farming.

    Not to mention: they don’t want us eating meat because of global warming, now farming is bad because it uses “all the life in the soil”. What exactly do they want us to eat? Why don’t they just give us an example on how well that works out, checking back with us every few months so we can see what mineral and nutritional depletion does to the body.

  5. Right of the People says:

    Time to defund NASA.

  6. yadayada says:

    two years ago I watched the big movie about the polar bears made by nat’l geo (or whoever it was). the one with the pic of bear on ice with no ice floes nearby. it’s frequently used by global warmers to wring sympathy because it shows a bear swimming in a really big expanse of water (read arctic ocean) and there is large spaces between ice chunks, thereby proving polar caps melting. it also shows in the same movie (& somehow attempts to make us lament) how a mama w/ 2 cubs is forced to cross a vast expanse of ice to get to landfall where enough critters skitter about to provide a meal.

    so which is it? vast expanse of lifeless ice? or all ice melting to vast expanse of seal filled aquatic smorgasbord? (sorry untrainable – penguines in polar bear dreams only – opposite ends of globe ya know)

    also in the very same movie’s ending credits and in the disc’s special extras- – – several unedited clips (w/ commentary) showing (incontrovertibly) that the mama w/2 cubs who’s hardship was shown throughout the movie (and repeatedly implied as being the same trio) was actually three separate families shot over two birthing seasons in different areas. also – the 1 male and 1 bachelor bears were likewise not the two described by erstwhile narrator, but several bears in different areas. in the accomanying commentary, we are told that they were very lucky the helipilot and camera men found all these bears for them to use in the movie, so they could edit and string together a ‘story’. fable morelike.

    my 15yr. old daughter shook her head and asked, “what the hell was this movie about again? They just negated every point they were trying to make!”

    ah grasshopper, therein lies the moral to all liberal tales.

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