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NASA To Put Martyr’s Name On Rocket?

From the Egyptian news outlet Al-Masry Al-Youm:

An anti-government protester takes a picture of a poster of Sally Zahran, age 23, who was killed in southern Egypt last month during clashes, in Tahrir Square, in Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2011.

NASA honors martyred Sally Zahran by putting name on spacecraft

Ali Zalat
Thu, 10/02/2011

Dr. Essam Mohamed Haji, a young researcher at the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), said that he received approval from NASA to put Sally Zahran’s name on a spaceship heading for Mars.

Sally Zahran was mercilessly clubbed to death during Tahrir demonstrations. Haji said in a telephone call from his office in California that it is a tradition in NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory to write names of notable people on space ships at the request of a NASA staff member or any US citizen. Haji stressed that he made a request to put martyred Sally Zahran’s name on the spacecraft in order to honor her.

This is the least we could provide to Egyptian youth and revolutionaries. This step represents transferring the dreams of Egyptian youth from a small stretch of earth to the enormous expanse of space,” said Haji to Al-Mary Al-Youm.

Haji said to Al-Masry Al-Youm that "standing in Tahrir is like setting foot upon the moon." He likened those standing in Cairo’s Tahrir Square–a central site for recent protests in Egypt–to the first man who set foot upon the moon. He said both started by a dream and changed the world’s view of human potential.

“Today millions of youth are taking the first steps on the path to freedom with the same courage with which Armstrong stepped upon the moon for the first time. These young people have been a subject to marginalization, alienation and repression for over than 30 years. The role of security agents was to protect only the elite while employing repression against the poor,” said Haji.

It would seem that NASA’s outreach to the Mohammedans continues apace.

If this is true, then why isn’t this wonderful news being trumpeted by our news media in our country? And where is the rocket named after Neda Agha-Soltan and all of the thousands of martyred Iranian protesters? (These are rhetorical questions.)

Also note the date of this report. This permission, if true, was given even before Mr. Mubarak stepped down. And really who knows what the future holds?

This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, February 12th, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

14 Responses to “NASA To Put Martyr’s Name On Rocket?”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    NASA kissing @ss is no way to keep the funds flowing.
    But with dingleBarry foisting Muslim vast intellect of aeronautics and
    Space research, well……we now have a new TV series for the Egyptians.

    • River0 says:

      Obummer knows exactly what he’s doing, and he won’t ever stop as long as he breathes. His mission in life is to sow strife, grief, dissension, chaos, destruction, profane and un-holy works. So perfect is his disguise and artful the deception that the only people who can see him for what he is are God’s chosen, I think.

      All over the world, organizations, groups, and peoples are allying themselves; “birds of a feather flock together”. I think this is clearly God’s plan for the End Times. All people of faith should rejoice.

  2. Liberals Demise says:


  3. canary says:

    Tried to get the article and got “access denied”.
    But, was able to access all the other news.

    The latest title after The Muslim Youth Movement said they were behind the protests via face book, is a group now speaking & running things in Cairo, is “Youth of Anger Uprising Coalition”. Has a picture. Iran’s youth is the “Green” movement.

    From what I read it appears Egypt youth whose people are never allowed news, are learning to hack, and spread the word to other people to arise, such as in Iran, Uganda Africa.


    However more and more reporting show the rising of the Muslim Brotherhood. More and more reporting is telling of the Muslim Brotherhood, Islam, & Sharia Law, is “a religion that teaches to lie” in order to
    take over the world. Quite a site.

    U.S. Muslim News Reporters with strong ties to CAIR and muslim youth groups in the U.S. and abroad

    GlobalMB: MIDEAST CRISIS: Reporters On Egypt For US News Organizations Have Background In US Muslim Brotherhood

    Feb 9 2011

    Two reporters with past ties to a US Muslim Brotherhood organization are currently reporting on events in Egypt for major US news organizations. Associated Press Cairo reporter Hadeel Al-Halchi is a former spokesperson for the Canadian chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), an organization identified in US court documents as part of the Palestine Committee of the US Muslim Brotherhood. In addition, Los Angeles Times reporter Raja Abdulrahim received a scholarship from CAIR and her writings throughout her career have reflected positions consistent with CAIR’s.

    …Authorities on journalism consulted by GMBDR say that at the very least, the tweets are unprofessional and at worst, suggest a loss of objectivity.

    In fact, IOL had been the most prominent voice of the global Muslim Brotherhood…

    Ms. Al-Halchi’s Twitter bio describes her as a “Canadian journo covering the Middle East for the Associated Press based in Cairo, Egypt.” However, a February 2004 CAIR-Canada press release described her as the ” Communications Spokesperson” for the organization. As part of her work at CAIR-Canada she developed “media workshops” for journalists….

    US Muslim Brotherhood leader Jamal Badawi is also an important leader of CAIR-Canada as well as being a member of the European Council for Fatwa and Research (ECFR), headed by Youssef Qaradawi.

    Ms. Al-Halchi is not the only individual tied to CAIR reporting from Egypt. LA Times reporter Raja Abdulrahim has filed numerous stories from the country. 2004 tax returns for the CAIR California chapter indicate that Raja Abdulrahim, at that time attending the University of Florida, received a $2500 academic scholarship from CAIR. Although the tax entry stated that recipients were “unrelated to the organization in any way”, archives of the student newspaper contain numerous letters written by Abdulrahim that are consistent with CAIR positions. For example, two weeks after September 11 she objected to calling Hamas and Hezbollah terror organizations:

    In April 2010 year, Abdulrahim wrote an article on the backlash allegedly faced by organizations including CAIR as they “publicly confront the radicalization of Muslim youths.”

    For the last decade, U.S. Muslim organizations have faced criticism that they don’t do enough to condemn — or prevent — extremism and terrorism. But now that many of the groups are speaking publicly about the radicalization of Muslim youths.
    and even developing scared-straight-type programs to steer young people away from extremism….

    …the Investigative Project (IP) revealed also in April 2010 that Sharaf Mowjood, writing for ABC news, had published a story about the shooting in Detroit of Imam Luqman Abdullah which sparked a controversy in which CAIR has been deeply involved. The IP pointed out that of all the stories written about the related autopsy photographs, the CAIR-Michigan homepage only linked to the ABC story written by Mr. Mowjood. According to various sources, Sharaf Mowjood is a former Government Relations Coordinator for CAIR:

    “Sharaf Mowjood is a master’s degree candidate at the Columbia University School of Journalism. He is also the former Government Relations Coordinator for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) of Greater Los Angeles. At CAIR, Mowjood organized and participated in the Get Out the Vote Campaigns, candidate and town hall forums, and Lobby Days in Washington, D.C.

    He also met with elected officials from the city to the federal level, organizes workshops on voter and civic empowerment, and encouraged youth engagement with local mosque youth groups.”

    In addition to his employment at CAIR, Mr. Mowjood has participated in events associated with the US Muslim Brotherhood including…

    There is no evidence that Mr. Mowjood is reporting on the Egyptian crisis.
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  4. canary says:

    I think the rocket is to blow a eye hole in the desert, which is a big project by Dr. Essam Mohamed Haji.

    I Found a pic of an article on an very anti-U.S. site and did find this story goes back. And he is sure to explain his wives name though Jewish; she is not a jew.

    A Dr. Essam Mohamed Haji is standing in front of a giant propane looking tank with the U.S. flag to the left, and NASA emblem to the right of it, though

    On top of the photo reads Network Abouchms – Cairo Engineer
    Article is titled Egyptian scientist plans to make the water explode eyes in the deserts of the Arab

    The Dr. says the U.S. space agency (NASA) planned months ago to fight a war on the environment to put water in the deserts notably in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, & Sudan.

    The article says Dr. Essam Haji is 34 yrs old and resides in L.A. Born in Egypt and lived in Tripoli, Libya, Cairo & Tunis, and has French citizenship.

    “… we are an agency, “NASA” We used special technology led to the discovery of ice on Mars is far from the Earth hundreds of millions of kilometers, and we can use to discover Water In the desert, “he said.”

    Haji goes on to explain 5 years ago the U.S. space agency has launched a ship “Mars Express which took place on Mars which is equipped with the clear surface of the Red Planet is full and then bombing the planet waves radiation waves radio dedicated to collide with water or ice and then reflected to the originating carrier information on the presence , and was found there on the ice deposits “.

    “Dr. Essam Mohamed Haji, is a graduate in the Faculty of Science at Cairo University before earning a doctorate in space sciences from the University of Paris 8 years ago, as a researcher in the Department of Agency “NASA” specialist imaging radar aimed at the discovery of water on the moon and Mars, a city of Mansoura Egypt, and married to a Tunisian competent biology Hagar Abraham (not Abraham)

    “My wife is not Jewish from those who may be thinking that her family name, but a Muslim like me.”

    Says the technology is more developed since then and giant lakes of fresh water 6000 feet under Darfur by using a NASA satelite.

    He claims credit for this technology and project in which he produced to find water and bomb eye holes.

    He says his staff researchers were from NASA and feels that Arabs will be included as many researchers, surveyors and photography. He says he will travel in orbit around the earth at an elevation of 400km from earth, “and will be equipped with the ball cleared the entire floor…” After filming the layers of underground water and after making his selection, “that bombardment of radio waves reveal reservoirs Water Imported for human thousands of years ago.”

    According to the reporter Dr. Hajji gave details of his project for 4 months to

    “the U.S. space agency, who gave him the green light.”

    Says the impact has put him in contact with the King Saud University in Saudi Arabia

    (is that the same University in Saudi Arabia one Obama’s relative said he had been attending last mecca trip with granny interview. Finally, got to quit paying unions in Africa in order to work. yippee)

    Says he is also has contacts and is in touch with with the University of Cairo as they have “the experience of graphic across the radar carried out in Western Sahara 10 years ago, because of sub-Saharan Western nature geography of Mars, where the bombing of layers of the region at frequencies radar and reached a depth of 10 meters.”

    Dr. Haji is hopeful to present evidence (with use of a helicopter) “that Water Who helped “NASA” to find him ice on Mars can be detected liquid tortured on the ground.”

    Question: At the last statement of the union Obama mentioned us going to the moon. And I thought the last recent voyage the last, as Obama said he’d be cutting funding to NASA, and handing it over to the muslim world.

    • canary says:

      Even the bloggers learning the U.S. NASA will make fresh water holes for them, does not stop their hate. It is a holy war. Water won’t appease their thirst for blood in the name of their god.

      The Telegraph: Barack Obama: Nasa must try to make Muslims ‘feel good’

      By Toby Harnden in Washington 06 Jul 2010

      Charles Bolden, a retired United States Marines Corps major-general and former astronaut, said in an interview with al-Jazeera that Nasa was not only a space exploration agency but also an “Earth improvement agency”….

      “….and third, and perhaps foremost, he wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math, and engineering.”…

      It means Nasa would not be able to travel beyond the Earth’s lower orbit without international assistance and need the help of allies to make it to Mars.


  5. proreason says:

    So the Moron is now conferring martyrdom, and within minutes of the event. Well, if you are the smartest man who ever lived, why not? Whose judgement could possibly exceed your own off-the-cuff proclamation.

    Surely sainthood is next. hmmm, who will be the first saint annointed by little lenin, who could it be? I would guess himself, but mere sainthood hardly befits his stature, It will have to be gabby, the woman who almost sacrificed her life to allow polite progressives to slander 100 million people and be praised to the heavens for doing so.

  6. canary says:

    Something Jeremy Rifkin wrote something like this, and I found myself naming Obama where it says “we”.

    ” Obama no longer feels himself to be a guest in someone elses’ home and therefore obliged to make his behavior conform with a set of pre-existing cosmic rules. It is Obama’s creation now. Obama makes the rules. Obama establishes the parameters of reality. Obama creates the world and because he does, he no longer feels beholden to outside forces. Obama no longer has to justify his behavior, for he is now the architect of the universe. Obama is responsible for nothing outside himself, for Obama believes he is the kingdom and power.

  7. ibedavey says:

    How about NASA putting the numbers of murdered U.S. abortions on the rocket?

  8. TerryAnne says:

    at the request of a NASA staff member or any US citizen

    So…the way I’m reading that, NASA’s “young researcher”, Dr. Haji, isn’t an American citizen. That’s a rather sneaky statement thrown in, if you ask me; why add the US citizen part, since that has nothing to do with the actual story…unless one wants to CYA when someone uncovers that Dr. Haji is anything but a “young researcher” being employed by our tax dollars to do great things in space.

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