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Hizbollah’s Nasrallah: Tony Blair Is “A Murderer”

From the terrorist enablers at Reuters:

Hizbollah chief slams Blair as murderer

DUBAI (Reuters) – Hizbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said British Prime Minister Tony Blair participated in the killing of Lebanese by not doing enough to stop Israel's war in Lebanon and lashed out at the government for welcoming him.

"This Tony Blair is an associate in the murdering," Nasrallah told Al Jazeera television in remarks aired on Tuesday.

He criticized Lebanon's Prime Minister Fouad Siniora for giving Blair a warm welcome in the country on Monday.

"You bring him home to me and to my family and you give a great reception?" he said. "If there was an invitation made for Tony Bair to visit then this is a national disaster."

Nasrallah said his group has been practicing self-restraint against what he described as back-stabbing and provocation by some politicians

It's clear words have no meaning to actual murderous thugs like Nasrallah.

That woman holding the sign seems vaguely familiar.


But she’s probably just a soul sister.

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