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Nat’L Journal Likens 2.2% Cuts To OKC Bombing

From the National Journal:

The Good Side of Sequestration

The cuts are painful but will at least teach a lesson in what government does and why we shouldn’t demonize it.

By Matthew Cooper | February 20, 2013

Everyone agrees that sequestration is asinine, but Washington is increasingly resigned to it. Other deadlines have been met by fevered last-minute negotiations and, mercifully, avoidance of calamity. This time there’s less urgency and more sighs. There is an upside to it, though: an abject lesson on what government does…

The lesson will be that the federal government does very little that affects our daily lives. Certainly not $3.8 trillion dollars worth of anything.

[I]t’ll be a good object lesson for people to see that government means planes landing safely, meat being inspected, Yellowstone being kept open…

And never mind that the world didn’t end when the air traffic controllers went on strike (illegally) under Reagan. And never mind that the states have their own meat inspectors. And never mind that there has to be enough money in the remaining $3.715 trillion dollar budget (after the $85 billion in ‘cuts’) to keep the national parks open.

[I]f agencies and departments can’t or won’t juggle their books, hey, let people see what government really means. As with sanitation or teacher strikes in big cities, it won’t necessarily endear taxpayers to feds, although being furloughed is more likely to prompt sympathy than going on strike. But it would at least be a teachable moment. There’s something sobering about aircraft carriers that won’t sail and forest rangers who won’t be paid to protect.

Bring. It. On.

The last time I can think of such an educational moment was not the short-lived government shutdown on the ’90s, but the Oklahoma City bombing…

In 2001, looking back on the bombing, [President] Clinton said: “And I had, like every politician, on occasion, gotten upset by some example of government waste or something the way we all do, and referred derisively to government bureaucrats. And I promised myself that I would never use those two words together for the rest of my life. I would treat those people who serve our country with respect, whether they’re in uniform, in law enforcement, firefighter, nurses, any other things.”

I’m not comparing the tragedy of Oklahoma City to sequestration.

Except that he is. In fact, it would seem to be the point of this piece, if it has a point.

One is evil; the other buffoonery. But they each have the effect of making you realize what government employees do…

The Oklahoma City bombing made us realize what, again? That reducing the rate increase in government spending by 2.2% is some kind of domestic terrorism?

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5 Responses to “Nat’L Journal Likens 2.2% Cuts To OKC Bombing”

  1. seandougsnyder says:

    Whats the WH explanation for why Airports regularly have long delays, and tainted meat gets to market?
    This is going to be such a non event, I hope the press finally holds Obama to the fire when none of his predictions come true. Oh, to hope.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    But but … Obama is the one who crafted this policy!

  3. untrainable says:

    The problem is that Obama’s predictions WILL eventually come true. But, it has nothing whatsoever to do with sequestration. It’s because Obama fiscal policies are being put into place, and those policies are crushing our economy.

    It’s a simple CYA before the fact. It is actually a teachable moment. We can now end any uncertainty about Obama. Some say he’s delusional, or just plain stupid, and that he believes what he says. Others say he knows exactly what he is doing and that his ultimate goal is to overwhelm the system and crush our country. What this teachable moment tells us is that Obama absolutely knows what he’s doing. He knows what his policies are doing and he is perfectly comfortable destroying America. We know this because this round of smoke and mirrors proves premeditation and malice of forethought.

  4. mr_bill says:

    Mr. Cooper is right, this is a teachable moment: If $85 billion is all it costs to pay meat inspectors, keep the parks open, handle air traffic control, pay the TSA, fund the FBI, keep sanitation workers on the job, pay first responders (this is a minicipal cost anyhow), etc. etc. etc., then what is the government doing with the other $3.72 trillion dollars it spends?

    Imagine how it would change your life to receive a windfall of $100,000. Then imagine 1,000,000 or 100,000,000! I think I could do quite a lot with a hundred million. Keep adding zeros. What would you do with 1,000,000,000? If you had a thousand of those billions, that would be a trillion.That trillion could pay for one million nerobama golf weekends with Tiger Woods. That would be one a week for the next 19,230 years. Now multiply by 4.5 and that’s what the government spends every single year since nerobama took office.

  5. USSFreedom says:

    Too many State and Federal government employees act as if they’re already on a sit down strike most of their schedule anyway. The standard answer to any question of receiving a reply is, “A week or ten days”. SO, you call back on the eleventh and hear response # 7, “Our system was down” or # 9 ” You will be contacted by an employee of that department ASAP.” 1 agency will never have to worry about furloughs I R S ……

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