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NATO Report: ISI Is Helping Afghan Taliban

From BBC News:

Pakistan helping Afghan Taliban – Nato

1 February 2012

The Taliban in Afghanistan are being directly assisted by Pakistani security services, according to a secret Nato report seen by the BBC. The leaked report, derived from thousands of interrogations, claims the Taliban remain defiant and have wide support among the Afghan people.

A BBC correspondent says the report is painful reading for international forces and the Afghan government. The BBC’s Quentin Sommerville in Kabul says the report – on the state of the Taliban – fully exposes for the first time the relationship between the ISI and the Taliban.

The report is based on material from 27,000 interrogations with more than 4,000 captured Taliban, al-Qaeda and other foreign fighters and civilians. It notes: "Pakistan’s manipulation of the Taliban senior leadership continues unabatedly".

It says that Pakistan is aware of the locations of senior Taliban leaders. "Senior Taliban representatives, such as Nasiruddin Haqqani, maintain residences in the immediate vicinity of ISI headquarters in Islamabad," it said.

It quotes a senior al-Qaeda detainee as saying: "Pakistan knows everything. They control everything. I can’t [expletive] on a tree in Kunar without them watching." …

The leak of this report comes at a particularly sensitive time. Pakistan is already blocking the supply route to coalition forces in Afghanistan, following a Nato attack in which 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed

Lt Col Jimmie Cummings, a spokesman for Nato’s International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) in Afghanistan, said the document was "a classified internal document that is not meant to be released to the public"

The report also depicts the depth of continuing support among the Afghan population for the Taliban, our correspondent says. It paints a picture of al-Qaeda’s influence diminishing but the Taliban’s influence increasing, he adds.

In a damning conclusion, the document says that in the last year there has been unprecedented interest, even from members of the Afghan government, in joining the Taliban cause

The report has evidence that the Taliban are purposely hastening Nato’s withdrawal by deliberately reducing their attacks in some areas and then initiating a comprehensive hearts-and-minds campaign.

It says that in areas where Isaf has withdrawn, Taliban influence has increased, often with little or no resistance from government security forces. And in many cases, with the active help of the Afghan police and army.

When foreign soldiers leave, Afghan security forces are expected to take control.

The report says that surrender is far from their collective mindset. "For the moment, they believe that continuing the fight and expanding Taliban governance are their only viable courses of action," it adds

The report adds that Taliban members "do not receive salaries or other financial incentives for their work", but their operations are funded by the narcotics trade and they frequently take a cut from the trade.

Their main revenue, though, is from donations, and they travel around the country from door to door making no secret of their affliation [sic], it says.

Meanwhile, we are sending billions to Pakistan and negotiating with the Taliban.

And even our Vice President is insisting that the Taliban are not our enemy.

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2 Responses to “NATO Report: ISI Is Helping Afghan Taliban”

  1. preparing4theworst says:

    “and even our vice president is insisting the taliban is not our enemy”, remember that our vice president was with our president on his 57 state campaign tour…

  2. Astravogel says:

    An interesting comment from someone called “twinspeedr”

    So, here we are all you Radical Liberal Activists. (those NOT in an Egyptian prison of course)

    You helped the Islamists overthrow the Western puppet dictator that kept the peace in a country that is populated by poor, uneducated, Muslims. The Islamists that are now in control actually HATE liberal western culture, you knew that when you got in bed with these butchers, right? Wait… were they using YOU, the way you thought you were using THEM?!!!! No way… dude! Bummer.

    So, now all these countries in the Middle East that you thought were going to be your pretty little flower gardens, full of fresh young Communist and Democratic Socialist governments are in the hands of Salafyists; the most conservative people ON THE PLANET! Seriously, nice job!

    You and your ilk are now unable to even travel to and from these countries without being detained and/or tried as seditionists, because YOUR KIND are the people the Muslim Brotherhood hates the most out of everyone ON THE PLANET!

    So forget about that new ACORN Global office in Cairo, or that SEIU meeting to unionize the Egyptian camel workers. The fruit of your misguided labors is that the world is a worse place because of you.

    You were naive enough to think that you would elbow the Muslim Brotherhood out of the way to make Egypt into Cuba?!!! You don’t know your history (except the revisionist tripe your idiot college professor taught), you don’t understand radical Islam and you have no charismatic figure to coalesce your glorious Communist Revolution around?!!! What the heck were you thinking? (must have been too much weed, eh?)

    Welcome to reality, it’s what happens when you go out into the world and actually DO something, and your epic fail is on display for all of history to see.

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