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Navigators Give Wrong Info, Encourage Fraud

From Breitbart:

House Report: Ill-Trained Obamacare Navigators Encouraging Fraud, Jeopardizing Private Info

By Tony Lee | December 15, 2013

… Breitbart News has obtained a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee report on the Obamacare Navigators that will be released Monday. It has found that Obamacare Navigators have been giving Americans misinformation and, in some cases, actively encouraging enrollees to commit fraud in order to raise their subsidies…

The Oversight Committee, chaired by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), and HHS actually learned that "poorly-trained Navigators gave consumers incorrect information about the health care exchanges, violated HHS rules and procedures, and even encouraged applicants to commit tax fraud in some instances."

So who says they were "ill-trained"? They sound like they were very highly trained. At least by Democrat standards.

Moreover, this was learned from various news reports due to the complete lack of any internal oversight…

The Obama administration can’t be expected to punish these Navigators for doing what they want them to do.

For instance, the Committee found:

* Navigators from the Urban League of Dallas were captured on video encouraging applicants to lie on their health insurance application so the applicants could qualify for tax subsidies. Navigators were also recorded advising an applicant to lie about her smoking habits to obtain a lower monthly premium. It was later discovered that two of the so-called Navigators involved in the incident were assisting consumers with their applications even though they had not completed their training and certification requirements.

* One self-identified Navigator gave a television interview in which she told viewers blatantly incorrect information—that applicants’ credit scores could impact their eligibility for certain plans. It later came to light that the woman was not a certified Navigator but rather a volunteer with a Navigator organization…

The report also found that because the Obama administration did not warn Navigators that there could be problems with the HealthCare.Gov website, "Navigators were essentially useless" when the website crashed and had problems. To make matters worse, notes from an October 11, 2013 meeting state that the Navigators were encouraging potential enrollees to use paper applications they knew may not bring applicants quicker results "to protect their reputations as people in the communities who can help."

The Committee found that this "push towards the use of paper applications further increases security risks, since health insurance exchange applications contain personally identifiable information such as the applicant’s full name, social security number, the names and social security numbers of everyone in the applicant’s household, and income for every member of the household."

The report also concluded that Navigators were also unprepared to handle situations in which consumers mentioned unreported income because the Obama administration did not even anticipate such situations…

Au contraire. The administration is anticipating this big time. Because Obama wants people to lie about their incomes, in order to sign up as many people for subsidies or Medicaid as possible.

They want to make sure Obama-Care and Medicaid fraud is ‘too big to jail.’

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One Response to “Navigators Give Wrong Info, Encourage Fraud”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Because they can. And there no Consequences because there are no adults involved.

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