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NBC ‘News’ Ranks Below MSNBC, Comedy Central

From the Washington Examiner:

NBC, MSNBC sink to bottom of who the public trusts

By Paul Bedard | JANUARY 30, 2014

NBC News and sister cable network MSNBC rank at the bottom of media outlets Americans trust most for news, with Fox News leading the way, according to a new poll from the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling.

So ‘maybe you can only fool some of the people some of the time.’ Also, note that even PPP now acknowledges this. Of course, this seems to be the result in most media polls so often it probably isn’t really news anymore.

In its fifth trust poll, 35 percent said they trusted Fox news more than any other outlet, followed by PBS at 14 percent, ABC at 11 percent, CNN at 10 percent, CBS at 9 percent, 6 percent for MSNBC and Comedy Central, and just 3 percent for NBC.

So NBC ranks even below MSNBC and Comedy Central when it comes to be being trusted. How fitting.

The pollster said Fox won because Republicans are devoted to it. “It leads the way because of its continuing near total support among Republicans as the place to go for news- 69 percent of Republicans say it’s their most trusted source with nothing else polling above 7 percent,” said PPP…

The poll also asked which news team was “least trusted;” Fox won that, too, because many Democrats don’t like it.

When all the politics are stripped out, PPP said that the one outlet that appears trusted by both sides is PBS. Some 57 percent of Americans said they trust public TV news.

Oh, well. Apparently, ‘you can still fool a lot of the people a lot of the time.’ Besides, this is from PPP. Which is probably the least trusted name in polling.

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3 Responses to “NBC ‘News’ Ranks Below MSNBC, Comedy Central”

  1. dasher says:

    Reminds me of John McEnroe’s Bic commercial:


    “Some people love Fox News, some people, ehhhhhh”

    Melting away in Atlanta.


  2. Astravogel says:

    Speaking of polls, a Senator on Fox the other night said Congress’ approval rating
    was below that of Fidel Castro, but above the flu virus, however, the virus was catching up.

  3. canary says:

    FOX’s most nauseating plug of late is the more liberal Bill O’Reilly’s interview with Obama.

    The biggest attention getter is where O’Reilly tells Obama people are saying he’s “way out in the left” and asking Obama what he thinks about that? Obama’s reacts laughing his head off.

    Bill O’Reilly and FOX should be ashamed of giving Obama a Super Bowl slot.

    They should make foam shoes of your team’s color to throw at their televisions.

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