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NBC Poll: Americans Worried About Obama-Care

From NBC News:

‘Really confused’: Kaiser/NBC poll finds Americans worried by health care law

By Tracy Connor | September 30, 2013

Americans are more worried than confused about the new health insurance exchanges that open Tuesday, a new poll shows. Most wonder whether the main provisions of the health reform law will end up costing them money.

The less confused they are the more worried they will be.

The Kaiser Family Foundation/NBC survey found an anemic level of enthusiasm about the program among ordinary people and splits among party lines.

Just over half said they were worried, while slightly less said they were confused. Twenty-nine percent said they were angry about the ACA, compared to just 24 percent who described themselves as enthusiastic…

Nearly three-fourths of those surveyed said they were very or somewhat worried that they would have to pay more for their health care or health insurance and that their income would be outpaced by rising costs.

They don’t sound very confused at all. That is what is going to happen.

"I’m really confused, but one thing I know is I can’t afford it," said Earle Griffis, 46, a commercial fisherman from Milton, Fla., who was one of the 1,503 people polled between Sept. 12-18.

Griffis said he doesn’t have health-care insurance now because it costs too much, so he’s left a hernia that runs from his navel to his rib cage and heart problems untreated…

Griffis doesn’t plan to sign up. He fears health insurance would cost him up to $700 a month in premiums — or 20 percent of his income — though he conceded that was based on prices he was quoted for coverage before Obamacare…

Well, now Mr. Griffis can sign up for insurance long enough to get his operation and then drop it. Which will really lower the cost of health insurance — big time.

Underscoring some of the misinformation and confusion surrounding the rollout, Griffis said he had heard he would be fined $200 a month. "I can’t pay that," he said. "I guess they’ll have to haul me to jail."

Naturally we will hear later that the uninformed Mr. Griffis is a Republican.

In Boise, Idaho, 25-year-old Bryan Neba was also bewildered by some of the components of the ACA. But one thing was crystal clear to him: Next year, he will be able to have an operation on an injury he’s "just been living with."

Because he has a pre-existing condition, Neba said, he’s been rejected by insurance companies or quoted prices as high as $500 a month, which would have been a third of his income at the time.

He thinks he’ll pay less than $200 if he buys insurance through his state exchange. "Insurance companies would not be able to turn me down," he said. "I’m pretty optimistic about it."

Er, most states have outlawed insurance turning people down for pre-conditions. But even if Idaho did not have that before, it has been against the law since Obama-Care was enacted. So why is he waiting for next year to get his operation?

Even as a solid supporter of the ACA, however, he had concerns, including whether the government can foot the bill.

"I want it to be feasible," he said. "I don’t want the government to go broke.’ …

Note that the considerate Mr. Neba is almost certainly a Democrats. (And never mind that the government is already worse than broke. It borrow almost half of every dollar it spends, and that is even before the biggest of all entitlements goes into full effect.)

While just a quarter of Democrats say they are worried about [Obama-Care], three-fourths of Republicans fret. More than half of Republicans say they’re angry, with numbers even higher among Tea Party members; only 12 percent of Democrats say they feel the same.

Not even half of Democrats — 44 percent — describe themselves as enthusiastic about Obamacare. But compare that to the Republicans: a mere 5 percent. Even among Independents, enthusiasm is scarce at 18 percent.

"I hate it," said Raymond Mitchell, 55, a lawyer and registered Republican who lives in Cape Pearl, Fla. "I think it’s unconstitutional." "I think it’s an illegal law. And I’m not paying the fine, or I’m going to try not to." …

"I think it’s unfair and unjust to rob people who want to be healthy and make them pay for the people who are irresponsible, and who are drug addicts and have wild sex."

Lee Smith, 36, a Democrat from Beloit, Wisc., said he would be willing to pay more to ensure that everyone has access to medical care. "The need is so drastic," he said.

Smith, a married hotel industry worker, has insurance but said the perils of being without it have hit close to home. He said his aunt was repeatedly denied coverage because she has congestive heart failure and simply didn’t go to the doctor because she didn’t have the money.

"It was crippling for the family to see her go through that," he said. "Now she will be able to afford proper care and procedures."

"The view I have is that there should be something to accommodate people who do not have insurance," Smith said. "I don’t have any concerns that it will be a burden or cost me, but even if it did, I would be for it because I know it will help people."

"I’m a Republican, but that’s got nothing to do with it," said Griffis. "Everyone I know says they don’t know what they’ll do to pay the insurance."

You see? All the Republicans in the article are uninformed conspiracy believing lunatics. And all the Democrats are long suffering noble souls who want to help others. The media is that subtle.

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5 Responses to “NBC Poll: Americans Worried About Obama-Care”

  1. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    “The need is so drastic”

    So drastic that nobody can see it. At least for now we can all be thankful that your doctor’s office and hospital are still open. If the left gets their way, they will be part of the next government shut down.

  2. yadayada says:

    “Lee Smith, 36, a Democrat from Beloit, Wisc., said he would be willing to pay more to ensure that everyone has access to medical care. “The need is so drastic,” he said.”

    yah. “said” he would. of course he says yes to a reporter. when you pass the hat (even for a lame cause) some people will toss in a buck just to not look stingy.

    compare and contrast that statement with this statement…..

    “He said his aunt was repeatedly denied coverage because she has congestive heart failure and simply didn’t go to the doctor because she didn’t have the money.”

    same guy? hmmm? no irony?

    hey, smitty ! how ’bout kickin’ some of that money you’re “willing to pay” over to auntie so she can see a doctor? oh, I see. typical lib; wants EVERYONE ELSE to kick in.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    “Worried by health care law”

    Pardon my French – No Shiite

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    What seems to be actually happening here is that the obsequious masses are in love with an idea vs. the actual wording of the law.

    This, of course, is due to the sales pitch ladled upon them by the salespeople namely Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.

    None of what they said about the law is true. But the obsequious masses bought this wreck lock, stock and barrel, thinking it’s “free” healthcare.

    Those of us who knew we were being lied to tried to speak up but were screamed silent by the media accusing us of being racists, bigots, homophobes, etc.

    So…what’s left when a parent has tried to explain to the child that, “If you do that, you’re gonna get hurt.”? Well, sometimes you just have to let the child hurt themselves. However, in this case, the hurt is very damaging.

    The media, of course, will never report the failings of this law. This is because it would harm the notion that socialism is good and they can’t have that but, as the years drag on with this boat-anchor of a law, and more and more people die because of it, the populace will slowly wake up.

    Then, we’ll read stories like, “Well, at first I was excited about obamacare because I could finally get the health insurance that I needed. But then, when I was turned down by every exchange in every state I lived, I began to wonder. Then I got cancer and they even turned me away at the hospital. I’m on my last few months now and this law has killed me, literally. If I had been able to keep my old health insurance, like they told me I could back in 2009, I wouldn’t be facing the end of my life like I am now.”

    And there will be many stories.

    But Obama will have moved on, to his island home in Bali, having renounced his US citizenship and making off with the millions (billions?) of dollars he stole while in office, laughing all the way to his new career as bullshitter extraordinaire, eclipsing Gore and Bill-Jeff in per-appearance speaker fees.

    But the satists left behind will not let the law die and will continue to fund it because of the money it brings and the control of the people it involves.

    Sadly, again, no place to move to. Used to love this nation.

    For the second time in my life I’m ASHAMED to be an American.

    The first was when this regime got re-elected.

    • captstubby says:

      the weak Habitat in our Nations Capital was overwhelmed by a infestation from Chicago, knowingly introduced by the Media.

      getting mugged is nothing to be ashamed of.

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